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Birthing into Awareness


Somatic Educator

"To CREATE Change powerfully, One must POWERFULLY Change!

Discover the mystery of the feminine - an evolving creative, dynamic aspect of aliveness, beauty, power, joy, wonder and passion. A synergy of Tantric, Taoist arts, yoga, and conscious communication. Heal and restore erotic innocence and awaken spiritual power and succulent pleasure.

The Empress embodies and commands the feminine in all its forms.

© Aleister Crowley

Venusian, Beauty,
Sensuality, Love Motherliness, Femininity, Wisdom, Nurturance,
Connection between Spirit
and Matter,
Inner and Outer Wealth.

Spiritual Midwifery
Coaching into Awareness

Q & A

I offer you peace. I offer you love. I offer you friendship.
I see your beauty.
I hear your need. I feel your feelings.
My wisdom flows from the Highest Source.
I salute that Source in you. Let us work together for unity and love.

~Mahatma Gandhi

What Areas of Support does Spiritual Midwifery offer?

Spiritual Coaching: Awareness: integration of masculine and feminine energies; Cultivation of Sexual Energy; Alignment of the physical, feeling and mental bodies; Earth Wisdom as healer; and Initiation onto the Path of Heart - somatic enlightenment process.

Wellness: through education. Study of the physical vehicle as apparatus of the soul and as such, must be taken care of nutritionally, physically/etherically, emotionally and spiritually on the Earth plane.

Physical & Etheric Support:
through customized programs; Neuro-respiratory exercises; Infinity Body, Body work, etc.

Emotional Support: Examination of relationship patterns that have supported and nurtured you and those of repetition that have not. Tools to handle emotional stress. Wise Woman Counsel.

Spiritual Support:
cultivation methods of discovering life purpose, your inner diamond, Earth relations and enlightenment on the Earth in full body consciousness.

Is My Work Right For You?

My services are offered through the law of attraction. The wo-men who are drawn to my work are ready to explore a new open-ended paradigm for conscious living and loving. They choose to free themselves from shame, blame, fear of intimacy, social conditioning, and judgment. They want to accept and celebrate their physical, emotional, spiritual, and sexual aspects by learning to stay present, honoring their sexual beingness, and to experience new ways of thinking and feeling - of living. They value being inner-directed and are taking responsibility for creating their own life, rather than being victim to circumstance or mindlessly handing over their sovereign power. They are learning to trust their body wisdom, their higher sense faculties and are focusing within for answers and their own fulfillment. They are seeking to create a life of purpose and unlimited possibility that is their birthright.

I work on multi-dimensional levels to assist the alignment process by working on incongruency patterns and repatterning via the human energy system. My style is multi-faceted and utilizes myriad tools that can easily be integrated into an individuals life. I assist women in healing the cracked womb and help her to re-integrate her sexuality and its flow throughout the wholeness of her being. As she learns to use her generative (sexual) energy as a source of greater joy, creativity, healing, vitalization, love, and for awakening the world, the life force expands in her womb and fills her "uterine challice" with the throb of the creative life desire. A side effect of cultivating sexual energy opens the body, which enhances sexual pleasure and emotionally deepens relationships with Self and others in freeing of the self from shame, fear of intimacy, social conditioning and judgment. Sexual energy at the core is a gateway to grounding Spirit into matter - the body and Earth - through the erotic connection with Nature. A Planetary tantric communion with the Divine in Nature bridges gaps in consciousness producing whole brain connection and expanded heart consciousness. Somatic Enlightenment!

How to Know if You Are a Coachable Client?

1. You are committed to overcoming your personal obstacles and engage them with the will of a peaceful Warrior.

2. You want to improve your life; gain self-empowerment skills and spiritual knowledge; understand rhythmic living, cultivate sexual energy and manage your life effectively with tools for healing, cultivation and initiation into the human-Earth mystery co-relationship.

