The Hall of Ignorance through Saturnian energy represents the Great Teacher for humanity through the first law of manifestation-the law of limitation. We experience limitation through the testing of limits, habituations, illusions, mental and emotional constructs. Passing the tests of Saturn requires crucifixion of the dark self, the sheath or mask we wear before we are free of the unlit self. Within its maelific structure we inevitably learn discipline and responsibility in the cultivation of our Inner Diamond and the Diamond that lay within the Earth as a collective unit of consciousness.


"Be not intimidated... nor suffer yourselves to be wheedled out of your liberties by any pretense of politeness, delicacy, or decency. These, as they are often used, are but three different names for hypocrisy, chicanery and cowardice."~John Adams

The fabric of the world Matrix is an Archontic illusion – a planetary maze of deception, a web within a web embedded with memes injected into the mindstream of humanity like a virus infecting the veins of culture.

This intentional heisting of the collective thought-stream and steering it like cattle into prepackaged paradigms that are anti-erotic, anti-nature and anti-feminine uses the dominance of religion, authority and five sense reality lockdown. Cognitive dissonance, self-denial, loss of conscience and
ego-identification pushes left brain imbalance into overdrive. The overdrive keeps us stuck on the great wheel of karma...with a redundancy that perpetuates war at every level of life. There is no authenticity, no creativity, only repetition compulsion - gross habituation, a roteness that is devoid of self discovery, spontaneity and where authentic beauty is imprisoned in mind-games - easy to program, easy to manipulate through a directive script borne of a single source creator, a fake patriarchal off-planet God.

Induction into this trance is the story of the ages filled with layers of delusion that covers the Source of the World Lie! Without media complicity and technologies erecting the world of appearances, the Archon Net would not have accomplished such foot-hold in the consicousness of human societies today.

The slow suction of our generative life force is only noticeable over time. The effects are loss of vital energy, tiredness, weakness, lack of will and an overall inertia to face things in life. This loss of creative energies fogs the brain and thwarts us into survival mode making us easy to manipulate by catalyzing the emotions via instinctual reponses. Once the hook binds consciousness it can be diverted into synthetic pathways with its false stories that shapes our beliefs and thus, support the concoction of faulty paradigms. Yet, if we pay close attention we can feel this vampiric tethering and pull out the negative psychic and emotional hooks - the feeding tubes that are draining our life field. Every psychic hook has an emotional correlate. The negative emotions we generate are the energies that feeds
these intrapsychic parasites. Dissolving our emotional charges into neutrality and standing in self-sovereign power pierces the illusion and dissolves the psychic hook.

Who are the Archons?
Who are the Archons and what are the effects of these intra-psychic predators upon the minds of humanity, culture and Nature and how are they played out in the construct of matter - the terrestrial sphere of physical plane existence we call Earth? Geo-Engineering.

The insult to the Life Urge results in gross divisiveness in the misuse of masculine energy and its dominator principles that has divorced the gender allies from one another to produce a sexual caste system generating extremism in the mistrust in human relationships. When imbalanced masculine force has been instilled at the base level of consciousness and its definitions woven into the fabric of social consciousness, human evolutionary potential ceases and a superficial or artificial life takes over. We must heed the warnings of our ancient family of this deceit. A deceit that has overlaid the natural generosity of human love, who can give love, but can no longer receive love due to the out-setting of the feminine quotient.

Crop Circles


Archon ET Face and a Disc
With a Binary Message

This crop image appeared in 2002 at Crabwood Farm, Hampshire, UK.
The disk-shape has a binary message:

"Beware of the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain but still time. There is good out there. We oppose deception. Conduit closing (BELL SOUND)."


The True Anarchy of Life on Earth

SETI sent in 1974 from the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico using binary coding in search for extraterrestrial life.
Right: Response pattern occurred in the Chilbolton crop field in.

Read for Interpretation

I call this false patriarchal value system, “The Patrix,” which is an artificially constructed matrix or Big Daddy technosphere whose policy is to divide-and-rule. Its essential structure has existed for thousands of years that we know and its template is probably the oldest form of exploitation and subjugation on one part of the population by another. Its program is a form of mental parasitism that serves as a teaching model refined for all other forms of relegation (gender, race, ethnicity, religion, class and now, by distinctions of consciousness for mind control). As in any hierarchical system, once a caste has been established those in the high caste or elitist positions develop a vested interest in foot holding its basic structure and paradigm by impregnating the cultural psyche with its value system. It works from the inside out by attacking the fundamental core of life and reshapes its very nature into a new control pattern outside its fundamental nature via intra-psychic presence - a form of bondage like a psychic harness.

