Global Communion
Symbolism of the Original Global Communion Logo

Nature is my Religion
Earth is my Temple
Love is my Path

~Alisa Battaglia

Alisa Battaglia©2014

Esoteric Explanation

I was awakened early one morning with this image. It is not meant to be religious in anyway. At some point I will replace the Christ image, with a male and female in tantric Union (my graphic skills are limited), but this is how I received instruction. For over a year I had asked Spirit to provide me with a logo for this global union perception I was to create. Prior to this image, I received numerous drawings of an umbrella or hub like structure that illuminated the idea for this mass communion. The transmission template is essentially a trickling down process that is all encompassing: Ecology of the Spirit overlights the activity for Global Communion and funneling down to "Everything Green Under the Sun (EGUTS) Community Festivals" ©2014 - the manifestation of Spirit in matter in the celebration of Life. This is further broken down to individual units and life forms to produce a Planetary Ethics Synposium.

The rays in the image above are depicted as spokes of the world cog to be illumined into the intention for cooperation and right action - a tuning fork if you will, generated by love, reverence and gratitude. As activated lines of force they represent the main channels of activity in the world economy, but at a 5-D co-creation level with Nature. Centered upon a platform stands the Aeon Christos, the divine masculine generator (with Aeon Sophia) whose Christic Intercession over Planet Earth organized the instinctual and biological plan of the species. As mediator between Heaven and Earth Aeon Christos energies dwell within the "mesotes" and represents a new organization within Nature's sentient archetype - of which humanity is part as the illumined Soul in conscious connection with all of life.The Divine Anthropos 11 (evolutionary humanity) is of Nature, while exceptional in our endowements we are not superior to other species. Nor are we eternal by nature, but must seek to elevate to assure immortality.

The center space where the ray bands connect lies a gap. This is where we must align to build a bridge of inner connections within the compassionate heart expanding to outer worlds. Emanting from the center of the Pleroma - the galactic Divine Axis of Love link-up enables us to intermingle with ALL streams of life - like a Christos Intercession - a grounding of Spiritual reorganization of potentialities into matter. We no longer must look outside ourselves for answers...we are endowed with divine intelligence and it is through human effort and will to clean up human garbage that will create the necessary bridge.

Love is the dawning of a new Age within us when we are aligned with its potency. The enlightened heart in Aeon Christos symbolizes the seed activated within our hearts as we expand our love and goodwill into greater participation with all sentient life on Earth. As the heart is most amplified, it reminds us that the heart, not the head must lead!

The Inner Round
of the 21st Century
(one who is aimed in purpose)

Alisa Battaglia©2009