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Purify Before Seeking Higher Ground


"How does one become a Butterfly?" she asked pensively.
"You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar."
~Trina Paulus

The Integral Life provides a path to balance and wholeness. The experience of catharsis or integration is unique for each person since we come into this world with our own particular set of patterns to work out, innate gifts to express, & life purposes to unfold. Despite differenatiation there is a distinct unfolding process that is comon to all of us, since all life is a part of the One Heart in constant motion. This centrifugal force or Ecology of the Spirit of perceptual space and wholeness is the centerpiece of my work.

My approach to healing is sensitive to Spiritual Law & Principle, the relationship to planetary ecology, symbolic archetypes of the soul, dreams, how energy is assimilated and applied, body wisdom and the mundane patterns or habituation that comprise daily life. Understanding the greater rhythm or what occurs behind the scenes enables us to better handle daily life situations with the ease of wisdom whose direction we are learning to Trust. Human life is but a reflection of the Kosmic dance and when we are in sync with the greater rhythm we can ride the wave instead of getting swallowed under it! This calls for surrender, great intestinal fortitude and flexibility of movement that is ones essence contra to the habituated egoic-self thats resists change or anything that threatens its survival.

It is from this understanding of polarity between the ego structure and Essence (Soul) that requires penetration into the false self to access the Inner Diamond within - a space of tremendous wisdom. With this is mind, I harness my energy on many creative levels, penetrate layers and activate internal processes much like peeling an onion, layer by layer. This process is both physical and energetic. The creative levels of a human being form an interlapping relationship that is comprised of the physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, occupational, and environmental aspects of wellbeing. Together and in balance they are a complete composite of optimal human health. I coach and educate within each of these human dimensions to help bring integrity and balance to these interrelating sectors.

How I enter the energy body depends on your receptive point of entry. This may be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual and is the point where we connect establishing rapport. Energetic rapport is necessary for the unfolding process to begin. The most common unfolding process begins externally or from the outside-in. For instance, working from the outside-in or the outer layer of the onion, the point of entry is always on an external level-the superficial or social masks that leads towards the core self. On the periphery or outer environment, space is organized from clutter which has a direct result of personal attachments to stuff being released. On an energetic level, space is cleared and purified through smudging and eco-healing. Moving inward to the next layer, I address the dweller of the physical body in terms of wellness - the reflection of your overall state of health-physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in relationship to your environment. As a conduit for Spiritual Light, I energetically assist in removing physical symptoms produced in the body from negative emotional imprints (beliefs) and trauma. Through coaching I help to foster life supporting habits, enhance creativity and connective purpose, and open the heart to deeper love and spirituality, which is the doorway to discovering life purpose. For another, the unfolding process is internally activated from the core or from the inside-out. This passage often requires the expression of innate gifts and purposeful ideals in the outer world of manifestation. It is also a sign of the ego's recognition of self as Soul seeking authentic expression in a way that serves the greater whole. Through the alchemical processes of alignment, integration and initiation the inner Self begins to flower in the expression of higher values in the outer world of effects.

Layer by each revealing layer with guidance of Spirit, I assist to move you into a deeper relationship with your core self and the planetary whole that brings new insights and awareness into areas previously unseen. Dropping illusions is a healing in itself. Awareness is a powerful deactivator-it dissolves the electrical charge in emotionally reactive situations and patterns; it liberates you from the grips of constriction; and opens you to a new way of experiencing life, of opportunity, abundance and joy. Awaring the process of unfoldment within, concerns the alignment and integration of polar energies-the inner dichotomies that produce conflict between the physical/etheric selves, emotional, mental and sexual. The energetic correlate of this process is recognized via a shift in perception-the new life supporting ways that you think, speak, act and create.

As the protective layers of your mask are peirced, each layer dissolved, and knowledge becomes wisdom, you finally come face to face with your Original Self-a testament to your Divine Self. Essentially, allowing your core self to navigate your life towards right purpose it transforms in all ways miraculous. In this abundant state of health and wellbeing you have renewed flexible energy to cultivate your dreams, motivate your passions, to live your Bliss-all that is your Souls urge to express!