In the twenty-first century, its essential structure has expanded. It has widened its base upon the economic dogma of Globalization to increase the influence of individual parliamentarians which further decreases our individual freedoms and promotes dependence upon its centralized structure. The Patrice’s system of structural violence seeks to eradicate the diversity upon which natural life depends in the name of "progress." This so-called progress is where decisions are based upon economic principles and now, “greenwashing” industries to take control over the energy sectors, land, food and water supplies, rather than focusing on a peace time economy and the welfare of individuals within a nation and the rest of the natural sentient world. While implications for the masses of any society are disregarded at the structural level, which is cause for creating the systemic crises and their various interrelated symptoms of societal disconnection, epidemic addictive behavior, psychological deprivation, and environmental breakdown in the dominance of one-sided energy. What is seemingly unconnected in this great web of life is closely interlinked and rooted in economic imperatives.

For instance, the status quo of the Patrix is essentially structured for the male under its competitive model, but it keeps everyone supplicated to its features by dissolving the family unit and increasing dependence on mass media and corporate government. Both are owned and controlled by agents of terror. The main features of this type of organizational structure are its psychopathic and ultra narcissistic minions that support this false authority that relies on violence to gain access to labor, markets, and raw materials across the planet. In their quest for profit in reducing the labor powers to an instrument, they are fruitfully rewarded in their exploitive efforts to preserve their status, power and dominance over others.

It is here that humanity must be ever vigilant to determine as to whether this value system of extreme left brain masculine dominance supports or destroys life and to be clear as to what value system their energies are supporting and preserving for future generations. Our answers will determine the changes that we each must make in our lives and the program that must be set into place accordingly that moves us into balance or whole self wellbeing. We can start with ending exploitive economic and political arrangements that are sustained by a continuing surplus of expendable human energy, such as war and taxation of human labor. This means fostering co-creative and collaborative egalitarian enterprises of people’s labor and its results. These cooperative efforts work to create self-sovereignty and limited government. Essentially, this re-formation or “correction” in achieving a New Planetary Ethics will lead to a People's Revolution as it had via Founding Fathers of the U.S. Constitution and those that came before them.

A patriarchal template is one in which extreme masculine power systematically holds dominion over the average men and women in the spheres of living, over Nature and all sentient life. It seeks to divest what is natural and perverts it into a new form of homogeneity by subverting the Feminine principle of care and compassion of Light into Domination of dark light of male left brain imbalance. It seeks destruction of Spirit into automaton! The True Organic light casts no shadow.

The Greatest Truth Never Told

See time frame at the 2 hr mark about Social Predators and their Psychopathic Behavior

"We must not let the rulers [dominator culture] load us with perpetual debt.
We must make our election between economy and liberty or profusion and servitude.
If we run into such debt, as that we must be taxed in our meat and in our drink, in our necessaries and our comforts, in our labors and our amusements, for our calling and our creeds...
[we will] have no time to think, no means of calling our miss-managers to account but be glad to obtain
subsistence by hiring ourselves to rivet their chains on the necks of our fellow-sufferers... And this is the tendency of all human governments. A departure from principle in one instance becomes a precedent for [another ]... till the bulk of society is reduced to be mere automatons of misery... And the fore-horse of this frightful team is public debt. Taxation follows that, and in its train wretchedness and oppression."
~Thomas Jefferson

Political Ponerology
: A Science on The Nature of Evil adjusted for Political Purposes

The word "psychopath" generally evokes images of the barely restrained - yet surprisingly urbane - Dr. Hannibal Lecter of "Silence of the Lambs" fame. I will admit that this was the image that came to my mind whenever I heard the word. But I was wrong, and I was to learn this lesson quite painfully by direct experience. The exact details are chronicled elsewhere; what is important is that this experience was probably one of the most painful and instructive episodes of my life and it enabled me to overcome a block in my awareness of the world around me and those who inhabit it.

Systematic Indoctrination of Education

"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read
and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn."
~Alvin Toffler

Sexual energy is known as different names depending on culture, tradition and lineage of teachers and language. In the West this energetic force is the generative or bioelectric energy that enlivens us. In the East, erotic Kundalini energy of Tantric Yoga is the primary evolutionary feminine force or spiritual Earth wisdom that lies coiled within the base of the spine to produce full somatic enlightenment as it consummates with masculine spiritual force. In Taoism, Chi (Ki) is the primary life force that gives us energy to preserve our being and to transform it with right application and balance of masculine and feminine principles. In Shamanic traditions, snake energy or Rainbow Serpent power is the primary psychobiological force that vivifies and motivates the body-mind with connection to the greater whole. Whatever name we wish to define it, the vibrations of erotic sexual energy is the elemental power harnessed by all forms in creation endowed by planet Earth.

