Nature is my Religion
Earth is my Temple
Love is my Path

~Alisa Battaglia

Alisa Battaglia©2009

Earth's Resurrection Team For Sophia's Correction


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it's the only thing that ever has." ~Margaret Mead

No "total" light can come from an earlier religion or tradition. It can only distract us in the true quest of a new consciousness springing from immediate experience and contingent on the present.

As a scribe for Wisdom through both waking states and lucid dreaming, transceived through the higher wisdom of my Soul, aligned with the eye of Gaia-Sophia and instructed by her Helpers. This co-creative gifting experience continually expands my consciousness that is interactive in non-linear time amping up my speed of thought into the simultaneous Now. My election into divine gnosis of the deep living mysteries of our Planet is my life, breath and blood.

The most pressing tone is to attune to our feeing impulses or intuition and true wisdom through Nature to create an alignment with the Earth and her inhabitants so that we may return to a spiritual rule of living. We are in the last call to collectively initiate our illumined hearts as points of light into exponential power in order to give birth to a renewed structure of planetary wisdom-consciousness. Empathic union is the ONLY participation that can heal the wounds of our long-standing alienation from the natural world, which happens to offer hope for renewal amidst widespread cultural and environmental deterioration. What is gone can never be restored, but with our particpation and protection of what is left through Conservation efforts and reverence, the earth-human story can mark progress of a new humanity.

Love is the healing balm born of the ensouled human heart and the Seed of Spiritual Will. Humanity holds the power to anchor the germ of livingness into the Planetary Heart while dissolving the intrapsychic Archonic forces and the human psychopaths of death and destruction. Inevitably, the building and the destroying processes overlap and points of tension rise between them as the forms of consciousness that have conditioned human thinking are reformatted into a new template of living. These are the current workings of solar energies - of grounding Spirit into matter... creating a New planetary Ethic.

The human family is the hierophant to usher in the new vibrational attunement of freedom and independence of all people and Nature, in fellowship and harmony within natural order to elevate the status of the collective human soul to an egalitarian consciousness with the soul of the Earth, to a Love based Planet. While humanity is intimately conjoined with Earth, SHE is unable to make the vibrational shift unless the thought streams of a majority of the human race vibrates to a higher amplitude filled with hearts reverence for the Good, the Beautiful and the True. However, for this vibrational streaming to occur in Divine Grace, certain prerequisites are necessary for success. After educated understanding of the mechanics of the personality structure and ability to move beyond its reflex activity and addictive vision, we can direct at will, our imagination and attention in any desired manner. Here we come to revelation of Self as endowed with Divine Intelligence and we "know" that the work of this evolutionary cycle entails aligning with the undivided stream of wellbeing to re-create in both consciousness and life, all that was originally given. It is really up to US!

A revelatory state of mind that aligns with its inner Master, with conviction and courage, is able to make contacts through the line of spiritual energy. Such line of energy along the subtler spiritual dimensions acts as a series of connective links or bridges where we observe and act from a higher vantage point to assure victory. Failure is NOT an option!

The stage of fantasizing or wishful thinking must now be superceded by direct action and carefully planned use of available forces, swept into activty by the breath, under the direction of the inner eye and controlled by the spiritual heart. With the hearts center open to greater sensitivity - compassion and understanding - the line of spiritual energies from the Pleroma (Galactic Center) flow through us with ease. The heart center is the etheric corridor through which all energies pass. Holding focus at the third or inner eye, we begin to exercise our powerful creative faculties to formulate images (thought forms) at the etheric level and symbols in speech to express events and happenings in the world with spiritual expectancy of their manifestation. By applying the energies of the heart, mind, will and feeling - to decrees and prayers, intent and focal points, and combined with imagination and visualization with the Earth, tremendous power is produced to create desired effects.

In summation, group human consciousness comes into play, as the whole is made up of individuals on their own unique paths, each with their own talents, knowledge and wisdom. The more people pulling in the same direction towards Love, Cooperation and Harmony and alignment with the Pleroma, the sooner and with greater ease, the transformation into a love based planet will occur. Hence, the evolution of the Earth Soul is dependent upon the evolution of human participants. Thus, Ecology of the Spirit, Assimilation through Resonance takes on a whole new meaning in Integrating Humanity with Soul.