3. You have the time, energy, necessary commitment and financial resources to follow through your healing phases.

4. You understand that cultivating the Self and removing obstructive and turbulent energy patterns and their underlying issues requires gentleness and respect, non-judmental awareness, and diligence and patience from your self.

5. You recognize that the work we do together is an investment in your present development and future personal and professional motivation and spiritual evolution.

6. You are able to work independently, but are also amenable to receiving guidance from me as your compassionate Spiritual Coach and with assistance from the Creator of Love, Earth Mother and the Kosmic Feminine, Spiritual Sisterhood, Ancient family lineage of Masters of Love, and Spiritual Guides who overlight the healing process with many other Light Beings of Love. They collectively transmit light to assist in processing emotional and womb trauma through the heart into healing synthesis on a cellular level in private session.


Coaching Structure
"The most powerful goals align us with our true purpose in life."

My coaching style with each individual is unique and structured according to personal needs and level of development. The scope of focus is wholistic and therefore touches every aspect of life. Generally, my work with you would include the following:

• The completion of a detailed Integral Life Wellness questionnaire that relates to your lifestyle and the primary objective that you wish to pursue. This is to be received before the initial call. Finally, you will complete an ongoing list of personal obstacles that you feel keeps you from embracing and fulfilling your hearts objective.

• In your initial coaching call, we will assess your current situation (internal & external resistances) and objective to experience. I will then develop an Integration Plan concluded from your personal energy patterns. This will be sent in the following days via email. The initial session held by telephone or in person is approximately 1 hour. In person reveals the deepest content.

• The content of subsequent coaching calls or meetings is subject to what you implement in the provided Integration Plan and other overlapping issues. I will provide intuitive guidance, information and structure. However, the direction of the calls will ultimately be yours. This makes you responsible for your communication. Prior to each coaching call you will complete a preparation form. Ideally, you will use this form to reflect upon and report your objectives, obstacles and/or accomplishments and decide on the area(s) of focus for the upcoming call.

Self Mastery Integration Guide is a composite of your energy patterns comprised of detailed insights into the ego structure from an energy perspective and an intuitive resonance with your Soul. Awareness of your internal and external obstacles will help you better understand the nature of your resistances on myriad levels that keep you from achieving your primary intention. The second part of this guide is strategically tailored to your personal needs to help facilitate movement through energy blockages and Soul wounds. It is designed to accelerate healing so that you may achieve and set specific goals that follow from your creative vision.

• The guide may include particular meditations and chakra exercises, sexual cultivation exercises, breath-work, wellness and vibrational therapies, journaling and short writing assignments, plus various practices that strengthen the Essential Self. Together these exercises assist old processes to move way for the the brain to repattern new and healthy modes of being.

Ongoing follow-up, support and guidance to facilitate your unique alchemy of transformation. As you develop and implement new practices that expand your knowledge and awareness you will have new questions, healthy setbacks (personal tests) and needs.

Integral Life Studies are a Spiritual Midwifery process that increases knowledge to better facilitate the healing process & strengthen personal empowerment; Pull Energy Cords; Energy Development; Sexual Cultivation practices; and Self Mastery Practices to birth awareness, heal and transform. Ongoing classes include cyber-courses, teleclasses, Path-Shops and apprenticeship in some form. Call to set up an appointment. For more information Visit Ecology of the Spirit Forum of Conscious Living.


by Telephone, Skype or Internet

Hourly Telephone & Internet Consultations

• I offer coaching services by telephone and via the Internet. You can access my services from anywhere in the world and enjoy the convenience of attending coaching from your home, office and while traveling or in groups.

• Guidance on opening creative channels, finding and choosing viable resources and providing effective spiritual development methods and energy therapies that are right for your temperament, needs and fulfillment of your primary focus. As you grow and develop personally and spiritually methods may change, but you always build upon a solid foundation.