This generative impulse is the survival urge or instinct for life that provides the link of how we move through the world and what becomes accessible to us in our evolutionary journey. Its creative principle is the core of our nature, our eros, which builds our self-image and is all that our potential relies upon, sexually, emotionally, creatively and spiritually. When we negate, suppress or restrict the flow of this natural and fundamental erotic expression of Nature we risk addiction, dis-ease and dysfunction individually, socially and globally.

Using the faculties of desire and imagination turned onto the Earth body, we channel the subliminal frequencies of the planet in a two way stream for co-creation. With our own bodies as instrument and Earth, the Revealer, we need only to ground into the sentient presence of Earth's tantric energies to evoke a silent cognitive lucidity in our ordinary mindstream. Rapturous immersion with our immediate and imminent Source - planet Earth, we also align with the galaxy, the Source of Mother Earth, and to the Unity feild, the Source of the galaxy. Alignment Circuit: Human>Planet>Galaxy=Unity Field. Aligning within this frequency circuit attracts information from other dimensions and awareness outside of the manifest form and direction. With our extrasensory capacities rooted in Nature, phylogenetic memory awakens. This network of hyper-intelligence acts like a biological internet as we entrain within the stream of wellbeing into a singularity of human potential.

Humanity cannot find its way into alignment without mastering the problem of extrahuman predation, Archontic intrusion that deviates the human species into self betrayal of our discriminating powers and authenticity in Nature, as beings of Nature. This intrapsychic intrusion often goes unnoticed as it is disguised in the way we think, in the way society conforms our thinking to the synthetic processes of its virtual realities. Virtual reality is fake and takes us off our emergent path with Nature. Virtual reality is a mental fantasy and of pretending and is thus, disconnected from Source. It is anti-erotic, anti-nature and anti-feminine at the core often driving humanity into error beyond the scale of correction.

Deviation from our Source and medium of instruction begins at birth. The processes of building the self-image of our potential are entwined with our psychosexual and spiritual development, which relies upon three factors: Our biological inheritance, imposed education or indoctrination and self-education.

Our biological inheritance provides our unique shape and form of our physical structure. Our genes provide the strength of our constitution, nervous system and glands, metabolic processes and organ systems of our gender body. Continuous immersion in Nature awakens dormant memory of Gaia's biography that is also part of our biological inheritance. The integrity of our bio-physiology determines our ability or disability to move us through life.

2. Education is particular to time and culture of imposed or forced ideologies and modes of government and religion taught in the family through such institutions. These ideologies or programmed realities are the synthetic expression of our cultural identities that handicap the liberation of our true self and choice of freedom to live creatively and in harmony with Nature. It is the pretense of real education that serves as the foundation for imprisonment of the human spirit into automaton. Through its separative or divisive models of social organization that sexualizes and dumbs down our thought processes through sexual roles, linguistic rooting, sound frequencies, sexual metaphors and the culturally determined myths about "real men" and "real women," a synthetic identity is manufactured. It is through this unintegrated system that is separated from the inner learning of the Soul that determines what and how we learn from the outside world and what becomes the accepted pattern of concepts and reactions common to society during a particular era in time.

3. Self-Education or Individual Development is inspired through the urge to know and understand divine matters, imagination and the curiosity that seeks to evolve in the development of our gender body, individual characteristics and spiritual nature on Earth. Choosing to act in accordance with our own authentic nature is a self initiated effort. It is where our intellect and heart integrate into spiritual Will to use our creative abilities to thrive. And it is through this mode that we seek liberation from intrapsychic control, manipulation and exploitation, fear and organized lying by powerful dominating groups whose culture of death does not function on behalf of human or planetary freedom.

The Illusion

© Jody Lee

Education's purpose is to replace an
empty mind with an open one.