Spread Your Wings & Fly

I invite you to Cultivate Your Inner Diamond

Alisa Battaglia©2015


Emotional Purification Therapies

To schedule a healing session select the modality that you wish to experience,
or we can use whatever is for your highest good


“Pulling the Roots of Fear
Transformed into Peace, Love, Consciousness & Awareness

"What can take people lifetimes to learn, can be learned in seconds. Do you know what it feels like to live without compulsive misery, fear, anger, frustration, and conflict? This does not mean that when you need to feel fear or anger that you won't have it. This only means that you won't have to create fearful situations in your life."

You are most easily manipulated through your own fear. Remove the fear by bringing in information to produce clarity where there is none.

Using Theta Healing as a tool, I can help you break through the smallest pieces of your own fear-based belief systems. When you lose the grip of fear and get to deal with what really is, you can no longer be manipulated or deceived. Fear based movements are seen for what they are – to weaken the soul’s directive. The releasing of the entire process of fear shifts the balance of love and fear on the planet. Choose to Liberate yourself today! Remove the filters, fine-tune your guidance system and rejoin with Gaia's feild to vibrate more love and light on planet Earth. We are how we vibrate!!!

Remove your faulty programming or beliefs on the core, genetic, history and soul levels that limit you without all the drama re-enactment. Results are fast and amazing – instant healings are possible! Choose to Liberate yourself Today!

• Belief and Feeling work at the Core, Genetic, History & Soul Levels
• Pulling Spirit Attachments
• Severing Energetic Cords
• Soul Retrieval
• Guardian Lineage & Guides
• Manifesting - working at the auric levels
Purposeful Work

Contact: Alisa at

Spiritual Midwifery
Skills For Awakening

Spiritual Midwifery is a path that inspires, nurtures and celebrates the birth of spiritual awareness that expands consciousness beyond self-imposed limitations.

Birthing of spiritual awareness: integration of masculine and feminine energies; Cultivation of sexual Energies, Alignment of the physical, feeling and mental bodies; Connection with the Kosmic Feminine; Sacred Earth Wisdom as healer; Grid & Earth healing work and Initiation onto the Path of Heart - Somatic Enlightenment.

I nurture, comfort, Coach and support the wisdom of your soul through these myriad passages of life

For more information about Spiritual Midwifery click Here

To detoxify and purify the 107 energy points across the body purchase Balancing Your Bodies Network through Self-massage in the On-Line store.


Growing Life

Peace begins in kitchens and pantries, gardens and backyards, where our food is grown and prepared.
The energies of nature and the infinite universe are absorbed through the foods we eat and are transmuted into our thoughts and actions. From individual hearts and homes, peace radiates out to friends and neighbors, communities and nations. Brown rice, miso soup, whole grain bread, fresh vegetables-these and other whole, unprocessed foods are our “weapons” to turn around the entire world.

~Michio Kushi, excerpted from One Peaceful World

Growing Life through your own Nutritional Garden
- Learn How to Grow Your Own Food for Ultimate Nutrition
• Backyard Conversion from lawn to garden
• Spiritual Gardening

Garden to Table - Learn how to harvest and prepare food to support your individual wellness needs.
• Harvesting, seed saving, storing and preparation in your own kitchen.
• Group Sessions Available.
• Spiritual Nutrition

Right Thinking and its Role in Food - Divine Assimilation - Eating nutritionally and mindfully, and breathing properly creates the right conditions in the body so that nutrients can be absorbed and used. For more information read Body Pollution article. Take the Detox Self-Test.

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Eco Mind
The Synergistic Relation between Planetary and Personal Well Being

Natures Systems Thinking Process (NSTP) with Alisa Battaglia
Connecting with the Healing Psyche of Nature

"Integrating the Natures System Thinking Process (NSTP) model is an intelligent resource management tool to restore empathic connection with the Earth through natural attractions,
free of intellectual or indoctrinal filters for a genuinely lived animism.
Earth is a life system that we are a part and Nature bridges the planet-person duality."
~Alisa Battaglia

Connect to your Source through Nature Source Thinking Process (NSTP) and Planetary Tantra.

