Phillip V. Battaglia

The Artist Colony is dedicated to my Father, Phillip V. Battaglia who was a Soulful Individual, Deep Thinker, Fine Artist, Screenplay Writer & U.S. Diplomat. He has touched many lives along his journey and his Spirit Lives with us today. He passed away April 20, 2011 to paint the Heavens.

Having grown up with the smell of oil paint, surrounded by my father's Art Exhibitions and the beautific Artistry of old Europe, its Gardens
and Architecture, has always provided inspiration in my life. I managed an Art Gallery for several years in South Florida and decided to support the inspiring work of Artists near and far. To exhibit your work on my site please contact me. Come Walk the Path of Beauty through Art!!!

Visionary Art
Stories through Imagery

Alisa Battaglia

Gaian BioMysticism Series 1

Original Works On Paper using Crayons de Couleur

3- Webstrings
Communing with Nature 12x18

4- Dreaming Telestai 11x14

1- Imagination Key to Creation 8x10

2- Ribbons of Creation 8x10

5- Dreaming Infinity 11x14



6- Entheogenic Journey 11x14


7- Pollination~ Wings of Infinity 11x14


Art~ Why Beauty Matters

MANDALAS BY RAMPAL ~ The Tantric Spiritual Art of NADEAN O'BRIEN

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I was born a creative child, but showed little interest in drawing or painting. My parents who met at an art gallery sustained hope that I would follow in the footsteps of my talented aunt, noted for her lovely landscapes. However, I had other worlds to explore before discovering the beautiful and sensuous meditative art of Asia and Tibet, as well as the work of Carl Jung, the eminent Swiss psychologist and artist, who introduced the "personal mandala" to the western world. Here was art with power, passion and purpose, the art of self-realization and enlightenment, an art form that caught my imagination and gave my life focus!

As I picked up my brush and began to paint, I became caught up in my own transformation as artist and healer. I expressed this metamorphosis on canvas through Tantric symbolism depicting the sacred union of our inner masculine (method) and feminine (wisdom) principles. The mystical "yab yum" (literally father mother) is often mistaken to represent human sexuality, but instead graphically portrays the inner wholeness or balance we must first achieve to realize our highest human potential. This message is most relevant today. I love both painting and explaining the meaning of my mandalas to receptive audiences.

Contact Nadean at or Telephone: (714) 968-8614

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Zen Warrior (left)


I appeared on this planet in 1963. Since I could hold a pencil in my hand drawing the beauty of the world has been one of my favourite past times. At first drawing was more entertainment that later became an obsession. But, like all good kids in Germany I went to school and later learned a profession. I became a public servant/office holder, which did not take long to see that it was not for me. After a long journey through a maze of different professions I landed a job with a financial magazine and stayed with the company for a decade. No matter where I have been in my professional journey drawing has always accompanied me.

In January 2001, I met Ralph who brought me to my path, passion and obsession. His father was a painter of landscapes in the Old Dutch way and to my sorrow he died two years later. This lovely man left a studio full of oil colours, canvases and paintbrushes. His studio was the desire of every painter’s heart and dream, which was my first contact with oil colours and the beginning of my obsession. Three months later I was diagnosed with Multiple Scleroses. I felt this was a signal to change my life’s direction. I decided to leave the financial magazine to step into my true vocation as a painter, a self-taught painter.

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My themes are the beauty of nature and mind. I am inspired every time I walk through the forest over the grassland and fields near my house. The beauty in the refraction of light upon substance makes me speechless and I see that spirit is present in all things. Sometimes when I read a book the magic of fantasy fills me with awe. All the while images are appearing in my mind that burn me to paint.

The idea of Healing Paintings was borne in a church during a mass in sacred song. The song contained the words “a cathedral of green.” It was then that an imagery of big beautiful beech trees came to me with rays of golden evening light shimmering through their leaves. It was the light rays that struck the meaning of healing for me.

Light and colours are healing powers given to us as a gift from spirit. My returning of the gift from spirit is through my paintings that I hope will inspire people to open their eyes to the healing beauty around and near them. As healing power is conveyed in the human psyche through the power of fantasy and imagination, my paintings may be used as symbolic gestures in meditation, relaxation and inspiration.

Light and Love,