~Malcolm Forbes



Of the three self-image builder's, self-education is the only factor that is basically subject to personal will, while the others are determined biologically and by the governing environment and mental structure we are born into. Inasmuch that self-education builds the power of personal will - imposed education is actually the most active element in our developmental process because it operates in two directions at once. From birth it parallels self-education until societies patterns, values and behaviors have been instilled in us over-laying our natural feelingness and spontaneity for its expectation of what we should think, feel, say and do. It then rewards us when we follow its social values and it punishes us or withdraws when we think and act spontaneously upon the will of our inner promptings. Social withdrawal is a conditioning mechanism that is effective and painful because it ostracizes individuals or groups by pushing them outside the social grip of acceptance. Amidst varying degrees we are all enmeshed within this social control system - a simulator of organic life experiences that operates out of the false personality of pretext and not of the Soul life. The educational process is part of the social control system of role uniformity and it differs according to whether we are male or female, however we are all perceived as consumers and the best consumers are those that are not united. While our gender influences our position in society, the method of suppressing non-conformist tendencies or expressions of desires and needs affects both genders, but plays out differently. To the point that we have internalized sex-role stereotypes is the depth of our conformity to the pervading ideological virus i.e. dominant power.

This illusory system or method of "the noble lie" is not only subversive to our authentic nature, it is inversive. What is true is inverted with a lie or perverted to reflect the opposite. The heresy against our imminent and immediate Source is pathological and ecocidal. It is the ultimate hoax against a well meaning humanity to divest our Divinity, our free will, of fostering human potential and coevolution with Nature through intimate communion with the living intelligence of the Earth. Instead, our gifts born of Nature are co-opted through the diversion of our attention onto superficial importance and slavish obedience to the dominator culture.

For instance, all survival is temporary and thus, many of us use our finite time here on earth doing other people's work, dream others dreams and exist in a box created by others instead of living our own essence, a life constructed of our own imaginative desires and expression of our own inner genius. The dominator culture has us so steeped into social control programs that we have lost our feeling edge, our authenticity of being and imagination that we are unconscious of societies imprint upon us. Most of us live behind a mask or faceplate that covers our authentic nature in our daily actions that we actually become the escape artist of the true self. Entirely caught up in the projected image of the false self we are barred from authenticity of feeling and spontaneity, imagination and freedom of thought, which shuts down our psychic thermometer. Sadly, many of us die without ever knowing our substantive being, our inner spiritual life through Nature and instead settle for a counterfeit life that is a modicum of our innate creative potential. This is the HOAX, the ultimate control over humanities Divine heritage from ever coming to fruition and keeping people so distracted and mechanized from even knowing there is a divine inheritance to claim.

There is always a price to pay for conformity, for second hand experiences mimicking truth by way of compensation. Our minds are so impressed within the reward and punishment system that our inner critic or negative ego-mind arouses such intense anxiety and conflict in our psychology should we think beyond its conditioned template. Any time there is an erotic urge to express creativity, invent something new, immerse in Nature, imagine with great feeling or realize our aspirations, we let in fear and inadequacy. Here doubt takes over to quash the creative Soul impulse. These fear packages manifest effects in our ability to produce or perform keeping us in light code lock down, blinded to truth. The blockage of creative life flow produces problems in our ability to interact with others and form intimate relations that suppression becomes the best antidote to confusion. The distortions of doubt, inadequacy and fear has borne an epidemic of loneliness and the ability to be fully sexually responsive and creative in life. I say, feel the fear and break free from the Lie!

Fertility Goddess

Individual confusion and disconnect always releases its way back into society and its subcultures. The frictions produced between the stirrings of our inner world and the expectations of the outer world promotes pathological relational extremes. These points of tension reinforce the gender war, impact family life and arrest the natural tendency towards spiritual relation and Earth revelation. When sexual or generative energy, our potentate life force, is not elevated and properly utilized there is error, some would call sin. Errors when detected must be corrected if we are to participate in the development of life and the consciousness within the shared matrix of Nature where new elements constantly arise to express and optimize the integral properties of the whole.

Cultural identification patterns do not correct, they deviate us off our natural course. Often what a dominator culture considers to be appropriate does not necessarily mean that it is healthy or right especially when it is based upon novelty production, tangibility and profit. Mass-mind consciousness works by co-opting what is natural and then denigrating it. For instance, dysfunction becomes the norm when identities blur through the regressive attachment to things where the focus of life becomes more about how things appear rather than how they really are. Life's meaning becomes superficial and all purpose is lost.

Remember that the Archontic formula and its psychopathies is to invert or make opposite that which is real and make us believe that the false is true. This mind game keeps us polarized in extremes at the base level of existence. Diverting Natures generative functions is meant to bifurcate relations between female and male, mind and body, body and soul, humanity and Earth, and life and death. With the creative impulse controlled through redirection, dulling and distraction, the great drama of sex remains on the physical plane lowered to a static survival frequency that eludes the true significance of sexual relation and pleasure, ecstatic bliss, creativity, joyful living and somatic enlightenment.