First, there are things to know:

•  The Earth is alive and we are being informed by our planet which makes taking care of the Earth a spiritual practice.
•  Humanity is endowed with Natures intelligent wisdom.
•  Every human is empathically rooted in Nature at birth with all the 54 sense faculties intact.
•  Webstrings are filaments of intelligence that is the attractive force in consciousness that weaves together all sentient life in a seamless continuum at both the subtle and physical levels.
•  Filaments of Life intelligence emanate outward from all living forces that are informing pathways of informational exchange via the sense faculties.
•  The feeling sense body perceives Natures love force as a distinct attraction energy whose Bio-spiritual information feels like guidance.
•  As life fields entrain and interweave there is sacred relationship bonding and therefore, capacity to gather knowledge by communicating directly with the Spirit in Nature anchoring life more deeply into the somatic body and Soul.
•  Straying far from Nature blocks conscious development of our feeling function and access to non-verbal methods of relating. 
•  Negative and unbalanced energy states are Natures biofeedback system that shows us the incoherent and negative feedback loop that we have been conditioned into, entrained with and offers a sensible unencumbered way to disengage by fostering attractive feel-good relationships. 
•  Developing Nature’s sensory language within us restores sanity and whole brain function by inducing a cohering pattern that bridges gaps in consciousness producing alignment; evolves the feeling senses, grounds the somatic body, and heightens and expands perceptions in the psyche for whole-self wellbeing.
•  Alignment puts us in a framework of sanity and planetary belonging beyond the need to identify with personal history with the insistence of a personal interpretation or reference.
•  A reciprocal exchange of multisensory information consists of attractive relationships at multi-dimensional levels and their frequency ranges that increase the vibrational streaming of body-consciousness by rising into subtler states and locations out of time.

For More Info: Earth BioMysticism


Smudging Purification
Space Clearing

Space Clearing & Eco- Healing~ A Shamanic Tradition Sacred Smoke Blessings or Smudging Cleanses a space, neutralizes environmental obstructions or person to clear away emotional and psychic "debris" that may have gathered over the years. The clearing of vibrations that are not aligned in Love invites space to hold energy for creativity, positive forces, security and abundance so that Peace, love, friendship and laughter is freely flowing in your place of dwelling. NOW is the Time to Clear Your Space and Clear Your Life! Reasons to clear your space.

Energy Exchange depends on the number of persons, location & size. Please call or email for rates.

From Channel 7 News feature story...Fear No Evil
Is there a way you can avoid bad things from occuring? Some people in South Florida believe in a tribal practice called smudging. Spread the burning herbs around your house or body and watch the magic happen!

See Photos from Channel 7 Smudge Event
Read article for more information

Also see Earth Bio-Mysticism



Soul Development

Ecology of the Spirit Soul development is dedicated to the upliftment of consciousness and the Well-Being of all sentient life.

Our aim is to contribute to the "Great Work" in the area of alignment and integration. That is to integrate the physical with the Emotional, Mental and Spiritual with Nature via practical tools for emergent identity and whole self wellbeing. The Integral Life offers self-study modules on Psycho-spiritual Integration, Wellness and Eco-Psychology.

The higher purpose is to tap into the Spirit in Life for the advancement of the Soul. The Spirit is Nature exists in All things and is the essence that permeates throughout the universe and is the abode that provides all things. We bring to light new ways of understanding these truths by provoking thought, feeling, enablement, wellness, joy, prosperity, and inspiration into your everyday life because the wisdom taps into the common thread of Unity found in Nature and is thus, woven into the teachings. With a wholistic principle in mind, you can utilize the multiple teachings that are available to acheive full somatic enlightenment. Empathy, Discernment, Affirmative Boundaries, Patience and Love that are essential ingredients in cultivating awareness and distinction upon the Path of Heart.








Global Awakening of Truth, Life Integrity and Self-Sovereign Spirit in Nature

Not everyone is a visionary, but everyone has a purpose.
Align on purpose with those whose vision supports your best strengths
and together create a synergy of mass enumeration to fulfill the need of the moment.
In numbers there is great strength!

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