Earth BioMysticism
The Synergistic Relation between Planetary and Personal Well Being

The Fall of the
Wisdom Goddess

Project NatureConnect

Educating, Counseling
and Healing With Nature

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"The purpose of life is to live in agreement with nature"
~ Zeno circa 520 BC


Interspecies Communication
Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature

About Clearing Space

Getting the energies of your property aligned and cleared is a necessary first step to bringing in the energies of wellbeing and prosperity to any home, business or location. A space clearing can help remove lingering energies and events from the past which affects not only your own wellbeing, but your pets, plant growth, your relationships, and even property values. The ancient Shamanic traditions, the Celtic, Feng Shui of the Chinese tradition & ancient Vedic teachings of India, the metaphysical studies of the West and astrophysics all concern the direction of energy and its movement to affect desired change. With the mental application of certain Yantras, invocations, flowers or their essences, crystals, Sound vibrations, and purification through herbal smoke (smudging) the stuck vibrations are released and dissipated inviting into the space energy patterns of neutrality to be filled with joy, comraderie, love, generation, cooperation and protection, and so on.

Ceremony & Ritual

Reasons to Clear Space

To Transmute Noxious Earth Energies & Geopathic Stress that cause energetic blockages and tension in the atmosphere (Studies reveal a 92% correlation between noxious earth energies and cancer).
To Enhance the Pranic Grid of Your Property protecting it from Elemental Damage and Intrusion.
To Eradicate Entities and Spirits in your Home.
Raise the Vibration of Your Home to Make it your Sanctuary.
To Increase Your Energy, Stamina and Health by Harmonizing the Energies of Your Home with the Greater Kosmic Rhythm.
To Improve Health or Health Problems because illness and dis-ease is a stagnation in of energy in the body which imprints in ones surroundings.
To Sell a Property Faster and for more Money.
To Increase Prosperity Invited by the Increased Chi of your Property.
To Clear Stress & Negativity from Life Transitions such as a Divorce, a Break-Up, a Move, a New Job, and Death to smooth the energetic transition from the old to the new.
To Heal the Past from a Death in the Family or on the Property and to allow the lingering spirit(s) to move on bringing about greater harmony in the environment.
To Bless a
new home to clear out the vibrational imprints of those who previously lived there.
To Clear out the Causes of Clutter whose energy accumulates around corners and spaces of the home where the energetic density is thick.
To bring in the New Year with Clarity and Presence.
To Clear before Cermony & Ritual
or Initiation

Mayan & Hopi Prophecy

John Lash - Gnosticism and Mythology

Dan Winter * Dodecahedral Grids * Fractality * Gravity & LifeForce * Platonic Solids * 1


Global Communion
Grounding Spirit into Matter

"Live Life as Ceremony"

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