The Archontic infused dominator culture has no creational focus and teaches no creational focus, only destructiveness through self-absorption by perpetuated thinking of the same distortion - a virtual reality program. I call this pattern the "vicious cycle of addictive consciousness." If we observe the patterns we emanate in the world and become conscious of these divisive principles of orientation, we begin to recognize how the social patterns embedded within our psyches are used to negate ourselves by depressing the expression of our essence meant to destroy the psyche of enthusiasm, creativity and moral nature of our divine human intelligence.

The Generative Wound
The Effects of a Synthetic Culture on the Bio-Psyche

"The great danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it." ~ Michelangelo

Adult sexuality develops from early sexuality that relates to our seven human birthrights in each developing stage. How we each make this transition into adulthood with our rights in tact or not helps to explain our inadequacies and failure to develop full social sexuality, whose pathologies are always reflected within society. The sexual drive or generative function is the axis or pivotal point around which organization of the personality takes place, as it provides the foundation of our self-esteem. It also accounts for how we perceive our experiences and how we behave amidst them. For example, in youth we are judged either by our individual abilities or by our achievements, and we develop within that context. However, too often we are judged not for the value of whom we are-our essential beingness, but for our achievements. This mindset by default infringes upon our right to love and be loved unconditionally. “To be seen and not heard” has been a common prescription of existence for many once gleeful children. This attitude violates the right to speak and hear truth. Breaking the spirit of a child’s natural spontaneity dissolves it and too rapidly causes the child to skip through adolescence into adulthood. What seems to be maturity beyond young years is often acquired through force, unrequitedness and infringement of these basic rights from birth, rather than allowing nature to unfold in its own process. No matter our consciousness at birth, we all develop hierarchically, that is through the dual psychosexual and spiritual developmental stages significant to all human beings.

© Aleister Crowley

The Sun, High Creative Energy
Our innocence must not be rushed or thwarted out of Nature in the development of skills and concepts and in the learning of certain tasks, otherwise the spontaneity and ability to feel empathy is destroyed in favor of a world of outer achievements and veneer of real education. The wounds that we cover with our social masks lay within the wellspring of life affecting our self-image. Our every thought and action is connected to the free-flowing expression of generative energy that has become restricted in excessiveness or deficiency. When the energy of the wound dams up it has the capacity to produce illness and disease, as it becomes a weight that exhausts vital energy from circulation throughout the body-mind. This restriction of circulation hampers future development because all energy is misdirected and focused on suffering and conflict instead of being expressed in a natural healthy way. The trade-off of personality restriction is a psychological self-castration that has become a universal epidemic of modern culture in an accelerating world of uniformity that seeks to suppress unconscious purpose and intentions of the evolving human spirit. The psychological inadequacies and pain of both genders are similar, but the expressions of them take on different personalities.
In the process of growing up society requires minimum development in terms of self-education. It focuses on external attainment as a way to satisfy our needs and it teaches us to be comfortable with mediocrity. Mediocrity never inspires us to reach towards our higher potential and it certainly does not ask us to look to the source of our wounds that stunts our power. Instead, we get caught up in the vicious cycle of a false image and feel reasonably satisfied with our lives that are so limited in the actual proportion of our capabilities. We fail to recognize that from our wounds there is a direct relationship that is proportionate to our difficulty in forming close bonds and health of our body. This lack of intimacy with self and others makes us feel isolated and alone. Our loneliness keeps experiences on a superficial level and deep down there is little joy as we experience life through the perception of our wounds-the impoverished self.

With our (generative) wounds open and vulnerable to hurt we seek protection through our vices in whatever form of false control they may take. This often translates as power struggles in the need to acquire things and control through primitive sex practices where sexual energy is maintained on the purely physical or gross level. On this primitive level sex becomes a vehicle for dominance rather than surrender and an outlet for selfish release instead of a mutual exchange of feeling love between partners, the higher component of our instinctual responses. Relationships become easily entangled with emotional attachments and vices that conceal our wounds because there is an inability to forge healthy and lasting relationships. All forms of psychic impotence develop in men and psychic frigidity in women. Elementally they are the same in that the psyche creates a defense mechanism or energy block that does not allow the self to experience the flow of pleasure-the gateway to healthy and higher creativity. The denial of sexual pleasure within right context has been used as a primary tool of the Patrix to apprehend and exploit humanities creative will and fulfilling forces as a way to engender greater power and control over individual free will. This misapplication of generative force hooked through glamour and desire is the basis for delusion of the emotions and illusion of the mind creating a distorted version of life and experience.

