The Sun or Solar energy acts as a transmitter of Spiritual or electrical energy that is the core of light at the center of every living cell-the eternal self, heart or core of beingness. The Archival Self represents the etheric template or energetic matrix that connects the human form with the energies of Mother Earth through the ethers in the energetic interplay of Kosmic, planetary and interpersonal entrainment.


The Physiology of Pattern Making and the Law of Magnetism

"The human body is the best picture of the human soul." ~Ludwig Wittgenstein

The human Soul is anchored into the Earth, our Source and the human Spirit is anchored into the Galactic Core, our divine Origins. What stands between the two worlds - the awareness of Heaven and Earth within us - is the Archontic insertion of the egoic mindal complex that keeps us identified with the false realities of selfhood. It locks us into the illusions projected by the five senses with its self limiting beliefs. The ensouled awareness is the real, the truth of who we are. To reach this naked understanding, the sheaths or edifice that shroud this awareness of the authentic self as Nature, needs peeling. I call peeling the mask of the false self - "sheathing the layers of inauthenticity", the illusion that comprises the manufactured self identity.

For instance, overlaying our physical patterns are our emotional patterns with its own variables. Upon these two patterns overlay our mental patterns. These overlaying inner patterns of thought, word and emotion are enfolded much like the layers of an onion. Each pattern is encoded with its own particular variable which threads together the concept of "I" - of the egoic self. When thought, word, senses and emotion are held static, whether consciously or unconsciously, they are registered in the brain-nervous system and manifests or imprints within the physical body. They also imprint upon the environment around us because consciousness is a field. Clearing encoded trauma patterns within the physical, emotional and mental fields is fundamental to etheric healing, as it is to vibrant health and psychological wellbeing.

"Trauma means any direct energy impact that our energetic system is unable to cope with reacting to it with distortion, irrespective of whether such distortions have been registered in conscious awareness or not. Every "energy trauma" will always live on in the energetic system causing a degree of paralysis in the area under its influence."

The Law of Magnetism, which holds everything together evidentally is one of the most important universal Laws of the energetic Universe. The magnetism of Earth anchors the mind of the Soul, which enables focus of attention. Without magnetism we would go mad. Like a magnet, wherever our attention is - our moods, attitudes and habituations - we attract into our lives. For instance, our beliefs are magnetic forces that attract or repel things from us. Like energies entrain with like energies. Whatever our thoughts, so shall be!

Our subconscious beliefs are very important. It does not matter if our beliefs are true or false in an absolute sense, but more as to whether they serve to attract good feelings and experiences into our lives or fearful negative ones. For instance, if we subconsciously hold the belief that we are of divine intelligence, have sovereign powers by virtue of our birth, are free to Be, are sensual, and creative, etc. these beliefs will support the truth of these attractive experiences into our lives. Problems always arise due to incongruency between what we think, feel, say and do. Who will lead? The authentic self as Soul or the manufactured projections of the ego self, the Mask we wear?

Ego-mind projections use enormous amounts of energy to hold its artiface in place with its fantasies and illusions, addictions and habituations. With the self identified through ego delusion, the desires, dreams, passions, wishes, plans and creativity of the Soul are dwarfed. The crippling and limiting beliefs of the egoic-self prevent us from manifesting what we truly desire at that level of Soul. Before all else, we must make conscious access and improve the contents of our subconscious mind.

The more we use our faculties of imagination, the better we craft our energetic ideas, the more elaborate the response will be. Subconscious beliefs are not a reality tester, but a means for manifestation - they make true/real for us what they contain. Through articulation of the conscious mind we can focus our mental energy to create conditions and life experiences that are in alignment with what we desire on a Soulful level. Source responds to imagination and desire - faculties of the Soul life. Desire with passion summons the generative life force and creates expansion on all levels. This increases our vector of perception and thus, grander imaginings to produce a variety of life affirming experiences. The Law of magnetism states that the imagination of sensory detail of our future life and of the things that we wish to have in our life, actually causes their manifestation because the universe attracts for us all things that are in harmony with the mental and emotional energies of our Soulful imagination. Our co-creation with the Spirit in Nature in All things gives us the ability to change our reality at the sensory level of being, thereby heightening the frequency within our internal structure and the channels of mind, authenticating change at all levels.