To change the future we must change ourselves in the present. Changing our realities requires us to transform the manner in which we relate to our Selves, the stories we have adapted as true, and to the people, Nature and the environment around us. Imagine a new reality NOW. One that is constructive and harmonious for the world to be a happier, brighter, more peaceful, more secure place to live fora ll life and then contribute those loving energies to affect this goal.

The new energy pattern to support ALL LIFE upon New Earth is characterized by three co-creative elements: connectivity, cooperation & goodwill. This is the greastest expression in the capacity of Love for humanity at this time. The Law of Harmony reminds us to honor and respect life in all the Kingdoms of Nature as we take into account our true measure of need on Earth beautiful. As part of our evolutionary responsibility to planet Earth for supporting a multitude of life forms for billions of years, we are to develop a long-term outlook towards maintaining and preserving her productive environmental gifts to ALL her inhabitants.
Like the great American Indian Seers have spoken...we must make decisions with seven generations in mind.

Spiritualizing Planet Earth

Requires Intentional streaming with Gaia-Sophia to create a link up to the Galactic Core
,- the Pleroma

Limitless Total Love is a spiritual quality, a Quality of the Absolute. Love, when encompassed in thought, word and action has the ability to disarm evil - all levels of divisive consciousness as it peels the layers of greed, avarice and disharmony into one of cooperation, goodwill, compassion and harmony. Love is a transformational power with NO limits. While we are created out of love, how to consciously produce that feeling at will requires major practice until it becomes an automatic response. We practice daily by feeling reverence and holding gratitude for our daily breathe and awesome beauty of Nature. Reverence will begin to manifest as habit in becoming an integral part of our thoughts, words and actions to any and all situations. We protect what we revere. This cohering process is a major part of our evolution as a species - the process of integrating personality to express attributes of the living soul in tandem with the Earth Soul. Attune the Heart through sound to produce greater connectivity, cooperation and goodwill in alignment with Divine Grace.

As Leaders of the Future Now, we are creating the heart matrix - The Inner Round - to focus, invoke and expand the energies of Love into the etheric planetary template utilizing the energy vortex of the heart to attune and align with the invisible hands aiding our evolutionary pathway. Heed the clarion call, "Where two or more are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." ~Matt. 18:20

Not everyone is a visionary, but everyone has a purpose. Align on purpose with those whose vision supports your best strengths and together create a synergy of mass enumeration to fulfill the need of the moment. In numbers there is great strength!

We invite placement of your creative spiritual energies


Not everyone is a visionary, but everyone has a purpose.
Align on purpose with those whose vision supports your best strengths and together
create a synergy of mass enumeration to fulfill the need of the moment.
In numbers theres is great strength!

The Power of Presence

Artwork By Alisa Battaglia©2009

The Inner Round is an open source spirituality using the power of imagination and hyperstates to receive instruction by the "Organic Light" - the living consciousness of our planet. We invite the placement of 4 or 8 dedicated men & 4 or 8 women to form a group of eight to work together during specific stellar cycles to access phylogenetic memory of our collective species in order to receive instruction and integrate into the great web of life inspiring Humanity into alignment with Nature.

Petals of the Inner Lotus Forming: The Inner Round is the esoteric center of Global Communion in Broward, South Florida. We invite placement of your creative spiritual energies and focused intent to help catalyze into manifestation the mythogenetic or NEW spiritual archetypes for a self-conscious Spirit.

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Path of Action

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The Invitation

Attune the Heart through sound frequency
For Greater Connectivity, Cooperation and Goodwill.

Read Serena Hoke's Prayer for Earth & Humanity

This is not a religious organization or New Age. Spirituality and religion are not the same. Spirituality is innate to being human as a personal experience and process of increasing inner knowing and expanding through the physical body and the Earth body. While spirituality is our core essence that gives us a personal sense of meaning, values and identity, not everyone’s focus is towards these things even though everyone has spiritual qualities and a spiritual dimension, albeit sometimes quiescent or at differing levels of awakening. This flowering dimension within the Spirit in Nature anchored into the Earth is the focus of this group work in returning spiritual culture where sanctuaries and beauty are cocreated to foster all sentient life.

Alisa Battaglia ©2009

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