There is no wonder that the awareness and multidimensional application of healthy sexual energy has been removed from the core of its naturally occurring context for pathological versions of sexual role orientations. On the physical level controlling through sex denies the good nature basic to humans because it compromises the virtues of love, joy, kindness, gentleness, respect and honesty. It does this by reinforcing the cleavages between the genders, rather than seeking within to embrace our truth and to move beyond our fears, fantasies and illusions. When sexual energy is properly cultivated from its rightful place and allowed to naturally unfold, it strengthens our life force that in turn strengthens the weakened body and transforms anger, fear, sadness and depression through its multiple creative uses. The key to human potential is to develop an accurate understanding of the "complexes of consciousness" that stifle our sexual energy and promote healing that leads us to higher processes in the fulfillment of our deepest human need~ the spiritual yearning for Oneness in our merging with the Divine.

Excerpts from The Essential Self, Cultivating the Sacred Feminine through Polarity Integration by Alisa Battaglia©2005-2018

Click here for info on Emotional Mastery

Creating a Nation of Zombies
Mass neuro-toxicity


People used to eat relatively unadulterated food and drink relatively pure water.
"Exercise" happened naturally in the course of living. We can survive the banking crisis,
but I'm not sure we can survive the societally imposed health crisis.
Unfortunately, the cause - and cure - for the health crisis is not well or widely understood.

Human Miscreation
Through Indiffernce
& Disregard for Nature

“There are no environmental problems. There are only environmental symptoms of human problems.” 

Our world crisis is abound with examples that depict how disconnected we’ve become from ourselves, from each other, our environment and our roots in Nature. Humans do not stand apart from the environment. We are a major species along with the bacteria, minerals, fungi, insects,plants, trees, birds and animals in this wonderful interrelationship of multiple life systems where one system is nested within a series of other larger systems - a family within the community, within a society, within a culture and so on, which all affect one another.

It is evident that our lack of integrated consciousness with the great "relationship system" that governs all manifestation is the dis-ease source of our planet. This inchoate disconnect originates and is reflected in the narcissistic personality and its pathological extremes that govern Earth policy at this time. Transparency is essential because institutions plunder for profit and maintain great control over both human and natural resources.

Misaligned relationships block or limit the integration of conscience with the coordination of all things. Living out of harmony with planetary integrity "always" comes back to poison the Living matrix that so many forget, includes the human animal species. Perhaps because energy is not directly seen, except through Natures weather patterns that the life purging effects escape us. There is a high price to pay for disconnect, either in ignorance, deliberate retention or the inversion of truth. The planetary body in all its beauty and fecundity suffers. Few seem to notice or care as they drown into oblivion of zombie consciousness.


"The most alarming of all man's assaults upon the environment is the contamination of air, earth, rivers, and sea with dangerous and even lethal materials. This pollution is for the most part irrecoverable ..." ~ Rachel Carson

East Island of Java, Indonesia

Institutional lack of responsibility is constantly scapegoating weaving the masses deeper into collusion that many begin to believe the indoctrination that "exploitation is the norm" for doing business." For Earth and humanity to have degraded to such a low magnitude exhibits a very well planned and organized usurpation of life force energy. What has disconnected humanity from it co-creative course with Nature? Just how deep does the complicity of wholesale destruction go? Call upon the vestiges of Earth and humanities ancient history that has been purposefully annihilated from human consicousness grounded in Nature and held within the mycelium of old growth forests. An powerful ancient history that shrouds both the origins of humanity and the Earth. Instead, questions are redirected into synthetic pathways for answers through addiction, synthetic pleasure, second hand experience or reiteration and virtual realities

.It is evident that the decline in humanities conscience reflected in the floating garbage patches in the Pacific Ocean and waste dumped onto poor nations lands; destruction of the water table; the tar sands, ocean oil drilling and nuclear reactors; logging forests and sterilizing large tracks of agricultural land used for genetically engineered food stuff; chemtrails; pharmaceutical and GMO crops; and cellphone mast towers which all destroy and aberrate the natural energies of the living ecosystem all rooted in transhumanism and nannotechnology cyborg death-urge agenda. Human evil is producing a deranged path of existence. Only disconnected persons believe that life exists on a dead planet, that consciousness does not exist and that we are Soulless and that dumping pollution into parts of the world has no return to poison life. Yet, through our distorted food chain, the polluted air we breathe, the toxic waters that we drink and bathe in, the way we treat life that has become ill from the impact of pollution and environmental destruction, it is clearly evident that the human predator has gone rabidly astray from the co-creative potential with the living systems of an animistic Earth. Step up to defend the Life-Urge!