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Ecology of the Spirit Self-healing Manuals
For supportive and adjunct self-healing therapies

Detox Your Life With EFT



There are no thoughts, only requests for love, appearing as thought.

There is no resistance, only requests for love, appearing as resistance.

There are no reactions, only requests for love, appearing as reactions.

There are no barriers, only requests for love, appearing as barriers.

There are no problems, only requests for love, appearing as problems.

There is no negativity, only requests for love, appearing as negativity.

There are no differences, only requests for love, appearing as differences.

Therefore, there are no illusions, only requests for love, appearing as illusions.

You are simply invited to notice whatever is here to be noticed,
to feel whatever is here to be felt, and rest in knowing: whatever arises - Love that.

~Matt Kahn


The Feeling Heart of Awareness

Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for truth.
~ Benjamin Disraeli

We often grow up without experiencing the energy of specific feelings. This affects the energy of both the physical heart and its etheric counterpart, the heart chakra the Soul's barometer.

Feelings must be garnered through firsthand experience. The more we interface with other life streams in Nature, the more we develop and heighten our feeling factor and sensory apparatus of the Soul, and the more information we have to assimilate and draw from the pool of our experiences. For example, not knowing what it feels like to love and be loved unconditionally is a shared universal experience of lack. How others love us is often less than perfect, and often wounded, we do not give love back so freely due to an element of mistrust and fear of surrender. Experiencing this resistance or numbing in our life often becomes a habit of defense. Because we do not have firsthand experience of what specific feelings feel like and because we have only pain to identify with, we are unable to bring certain experiences into our reality. This is why so many people live in the identification of the ego and have difficulty aligning with the Soul urge. True power comes from surrendering the masks of the inauthentic self and then peel, layer-by-layer, the illusory patterns of identification that opens us to our authentic Nature as Soul.

The heart is the feeling center of compassion, the seat of the soul, the essence of who we are. The origin of our authentic feelings pertains to all relationships. All of life is a confluence of interpenetrating relationships, whether it is a relationship with the self and the air we breathe, the intangible connection with universal energy, the web of Nature, family and partnership and the human connections formed in the course of life - we cannot escape these influences. If the origins of our feelings are distorted by our self-concepts and beliefs about relationships, self-love and love for others, our heart's desires, and the universal principles of giving and receiving (Law of Reciprocal Exchange) are restricted. We restrict our hearts by numbing our sensitivities or shut down into the 5 senses of the ego-complex with full emphatic defense. This five-sense lock down produces a loss of consciousness, loss of moral conscience, and loss of empathy. Empathy is the essence of spiritual energy and we seem to miss the point consistently creating dis-eased states within and around us by recycling confused internal processes into the outer world. Wars, both inner and outer, divide us from our partners, family, nations, our environment, and Nature - Creator of Love. The widening of disconnect becomes so huge that it causes a separation from self-identity as Soul. The disconnect is expressed as the dysfunction of the inner child in arrested development. It is the wounded mini-me unconsciously reacting to life out of the fill of emotional wounds and attitudes, and re-enacting the drama of childhood in daily life.

The pure essence within is healed through the heart so that living in the moment and behaving in healthy age-appropriate ways is authenticated. The heart is Soul, the lifeline between humanity and Spirit and thus, the healer of all wounds. We use this lifeline and anchor within the heart (love) where all our answers lie and if we are courageous enough to step into silence, feel the still-point within, we recognize that blaming and making others responsible for our thoughts, feelings or experiences keeps us from integrating our wounding experiences and moving on. Non-judgmental awareness, acceptance and flexibility are the variables that will bring us through a transformational process until we come to the powerful realization that whatever happened to us as a child was not our fault, that we did not do anything wrong or at least it is something we can overcome today. READ MORE

Spiritual Midwifery-Coaching into Awareness Information

Ecology of the Spirit Self-healing Manuals
For supportive and adjunct self-healing therapies

Insight through Meditation



“Pulling The Roots of Fear"
Transformed into Peace, Love, Consciousness & Awareness

“All choices are made from our particular viewpoint at a particular time based around the beliefs we hold. Beliefs we hold shape our reality and by changing beliefs held at all levels, consciousness shifts and a new reality is created.”

