Before the cosmic net is spread, how can its thousands of pearls be seen?
When it is suddenly raised by its universal rope, the myriad eyes spontaneously open



"Problems are being globalized, solutions must be planetized ans start at the personal level."

Ecology of the spirit is a living template that embraces the thread of existence or the stream of singularity inherent in all sentient life in alignment with the Spirit in Nature. The theme invites a return to reason and emergent self identity in an age of ignorance and co-optation of organic life through simulation and virtual reality. The stance for freedom reveals the world glamour and illusion rooted in systematic indoctrination I coined, The PATRIX, and whose hallmark is evident in the net of control over Nature and humanity throughout the veins of culture.

The Mission is "Global Communion" that is in Spiritual Alignment with the Earth-Mind (Gaian) streaming because personal health cannot be separated from planetary health. It's an inverse relationship. We seek to:

  • Reclaim our humanity of creating beauty, living with kindness and cooperation through intentional streaming with Gaia and the greater Kosmic pathways to consciously restore the divine interlink between humanity and Earth; Planet and the Kosmos; to create harmony and beauty in life through right use of creative energies, emergent will, and integration of masculine and feminine spiritual force that if not unified within, produces conflict and imbalance within the entire field of life. This is a participatory or direct experience with the Living Earth - our link up with Spirit in Matter - the instructive Living Presence of the Organic Light for full somatic enlightenment.

  • Bridge the gaps of disparity within the Sisterhood: to balance the Divine Feminine Principle within her body and sexuality; with the male gender and in relationships; with internal and external boundaries in creative and spiritual expression - of soul purpose; imparting wisdom for support of the male warrior to balance his creative energies for protecting the family unit, and to solve problems within his energetic domain.

To Lead means to walk in Beauty.

The Earth Laughs in Flowers
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Alisa Battaglia brings a rare blend of experience and training to her work as an Apprentice with Spirit in contribution to the planetary "Great Work."

As an Integral Practitioner, Alisa has studied and explored a wide range of spiritual traditions and healing systems for over 20 years. She has collaborated with the Ancient Mysterium, Indigenous Wisdom Teachings, and Eco-Social-Psychologies; terrestrial physics via Nature observation and Tellurgy; Energy Wellness and alternative science theories. As Above, So Below!

In 2005, Alisa entered Etheric Spiritual tutelage at dream time. In the middle of the night, she was instructed to write down the over-lighted wisdom transference. This period was wrought with sleepless nights, but wholly energizing and cathartic. Over the following 5 years, Alisa would experience an intense accelerated life transformation of a leap in consciousness into 5-D realities. This is how Ecology of the Spirit came to be. Ecology of the Spirit Self-Healing Series; Integral Life Wellness Self-Healing manuals; and Published articles are samples of a vast menu of evolving work.

From her own integrative healing processes of alignment and integration with the Divine Kosmic Circuit and Gaian Life streaming, Alisa has integrated her life experiences and Soul teachings to remind us that in Wisdom, we are all sovereign in the direction of own healing process at all the levels of energy Being. Through personal gnosis and cultivation of the jewel at the heart, Alisa points that Wisdom is cultivated in the vectors of an expanded Heart consciousness. That the Feeling HEART divinely connects us to untapped and unlimited human power. We are both Kosmically electric and magnetically Earthen. Communion with the two opens us to connect to these pathways of Divine Intelligence. Our Heart is the kaleidsocopic pathway that is the jewel at the center, the Innerdiamond.

The synthesis of Alisa's telluric perception with the Spirit in Nature has brought her to increasing levels of self mastery and four initiations. Her practice
recognizes the Nature of Spirit in all things, that consciousness is material and that the Divine feminine wisdom is the integral link to manifestation, co-creativity, self-empowerment and liberation for humanity. Through wisdom transference she has learned that sexual energy via Tantric union is a gateway to the Divine - the ascent to Spirit for full somatic enlightenment. Planetary Tantra is the enlargement of Tantric union with the Spirit in Nature for Earth correction and is both, the default pathway for the ailing and healing Heart of Humanity.