• Prior to each coaching call or Internet communication you will complete a preparation form. Ideally, you will use this form to reflect upon and report your objectives, obstacles and/or accomplishments and decide on the area(s) of focus for the upcoming session.

Results You Can Expect

Because everything we say and do is the length and shadow of our own souls, our influence is determined by the quality of our being. ~Dale E. Turner

With an esoteric intuitive edge, I will help awaken memory of who you really are rather than who you believe yourself to be mired within the matrix of your conditioning. You will work at your own pace through the sheathing process as the layers of delusion and illusion of your identity are peeled away. As you surrender your masks you will rebuild upon the knowledge and skills you already possess and amplify them to your advantage, as these are your strengths.

It is from the space of willingness that individual results may vary which depends upon ones center of gravity. For instance, through wise counsel you may have experiences that identify emotional wounds whose patterns dissolve with the instant of understanding. You may receive messages pertinent to your particular evolution and experience connection with the deeper wisdom of your Soul, or initiate transforming into a deeper being altogether. Any experience that provides deeper insight into the Self is a passageway to increasing wisdom, patience, passion, sexuality and deeper authenticity. However, my clients consistently report that the most common effect of our work together is personal empowerment; feeling grounded in their bodies and a new acceptance around aging and impermanence; the development of new positive attitudes; understanding of maintaining clear energetic boundaries; congruency with what they think, feel, say and do; openess and clarity in creative application of sexual energy; inspiration and heart centered action from having the courage to experience long ‘stuffed away’ desires; and from shifting the perspective of their life experiences into a context of opportunity for greater life mastery and benevolence towards all sentient life.

Wise intuitive counsel leads you to major life changes. Releasing emotional burdens always increases generative energy and focus. As the body becomes a clear channel for energy to flow and Light to fill, you learn to monitor self through body-awareness and psychic sensitivity to incoming stimuli. As you develop certain qualities you begin to attract others of like kind and synchronistic happenings that support those desires to occur. These are the gifts of the Universe supporting your objective. Overall, there is a renewed passion for life and love, channels of creativity open as you develop rhythmic living patterns that support your energetic structure, increased wellness habits and just “getting it” as a result of working with me.


© Aleister Crowley

Perpetual Change-Transformation

You can expect to experience and learn the following: Alignment & Integration

  • Increased confidence in expressing your beautiful authentic self. We will work together to address and overcome problems associated with lack of confidence, fears, and misguided understandings about who you are in the removal of your social masks to reveal your authentic self. You will first learn to build a solid path beneath your feet through grounding, centering, developing firm boundaries that you need to feel safe and secure in the world of relationships. You will learn the significance of the centers of consciousness in the human body and learn techniques on how to open and clear these etheric energy centers from restrictive energy cords. You will discover what sources drain your energy and how to recycle and cultivate sexual energy productively. With a strong foundation in understanding the laws and principles of Universal energy you will gain mastery of how to attract all forms of relationships that honor your uniqueness, values and integrity. Confusion is brought to clarity and personal power is restored.

  • An increased understanding of the Laws of Nature and Spiritually based Principles, Processes and Philosophies. Together these act as an effective aid to bridge and assimilate mental, emotional-sentient and physical processes producing alignment at which point conflict between your inner and outer selves begin to merge into one authentic expression. This takes you from inaction and reaction to heart centered proaction that effectively supports your authenticity of being. You begin living life from centeredness of being that produces serenity within by default. From here we will determine how you can more effectively use the abilities and special gifts that you already possess and creatively refine them to build upon the Path beneath your feet. With the new awareness of self you will be given particular life tools to apply into rhythmic daily living practices. In addition, you will work with energy to develop or increase sensitivity to psychic impressions to help you better navigate in the world of matter and upon the subtler planes. You will learn how to listen for the voice of inner wisdom or hear your clarion call for elevating your soul to greater awareness. Wherever you begin you will likely find that your initial goals will evolve and become ‘bigger’ than they were before we started working together.