DNA Anthropos 11

The assumption of core patterns is that they occur during some stage of childhood development. Although, this may be true they may also happen during the prenatal period that reveals incidences which parallel experiences in early childhood. The major five core conflict patterns (patterns of abandonement, deprivation, subjugation, mistrust and unloveability) were most likely shaped by our earliest experiences of parents and family patterning. They pertain to our closest relationships whose patterns of action weave in and out of our love lives, family circles and friendships that challenge our autonomy and affect our self-esteem. These patterns of reaction are a result of how we see life from the particular angle of our trauma and age from conception to now. They manifest as either a deficiency or excess pattern as a way to cope with a particular energy imbalance creating a weave of patterns within patterns.

The roots of our patterns may even extend further back into past lives in a human body, as well as in a spiritual "body." The deep genetic memory witnessed and absorbed between lifetimes from oaths, vows, karmic contracts, trauma, lessons learned and so on, are retained in the aura at the history level. It is also on this level where we bring in soul fragments we may have left with others for various reasons. You do not need to believe in past lives or reincarnation for these techniques to be effective.

We carry these collective consciousness experiences and memories into our present due to our interconnectedness with all other human thought forms. Some are even genetic programs that we have carried over from transgenerational conditioning-our family past of gifts and "baggage" handed down seven generations back through our DNA. Thus, the karma of our ancestors are added into our gene pool in the present. On another level is the Soul - the authentic Self that continues on after the human body dies. Beliefs stored on this level pull from our completeness as an individual.

In all cases, the pattern in our current life situation requires a change in attitude and behavior that needs an update in this lifetime to begin clearing or balancing the problem. Theta DNA digs out the root of the issue, pulling it out completely. The effects are felt immediately. "The healing is experienced as an emotional weightloss. The weight of burdens, pain and the illusions we carry about ourselves and others are gone. We are light and free. Note that there is a distinctive relationship between weight and emotion, which is why controlling our emotions is the key to sustained weight control."

Change is experienced on all levels. People who have problems affecting them physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually find quick and permanent relief. Inner healing allows us to form a partnership where body, mind and spirit holistically work together to create whole self well-being. The pathway of inner healing is one that transforms the past so that we can live life in the present moment!

is used to Reprogram the Unconscious Mind
Identify and Unblock Belief Systems that are Keeping you in Light Code Lock Down

"All mental, emotional and physical action springing from the False Self does damage.
All action arising from the True Self enriches you" ~Vernon Howard, Psycho-Pictography

Theta DNA Healing holds infinite possibilities. There is no limit to what it can do and to what can be achieved by utilizing its methods. It is safe and effective and has a purity that has to be experienced to be understood. Clearing unwanted beliefs that box in reality and downloading life supporting truths enables anyone to unleash their true evolutionary potential within the Spirit in Nature.

"If it's holding you back then pull it out!"

Dissolve, clear, and pull like a weed your faulty programming or beliefs that hold you back on the core, genetic, history and soul levels without all the drama re-enactment and instantly reprogram with a new positive thought/ belief that supports your greater unfoldment that encourages health, happiness and joy.
Choose to Liberate yourself Today!

"What can take people lifetimes to learn, can be learned in seconds. Do you know what it feels like to live without compulsive misery, fear, anger, frustration, and conflict? This does not mean that when you need to feel fear or anger that you won't have it. This only means that you won't have to create fearful situations in your life." ~Vianna Stibal, Go Up and Seek God

A Bio-Etheric Approach to Self-Care, Self-healing, Longevity and Somatic Enlightenment

Life Force Energy Rising up the Spine

Human Energy System Flows

The Seven Centers of consciousness

The way to heal the whole body simultaneously is accessible through the chakras. The chakras are the key focal points of the human energy system that regulates all the components of self. The human energy system is a system within a system. Encompassed within it are the chakra and auric evelope. Essentially, the chakras process sensory and psychic energies that regulate the internal system, while the auric layers regulate the energy outside the body. Together they energetically converse and connect the multi-realities of our multi-sensorial beingness.

Our chakras represent our free will expression endowed by Creator with certain unalienable Rights received by the sole virtue of our existence. Endowed with Divine intelligence we evolve these seven basic rights from birth as we mature. Each birth right relates to a chakra and is expressed though the seven attributes of heart and seven qualities of thought that sets the chakra into motion and governs its continual function. In a nutshell, the chakras are mechanisms for soul expression in our bodies on Earth. They are an open-ended interfacing system to connect with the intelligence of Nature, our Spirit and the Pleroma at the galactic core, the Source of our origins.

