A Philosophy of CARE for the Whole Self Well Being

“Health is a state of balance among the body, mind, senses and soul.”


Balanced Living

"Maintaining health requires the careful, consistent application of certain fundamental principles among them the need for balance, and an awareness of the creative power of our attitudes and emotions in shaping the condition of our physical bodies. But healhty living also means having positive supportive loving relationships with other people. And the key to such relationships is to first have a strong relationship with the Spiritual forces within ourselves." ~The Essential Edgar Cayce-M.Thurston, MD

Wellness is an active state of being that addresses certain underlying principles about healing and integration of the body, mind and Spirit. The "key" Universal principle of good health is Balance-a mutual dependency and interrelatedness of the physical, mental and Spiritual-"a goodly body, an open mind and a loving Spirit." True balance requires a sensitivity to interrelationships. This is best discerned by engaging in a spiritual lifestyle. Since each of us has a purpose in life and the means to acheive that purpose is through our bodies, we can begin to appreciate our vehicle as a gift, which can serve the Divine Plan.

When the body is nutrimented with whole foods, sufficient exercise, sleep and sunshine it feels energetic and in balance. Such a state of wellbeing provides a foundation for ones unique energy potential to be realized through a mission, a task, a destiny, karma, or ones Soul purpose. When the personality vehicle is unaware of its Soul mission, the virtues of our higher Self cannot be made into concrete reality. Any unrealized potential begins to show its opposite or negative side as a personality defect. This negative energy state produces disruption, congestion, friction, distortion, disharmony and loss of energy in the body-mind whenever the personality is not connected to the great Kosmic energy field by its soul. Lack of coordination is experienced as unhappiness, depression and in negative mood states before it developes as disease in the physical body. Anything that darkens consciousness is negative and will sooner or later lead to illness!

Understanding these principles makes suggestions for treatment much more likely to be effective. Since health or illness is an interplay of the body, mind and spirit-a coordination of body systems or lack thereof creates our physical condition. For instance, physical conditions play an imporant role beyond the digestive organs. If the body is exercised and the mind is not, the whole being has difficulty responding properly via assimilation of nutrients in the diet. In this case an approach would be to use the mental to enhance the physical perhaps through visualization while eating. Food also stimulates states of consciousness as in the relationship with flour and sugar.

Addressing the three principle systems and their coordination are the key elements of wellness. These are the circulatory system, the nervous system and the internal organs. The interconnectedness of the systems demonstrates how an imbalance in one area creates a reflex or reaction to something that is out of balance elsewhere in the body. The four phases of self-care of the body-mind-Spirit levels are: Circulation, Assimilation, Relaxation and Elimination/Detoxification. The acronym spells CARE. Therefore, the principle focus of self-care is detoxification, purification (treating attitudes, motivations & emotions) and rejuvenation (the potential for longevity) to bring coordination between the physical, mental/emotional (emotions are a sublevel of the mental) and spiritual dimensions of being.


Our beliefs and attitudes are the starting points for healthy living. How we respond or fail to respond to what is occurring will determine the resolution of any problem. By establishing the right mental orientation in life we set the stage for healthy expression at every level of our experience. This will enable us to choose well for ourselves -to create with intention, exercising our FREE WILL.

Accessing our body wisdom is the key to wellness. Listening to the way it feels and by honoring its messages is the pathway to feeling whole and joyful. When we experience a less-than-comfortable state, as a subtle shifting of moods, an inability to stay physically grounded or centered in our emotional body, feel pain and misery, there is an inability to let go of inner resistances. The attachments to things, experiences of the past, unrequited feelings, and so on produce an internal craving or deep hunger that finds expression through unhealthy patterns causing dis-ease. The angles of dise-ase are a lack of awareness, extremism, agression and invasion, misuse of energy, rebellion and willfullness.

Lindhar's Tree of Disease
is a reminder that in addition to the central focus of infections and toxins as indicated on the branches that emotional and lifetsyle issues often trigger the root of the dis-ease.


Balanced living is earned choice by choice evoked in every corrective step!

Laws of Living
e Principles of Wellness

All of Life is an Expression of the One Life or God. Unity Consciousness.
Life is Purposeful.
Our Inner Life is Reflected in the Outer World-As Within, So Without.
We have Free Will and the Power to Create. Mind is the builder.
There is Meaning in Suffering.
We are Responsible for Self and to One Another. Love & Goodwill to all.

Wellness is a Positive and Comfortable State that Enables You To:

• Live your life the way you choose enjoying the abundance life has to offer.
• Care for yourself, family and others more effectively.
• Contribute your best to the world by living out your Spiritual ideals.
• Better cope with life’s difficulties.
• Increase your efficiency due to increased focus.
• Maintain firm boundaries.
• Emotionally handle present situations even though you dislike them or wish them to change.
• Make fewer mistakes because actions are adjusted more competently.
• Feel more connected to yourself on a Soul level, with Others, Nature & with the Greater Spiritual Forces.


Physical Detoxification

Take the Detox Self-Test

Detoxify Your Body from
• Mucous
• Sinus Congestion
• Chemicals
• Toxic Metals
• Impacted Fecal Matter
• Catabolic Wastes
Detoxify Your Thinking
• Improved Memory
• Relieve Depression & Anxiety
• Mood Swings
• Clear Negative Thought Patterns
• Sharpen Mental Focus
• Creative Mental Energy

Look and Feel Better

"Inner health manifests externally as a radiance that is magnetically attractive"

•Increase Metabolism
•Stimulate Circulation and Lymphatic Flow
•Eliminate Mucous from Orifices
•Relieve PMS & Menopausal Symptoms
•Clear and Smooth Skin
•Eat when Physically Hungry
•Attention to Your Body
•Internal State of Wellbeing

•Achieve Ideal Weight
•Healthy Digestive Function
•Relieve Allergic Reactions
•Improve Immunity
•Look and Feel Younger
•Increase Energy Levels
•Enhanced Flexibility
•Restful Sleep

Dis-eases of Excess Caused by Dietary and Lifestyle Habits

The breakdown of the body's inability to neutralize and eliminate poisons lays the foundation
for many chronic and degenerative diseases.

Symptoms of Colon Toxicity
•Bad Breath and/or coated tongue
•Constipation and/or Diarrhea
•Fatigue Nausea
•Poor Skin Function
•Joint pain
Excess Contributes to Disease
•Heart Disease
•Clogged Arteries
•Excess weight/Obesity
•Blood Sugar Disturbances
(hypoglycemia and Diabetes)
•Chronic Yeast Infections
•Emotional Overstimulation/Stress

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