Alisa's experience from having grown up overseas has given her a sensitivity and understanding of cultural diversities that excels beyond the ego-identification labels in life: Real Estate Agent; Ordained Minister; Metaphysician; Reiki Master; Advanced Aromatherapist; Hypnotist (CHT); Certified in Bach Flower Level I; Certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner; Advanced DNA ThetaHealing™ practitioner; Wellness Educator; South FL Master Gardener; Masters in Ecopsychology student; Author and Visionary activist with a love for truthful media. Also, as a practitioner in holistic endeavors, Alisa is passionate about natural health, organic gardening and living food; and the preservation of health freedom and food sovereignty. Alisa continues to self-educate and integrate her spiritual wisdom and healing knowledge into her personal and professional life. The hallmarks of her work are a high level of integrity, open-heartedness and compassion, awareness, deep presence, and play.

Alisa also utilizes her exceptional organizational abilities in the form of personal organizer and image consultant. Personal organization focuses on releasing accumulated "stuff" in the environment in which you live. Clearing space to reach clarity is the first step in the healing processes which begins by clearing the emotional attachment to the stuff that weighs you down and is no longer useful. When the inner healing journey has revealed the authentic self she helps to recreate the integrated self-image to reflect this new expression of being through color and clothes right for your body type with style. Her experience comes from many years of runway modeling and over 15 years of management in retail clothing.

Alisa's background in dance and personal training and from her own healing pathway has given her unique insight into the human form, body awareness, balance and pattern. Her understanding of wellness and self care at the vibrational level and the cultivation of sexual energy, internal exercises and movement, and personality with Soul integration, has allowed her to create a unique form of healing reorganization for her clients.

Alisa's personal creative passions in life are horticulture, Spiritual organic gardening and healthly living, the cultivation of higher consciousness and Nature Connection. She receives visionary images created as art drawings, and enjoys silk painting and clothing design (stay tuned for her creations). With a great penchant for writing with spirit, Alisa is ever expressing the wisdom of her higher self through the written word and Radio. She is often a contributing writer for Sibyl Magazine for the Spirit and Soul of Women, Spirit Pathway Magazine, Nature's Way, and The Journal of Organic Psychology. As an avid visionary activist for the preservation of life, she is a defender of all things good, beautiful and true. Although highly involved in many worthy pursuits, Alisa chooses to maintain her sovereign self identity as One with the Mind of Nature and is not a member of any specific organization. Nature is her Mystery School and Earth is her temple.

No flower's scent goes against the wind-not sandalwood, jasmine, tagara.
But the scent of the good does go against the wind. The person of integrity wafts a scent in every direction.
~Dhammapada, 4, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.


About Edwin Flatto, M.D.

Dr. Edwin Flatto graduated from the University of Miami and the Escuela Homeopatica de Altos Estudios de Guadalajara. Crippled by Tuberculosis in his teens, Flatto developed his own eating, breathing exercises and sunbathing program to rebuild his diseased body into a bulwark of health and strength.

Dr. Flatto is the author of 17 books on therapeutic exercises, natural diet, natural childbirth and cleansing your arteries. These books are published in 17 languages throughout the UK as well as in French, German, Polish, Portugese, Indonesian and English. Dr. Flatto is editor of the "Consumers Medical Journal" and "Nutrition Health Review" for the past 18 years. To buy his classic books, click here:

Some of his book titles are:

Natural Home Childbirth
Revitalize Your Body With Nature's Secrets
Look Younger, Think Clearer, Live Longer
Miracle Exercises that Can Save Your Life
Super Potency at any Age
Cleanse Your Arteries and Save Your Life

Dr. Flatto in his earlier years was a personal consultant on diet and physical fitness to some of Hollywood's great stars including Gloria Swanson, Gene Tierney, and has changed the lives for better of millions through his books, lectures, seminars and radio and TV appearnaces in the USA and abroad. He has an adolescent son and has won four gold medals in the Senior Olympics.


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