As children tethered to the Earth, our universal birthright extends beyond the physical/etheric body. Whenever you think of the physical body, also think planetary body, and the larger Kosmic body. We exist and have the capacity to make connections on all these levels through the human energy system.

However, if the healthy functioning of our chakras and psyche are affected via infringements of these basic human rights whether from circumstances in life (current & past) such as physical abuse; emotional neglect; curtailed expression; denial of sexuality; obedience to authoritative forces; pain of unrequited and unconditional love; limited experience; noise pollution and light and sound base frequencies; misuse of energy in all its forms; and beliefs from the past, current & future selves at the core, genetic, history and soul levels, the chakra related expression becomes restricted limiting our paradigm, creational capacities and thus, the Birthrights of the human Soul. For instance, if we learn to accept the circumstances that curtail our natural development, our chakras like our personalities adapt by overcompensation or deficiency. In effort to seek balance, the overcompensation or deficiency patterns which are merely defense mechanisms due to restriction, results in core conflicts that produce bifurcation between the physical, emotional and mental bodies. These patterns of conditioned responses reinforce separative thinking and are most noticeable later on in life in how people manage their lives and their relationships and by not getting out of life what they desire.

Remove beliefs imprinted in your auric layers at the
Core, Genetic, History and Soul levels.

The weight of negative energies - fears, anxieties, traumas and judgments imprint into the emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. Throughout the physical body’s lifetime it will continuously recycle past issues, traumas and events in order to find equilibrium. Our physical survival individually and collectively depends on us to be freed from these issues.

ThetaHealing provides a unique opportunity for us to live in the present moment without the influence of past judgments and fears. Pulling the roots of fear returns us to a state of balance and harmony allowing our spiritual healing energy to flow more freely and creatively.

Represented through The Seven Birthrights in the
Bio-Psycho-Spiritual Development of the Human Being

Chakra One
Womb to 9 months
The Right to Exist
Chakra Two
9 months to 2.5 yrs
The Right to Feel
Chakra Three
2.5 yrs to 4.5 yrs
The Right to Act
Chakra Four
4.5 yrs to 6.5 yrs
The Right to Love & be Loved
Chakra Five
6.5 yrs to 10 yrs
The Right to Speak & Hear Truth
Chakra Six
10 yrs to 14 yrs
The Right to See
Chakra Seven
14 yrs to 21 yrs
The Right to Know

Alisa Battaglia©2005-2017


Body Mapping

ody Mapping is a form of "etheric navigation" that returns us to the consciousness of our bodies, which means grounding into the Earth's magnetic field by bridging the intricate energy fields of the physical and energetic bodies through 107 power points, zones and 14 subtle energy currents into united expression that would resemble a "hollow bone" as a clear pathway for energies to flow in.

These sensitive energy zones form a sacred physiological map across the surface of the body that attunes us to both the sacred geography of the Earth and the sacred geometry of the constellations to enhance bio-psycho-spiritual powers - grounding Spirit into matter. The interfacing of these power points and subtle energy currents helps us to understand the interchange of energy and information through the body-mind complex with the fifty-four senses connected with our internal and external environments. These nodal points are the connective links that restore proper synergy and rhythm between these realities.

Balance and well-being are integral aspects of spiritual development that recognizes the integration of polar masculine and feminine spiritual forces - the two universal principles of Spirit and matter or consciousness and form. Connecting the polar Spiritual forces, points of energy and currents on either side of the body and integration of brain hemispheres; and "The Seven Attributes of Heart" consciousness harmonizes our embodiment with the knowledge that our body is our vehicle for realizing Spirit. The somatic life experience is not to be abandoned for untruths that view the body as taboo, sees its desires as shameful, and with belief that we are to be controlled like a machines.

The life force that enlivens us is the source of Divine intelligence - the electromagnetic anchoring or our mental function and perceptual faculties that allows us to think and perceive with reason and feeling. Consciously manipulating the dynamic energy zones on the body is the most direct method of harmonizing the intelligent life force between the subtle body (our internal energy, moods and emotions) and the physical body (our material condition) to release dross and to increase health and vitality at myriad levels.