Global cartels are blind to reason and hold no accountability for their actions and so they take risks in Nature to feed their greed and they do so without collective knowledge or consent, because they would NEVER have mine. In fact, many people so trustingly believe these institutions are doing good by humanity with their front charitable orgnaizations. As conditioned consumers, few actually consider what energeis are exploited to produce an end product or result. If one so chooses to look beyond the surface of things, with a little depth there can be discovered a total lack of human empathy and planetary ethics. Safeguards are ignored and actions are motivated by desire and pure greed. Consequences are quickly forgotten in pursuit of satisfaction and the pleasure principle reigns. More is never enough and planned obsolesence is the game!

Ecologically, socially and individually humanity is polluted in all ways and out of control from a disjointed spirituality with Nature that is meant to create cohesion and produce transformative insight into the world. The active ego has misaligned the relationship of the human soul with the soul of the Earth that always results in a break down in the integrity of the life stream. Evidence abounds to this fact! How far has humanity plunged into amnesia and can we resurrect from the ashes?

If we allow global machinations with its chaotic patterning to continue entraining our minds into fear, the lower frequency patterns suspend our bio-psychic realities in connection with Nature and we become incapable of assimilating potentate solar energies that uplift our imaginal consciousness in tandem with Nature's rhythms. Plugged into the Archontic survival mechanics of daily existence, the absurdity of the world cog, our ability to create order out of turmoil is lost, for our actual human survival depends on what is being destroyed in Nature. We believe in a model of living that supports all life.

The ability to restore a sense of cohesion into our lives even amidst great personal change and planetary crisis exists. The kicker is that we must fully grasp that "the
disease of our planet is produced by misaligned relationships that block the conscious expression in the coordination of all things and that Nature is the coordinator of all things."

Cooperation and coordination enables alignment with Nature to restore our loss of vision, temperence, and ability to break through faulty paradigms that keeps us stuck in the cycles of dependency and addiction we are attempting to get out of. However, most of humanities problems and present failures continue to lie in the neglect of meeting the authentic demands of the human race and to restore Nature's ecosystems. While many earth luminaries have created viable solutions for sustainable peaceful co-existence with Natures living systems, the many vested interests continue on the path of domination terraformng both Nature and the human body into automaton.

The domination and abuse of Nature moves against coherent vibrational alignment and harmonious coordination of all things. So, as the Earth body degrades and shifts in rebellion to these disruptive energies through natural disasters, the foundation upon which we live, move and have our being, are threatened and we are forced to evolve through disease, tragedy and loss. Many are awakening to the harsh fact that those who survive are in alignment with Nature and the rest are devoured. Perhaps it is AN INESCAPABLE INDIVIDUAL TRANSFORMATIVE PROCESS AND YET, A COLLECTIVE PROCESS THAT BINDS THE WHOLE OF HUMANITY IN THE JOURNEY OF CO-EVOLUTION".

Many Stewards and Earth Guardians have sown new seeds for a planetary ethics and still many are bridging gaps in memory of their authentic identity through transentience. RECONNECTING WITH NATURE rewires the mind back into species-self connection and autopoetic intelligence that informs Nature and pervades human potential. We have quite a journey before us...we each decide the ride.

Charlie Chaplin


lobal Warming Scam

Global warming is being used to introduce a carbon tax scheme that will ruin the
economy and force the world into a single monetary control system.
This deception now draws freely upon a Gaian or green appeal to "save the earth."
~ John Lamb Lash

“The scientists gathered to discuss the “plausibility” of implementing various Geo-engineering campaigns
throughout the world, all under the guise that the Earth has a man-made global warming problem that can be
solved in-part by spraying aerosol aluminum and other particles into the sky to block the sun.”

Green Politics is a pretext for more global scamming. Eco-fascism uses the fearful catch phrase "Global warming" and is being used to introduce a carbon tax scheme that will ruin the economy and force the world into a single monetary control system. This deception now draws freely upon a Gaian or green appeal to "save the earth." Cap & Trade anyone? While humanity must change their lifestyle and re-integrate with Natures rhythm, imagine a monthly bill that monetizes every move known as your carbon footprint from the air, water, food and energy that you consume just in order to keep the dinosaur of the past in business. The tax list is endless. Instead, the solution is the structuring of the global economy into renewable energies that phases out current subsidies for coal, oil and nuclear that are dis-easing life systems. There are better ways - Think of what moves Nature - Geothermal (heat from the Earth), wind, water, and solar energies and combinations. thereof. While this choice will be made in our generation it will affect life on Earth for ALL generations to come.

