al Communion
New Planetary Ethics

Collective Alignment with Earth's Living Presence

Not everyone is a visionary, but everyone has a purpose.
Align on purpose with those whose vision supports your best strengths and together
create a synergy of mass enumeration to fulfill the need of the moment.
In numbers theres is great strength!

Alisa Battaglia@2017

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We are a cooperative cocreative entity of intentionally based partnerships that looks at the world through the eyes of the eco-mind or lens of ecology, that we are all connected. We hold a worldview that recognizes that we live in relation to everything else and that each of us is a participant in a complex world. This relational experience supports fairness, cooperation, empathy, efficacy, meaning, conservation, imagination, creativity and attraction to life affirming values.

The eco-mind addresses the current economic crisis in a sustainable proactive way that provides community based solutions. It asks us to be adaptive so that we can broaden our relationships by focusing on social ecology because personal health cannot be separated from planetary health. Acknowledging that life is a series of relationships, we discover the power of community. Strength in numbers leads to combined powers by giving small businesses and individuals alike an edge in order to co-create and support positive local sustainability initiatives together. Co-creation elicits the best is us in the worst of times and fosters inclusion, fairness, and mutual accountability through a set of values that infuses everything we do in daily life to produce a “Living Democracy.”

We are aware of one another’s missions and activities. We share a common thread of egalitarian based Principles and support upon a common platform of action - the transformation of consciousness on a mass level via three active components. 1-Personal Transformation: Living and supporting life. 2- Building Deep Relationships: Connection with Earth, human, animal and sentient life through Collaboration and Cooperative Co-Creation. 3-Sharing Passion: Co-creativity effectuating positive life affirming change.

Our ultimate goal is to create a "culture of alignment with the Earth" through accountable forms of governance and transparency by forming community Guilds or partnerships to offer support in the gathering of resources of related causes. This cooperation produces synergy in the giving and receiving that creates a win-win opportunity for all.

In order to build synergy, each series of partnerships within a sector shares mutual areas of relatedness that when linked together fills in the gaps to form a connective arm that did not previously exist by itself. Each arm of a sector represents the collective mission of all those local businesses and individuals through a cocreative cooperative sustainable vision for “We the People of the World.” This model can be duplicated in each state and local community, country to embrace the entire planet.

Every group within the Guild stands for some presentation of truth and some aspect of knowledge of reality and unites to focalize the power of intent into a synergistic platform to catalyze affirmative change. From that synergistic interplay, each Guild shapes the consciousness of that community to produce a wholistic framework of participatory engagement forming a locally sustainable community.

This united force by consensus chooses a representative or ombudsman to best lobby their platform with transparency to affect change at myriad levels of governance. This local new economy is a living collective grassroots initiative that asserts our inalienable rights at all levels of life and within Nature.

In Lighted Companionship,

Alisa Battaglia©2013
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