  • Increased ability to focus, to discern priorities and effectively utilize energy. You will learn to assess how and where to best focus and invest your energies with people, time and money at any given moment. You will likely work more efficiently, lovingly, patiently and productively as a result of heightened sensitivity in an overall awareness of self, others and the environment. While you develop inner patience and compassion for yourself and others, you begin to recognize yourself in their reflection and judgements fall away. You will become aware of your patterns and their effects more immediately that helps to move you beyond your self-imposed limitations. As the transformation of the psyche unfolds you will hear things that you did not know had a voice and begin to trust this inner navigation system within you. At the point of Trust and Willingness you celebrate the connection with your authentic self. As you listen to your soul urge and implement its desires through feelingful alignment, purpose and heart centered action you interface more deeply with your soul strengthening your bond int he Here and Now. At this point the personality has established a semblance of integration or character development where the Soul urge can now express unlimited potential on the Earth plane.

    You will Learn and Understand the Following

    • The Male-Female Gender Dynamic and their Roles in Society
    • Why Internal & External Boundaries are so Important
    • How Energetic Hooks Usurp Vital Energy
    • Learn how to Ground, Center and Expand the Bio-Spiritual Self
    • Wellness and Sound Dietary Habits for Nourishment & Assimilation
    • Understand your Body Sensations & Correspondent Emotional Reactions
    • Multi-Dimensional Anatomy
    • Philosophy and Practice of Meditation and Energy Techniques
    • Why Trapped Emotional Energy gets Stored in the Body
    • How to Harness Emotions Effectively via your Emotional Barometer
    • Master Core Conflicts using the Seven Birth Rights
    Learn Infinity Body Movements to Stimulate & Free Stagnant Energy through the Spinal Pathway
    • Learn to Nurture Self through Love and Self-care
    • Trust the Guidance of your Inner Oracle
    • Replace Faulty Thought Patterns with New & Positive Ones

    • Thought-build and Focus the Outcome of your Actions
    • Prioritize, Utilize Energy and Time Efficiently Towards Desired Goal
    • Authentically Communicate your Truth and Act upon it
    • Learn Vocal Harmonics and Breath Practices
    • Integrate Creative Masculine and Feminine Spiritual Energies in Gender Body
    • Sexual Energy & Spiritual Union
    • Understand Energy Style & Sexual Energy Role Reversals
    • Cultivate your Sexual Energy for Creativity & Regeneration
    • Use your Creativity to Live your Passion
    • Ally with the Spirit in Nature for Co-Creative Potential & Somatic Enlightenment

    Practical application of personal, creative, Earth connection and spiritual goals into everyday life works to dissolve faulty patterns and situations that have outlived their evolutionary usefulness. This is primary for Tantrikas on the Path of Plantary Tantra.

    On Sexual Energy

    ©Nadean O'Brien

    Love Bubble

    BOOK 1:
    The Essential Self, Cultivating the Sacred Feminine through Polarity Integration by Alisa Battaglia

    BOOK: Ecology of The Spirit, Assimilation through Resonance, Integrating Humanity with Soul by Alisa Battaglia

    What Others Are Saying about Alisa Battaglia

    “You stepped into my life when I needed you most. You offered words of comfort. You taught me to see the world in a new light.
    You guided me gently. I am stronger because of you. You are truly a Goddess of Light. I am forever grateful.”
    ~ Teresa Smith, Warrior of Self Respect

    "Hey you Guardian of Truth and all Things Whole. May you continue to sound the gong for a wake up call for all humanity! It is my honor to know you and appreciate and share your work. Your work continues to be beautiful from the inside out!!!"
    ~ D.P.

    “You are insightful and show your intellect in what your do and or say. Moreover, you are not the same person I met five years ago. You have changed so much that you have become a totally different person. I am impressed...to explore your mind and benefit from your knowledge and intelligence. You are a person of self with finesse. How did you do it?”~ D.A.

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