AGENDA 21 in its move to dissove property rights is movement toward one world government - is a Soros-sponsored plan for world government. "Already two decades old, Agenda 21 is a United Nations plan for “sustainable development” that was backed by George H.W. Bush and 177 other world leaders. Despite its seemingly innocuous intentions, several items are at risk under the plan: private property ownership, single-family homes, private car ownership and individual travel choices, water supply and privately-owned farms.

There is absolutely no doubt that the consciousness of human miscreation toward a totalitarian system has been polluting and destroying Earth’s ecology at every level like a cancer. The blatant disregard of human-earth evolutionary potentials by power hungry sycophants in the suppression of alternative technologies for more control, power and greed, and those willingly assisting by choice or default, must all take responsibility by their complicity in the wholesale destruction of life against our biological Earth Mother.

Human Miscreation is a war against self as Nature. It is a Nature-disconnected way of thinking and relating. We hold the Earth in common and what we do to it, we do to ourselves. War and exploitation is never in our best interest.

Global destruction is a byproduct of tampering with the Earth grids and stargates through experimental adjustments (HAARP) to create an outcome of total planetary control by manipulating the Earth’s biofield and original human DNA codes through frequency manipulation (Time Travel, Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project). Evidence points out that Earth is being terraformed into a synthetic existence to overwrite Nature's nurturing instinct to disconnect and divert our feeling function and our co-creative potential into automaton or cyborg virtual realities. Look around to witness the mass genetic manipulation of DNA & the Ionosphere via giant mast towers and cell phones,WIFI, Digital frequency, RFIDS (microchips), nanotechnology, cloning, genetically engineered food, sterile GMO trees, animals & GMO insects, toxic vaccinations, pharmaceuticals made from GMO tobacco crops and other such bio-spiritual warfare: weather manipulation, weaponry, chemtrails, water fluoridation, pesticides and toxic chemicals used in food, water, earth and air world-wide to compromise the immune system to mutate biological DNA codes. Not to mention a dead body of ocean waters filled with toxic oil and radiaton killing off the ecosystems and reaching up into the food chain. None of these support the Spirit in life and all of these are forcing the ecosystem into cataclysmic weather; loss of food pollinators; loss of food production; loss of water, soil and air purity. All of which are already having adverse affects on human and animal health that impedes human and planetary evolution as a whole. This simulation of a Cosmic happening points directly to the fact that something clearly is amiss!

It is vital to keep perspective of how the Fear machine works to keep the vibrational frequency of the planetary collective enslaved in fear. The mass injection of fear upon humankind acts as fuel or energy food to support the sycophant, who like an energy vampire is in constant need of replenishing power to survive. This is orchestrated by applying measures that insure basic survival and disempowerment as a slave consciousness.

Some agree that the "warming' effect is a cosmic happening occuring throughout the solar system to herald a vibrational shift. The shift is a force field pushing through to create a new energy zone heating the planet up. This may be also be true, but how can we really know? What we do know is that human miscreation run by Industry is rampant and must be moved onto a path of sustained progress in alignment with Nature or eco-centricity.

A study from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland looking at climate data over the past century has concluded that solar variation has made a significant impact on the Earth’s climate. The report concludes that evidence for climate changes based on solar radiation can be traced back as far as the Industrial Revolution. For the Truth we need to look beyond the rhetoric and into some very serious planetary manipulations by the power hungry private interests on our planet. We can expect the manipulation to produce erratic weather conditions, further control over water and food supply as government asserts greater control over liberiteis and health freedoms. These actions are forcing the entire ecosystem into de-evolution.

As a grassroots mass consciousness movement, we must return to the simplicity in Nature before life becomes fully extinct. Extinction means no birth - sterility. Self-knowing we must quickly unplug from the polluting ways of the current paradigm & its wholesale destruction campaigns (geo-engineering programs) to a Nature connected story that reveres, cooperates, and respects life. Lives built upon the principles of organic sustainability and sacred ecology will give humanity the much needed time to readjust certain patterns of living that generate energetic output well beyond the Earthly planetary etheric. Adopting a countermyth is the antedote to the toxic core of the global psychosis to inspire and redirect human behavior to its natural origins. The empathic bond with the living Earth is the sacred narrative of the Mysteries calling each of us to embrace. Earth is our Beautiful Home! Let us strive with all our mights to preserve this once garden plane. Our lives depend on it.

The Sun is Earth's natural
Ally to sustain ALL life,

"Let’s not change the climate,
let’s change the system!
And consequently we will begin
to save the planet.
Capitalism is a destructive development model that is
putting an end to life;
it threatens to put a definitive
end to the human species."

~President Chavez, Copenhagen Summit Speech 2009

Mother Earth (The ARK Trust)

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