Body Cartography

The Multi-Dimensional Pathways of the Body

As Mechanism for Soul Expression

Ecology of the Spirit
Self-healing Manual

For supportive and adjunct self-healing therapies

The fixed centers (the seven major chakras) and their power points are key places where stress and attachment accumulate blocking the free flow of energy and awareness. Energy flow is blocked on two levels - internal and external. Blockages on the internal level emanate from within. These are holding patterns that come from trauma, fear, shame, self-doubt, self-denial and unprocessed negative emotions. Excessive activity in too many directions dissipates vital energy. Blockages on the external level come from outside us, such as environmental pollution (chemicals that pollute water, air, food, soil and entire ecosystems); poor nutrition partly created by food deficiencies from dead and toxic soil from genetically engineered farming methods and poor diet; inherited factors and predispositions that affect the body (triggered by a poor lifestyle); Accumulation of toxins (mercury from dental amalgam fillings & consumption of toxic fish, lead from exhaust fumes, excess copper from water pipes, petrochemical toxins, superphosphates from fertilizers, insecticides and fungicides in food stuffs, flouride in water, chemtrails in the air, cadmium in plastics, formaldehyde from plastic in home furnishings, xenoestrogens); chemical stress from perscription and over-the-counter drugs; electromagnetic radiation from human made sources (computers, towers, high voltage transmission lines, cellphones, TV screens, water beds, electric blankets & heating pads); noise pollution, sonar testing, frequency modulation and negative impacting events. All these toxic factors cause physical and emotional challenges that overload the brain-nervous system and overall, the bodies energy system from healthy avenues of release, thus obstructing the natural flow of vital energy in the body and natural balance of the human energy system.

Anything resisted forms a suppressed composite energy pattern and causes a distortion in the body’s energy field that results in a corresponding crystallization in the muscle tissue, nervous and skeletal systems with a similar frequency to the suppressed hologram (emotional imprint). Where stagnant energy gathers tells a story of our life in terms of energy. Stagnant creative energy reflects the emotional patterns within our physical, energetic (subtle) and mental sheaths that interfere with healing, integration and Soul mastery. The body is the outer manifestation of inner consciousness and the various conditions arise out of what already exists on the inner planes of thought, word and emotion. The negative emotional imprints (beliefs) create the experience of pain and suffering that is the root of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wounds. Our health, happiness and joy depends on bringing equipoise to the interference within us through non-judgmentalism, empathy and forgiveness. Once the unconsciously held reactive patterns of thought, word and emotion are sequentially discharged and brought to the fore of awareness, free agency is restored in those areas liberating the body field.

Body mapping, the constellation of power points along with detoxification, emotional purification and rejuvenation therapies, acts as a switch effect that brings to surface, in layers what I call "sheathing," the self-imposed bondages of our own resistances - beginning with unconsciousness. As the unconscious emotional resistances are brought to consciousness, we gradually move from the entrapment of the reactive emotional body into the mental body where discernment can occur. Without discernment of the mental body we are unable to encompass duality with impartiality and equanimity and release identification with the extreme end of that polarity. Once this is accomplished, the physical body can rejuvenate and since the physical body is the doorway to spirituality, our first step is to energize our vehicle through proper nutrition, specific exercises and tantric love. We then progress to the mastery of the senses and congruent emotional expression with the mental body, in essentially this interlapping order.

Purification in harmony with Universal Law takes persistence and dedicated effort. Once this experiential process is accomplished to a degree of mastery, the outer degenerative conditions of aging and disease gradually disappear by producing a change in the morphogenetic field recalibrating our cells and DNA with new information that is not bound to the illusion of time.

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Putting Things Into Perspective

  • Certain emotions tend to play a psychological role in human biology. Worrying, being overly conscientious, perfectionistic and compulsive, and hyper-responsibility are often hallmarks that generate a lot of subconscious anxiety and anger in response to the pressures of daily life, goals and life mission.

  • Bring awareness to subconscious emotional activity. Recall the psychological things that were going on in your life when the symptom occurred. Example: A financial crisis, new job or loss, newly married or divorced, an illness or death in the family, work pressure, and lack of the basics, etc.

    Body Psychology Tips
    on Harnessing your Body's Wisdom

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