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"All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree. All these aspirations are directed toward ennobling man's life, lifting it from the sphere of mere physical existence and leading the individual towards freedom." ~ Albert Einstein

Brain Synapses

The Atom is a complete Replica of the Energy Structure Common to all forms of life-Kosmic, Planetary, Human & Sub-Human life.

Ecology of the Spirit evolved from Spiritual vision via dreams and inner Earth meditation. It seeded from a spontaneous image that compelled me to draw what I was seeing onto paper. I wasn't able to fully digest the artistic information which was followed by a series of spiritually impulsed downloads. This downpouring of information occured in spurts that spanned intensively over a period of years. During that intense phase of activity during dreamtime in the Hall of Learning, I was touched by grace, and healed by love and compassion. My identity writhed in miasma as it alchemically shifted into a new consciousness. A consciousness that quickly evolved when it was nourished from the expression of this new internal rhythm. This rhythm within quickened into new activity, thus birthing a manuscript called, “Ecology of the Spirit, Assimilation through Resonance" with the subtitle, "Integrating Humanity with Soul.” All my work emanates from this seed of consciousness--love, intention & power as is a part of this website through my self healing manuals and articles and other manuscripts.

INVITATION: The manuscript is complete as far as I am to go. Spirit has requested that I open Ecology of the Spirit to collaborative effort for an anthology concerning the whole structure of consciousness in society; its groupings and relationships that exist on both a small and vast scale within the evolutionary process; and the cause and effect of energetic interplay in socio-environmental activities.

As Ecology of the Spirit Vision organized, it needed a channel of activity to root and express its ideal. Building a website or etheric template would perfectly fulfill expression of the vision with the intent to act as a conduit of informational exchange; however this is only the first phase. I saw this exchange much in the same way the human energy system receives 2-way information from the surrounding environment and the Kosmos. For instance, information arrives through the senses and is simultaneously processed through the brains neural pathways that are translated into an emotional response for expression in the outer world of form. This constant activity between form and etheric impulse is the generation of close activity registered in consciousness.

Information when viewed from within the fields of human endeavor contain many facets of information and wisdom that forms a kaleidoscopic whole. Hence, it is my purpose to elucidate and expand that primary vision into the various channels of human endeavor, through an organizational network focused on aligning collective energy in order to build a new template of living. Power/strength comes in numbers when the hearts of many are aligned under the centrifugal force of Spirit, which is the directive of a Unified Consciousness based in diversity.

It is my Soul purpose united with others of like heart to assemblage this directional path.

As a sovereign entity in the collective pool of humanity, I seek to bring kaleidoscopic views to the fore of consciousness through teaching manuals, articles and newsletters: Kaleidoscope News, Wellness Emporium Cafe and Simple Love Café. It is my hope that this website guides, elucidates choice and creative focus, and evokes greater compassion and inspiration during the wake of tremendous planetary shifts and human transition. The human collective has entered a time where the testing of limits between extremes, albeit our inner dichotomies between body and soul; Self and other; Self and Nature and our immediate environment; between heaven and Earth; and the imbalances of masculine and feminine spiritual force, are ALL called to balance and neutrality. As the collective energies of our planet continues to shifts into greater compassion with "All That Is", to embrace the greater Love and Light, we are asked to align and integrate our personalities, to connect with the Soul of the Planet, to live in tandem with the greater Kosmic flow and to embrace All sentient Life as our extended human family, which IS!

With the dark experiencing life in the shadows we have an opportunity to shine light in dark places, to emancipate the authentic Self from a reality that is based on alienation with the Natureal world - divisiveness, competition, greed, illusion and gain. From this we see what must change. We have an opportunity to build anew, not against, but with new eyes and an open heart to serve the highest and best within ALL. Let us unite in like heart and intention to raise the veil of illusion and bring victory to the Light-to leave a legacy for all who follow. To aid planet Earth in recovering her bounty and to assure that all basic human needs and sentient life are met to open the space for the unfolding of the creative human spirit.

This is heart centered awareness and I Invite you to participate.

In Alignment
Rev. Alisa Battaglia

"Bless you and all whom you love. Your wonderful work is a testament to your worldly creation, dear Goddess.
I am pleased to have watched as the bud has bloomed into a perpetual flower. Thank you for sharing" ~B.G.

"Just a quick note to tell you I appreciate you sending me information that helps me expand my awareness regularly.
Some of the writings on you web site are heavy for me at times but make so much sense an hour, a day, or a week later." ~R.P.

Michael Brill Interview with Alisa Battaglia - April 10, 2014 - www.radioearnetwork.com - My guest, Alisa Battaglia, and I will discuss Soul Clusters, Creation, our place in the Universe, self-healing, self-empowerment through connecting with Nature, and whatever else comes up in our conversation. You can visit with us at our respective websites, www.awakener.com and www.ecologyofthespirit.com & www.IntegraLifeWellness.com

Michael Brill Interview with Alisa Battaglia - February 27, 2014 - www.radioearnetwork.com . My guest is Alisa Battaglia we'll talk about everything from gardening to the hazards of GMO's. Among her talents and certifications,  Alisa is a certified Master Gardner. You can visit with Alisa at www.IntegralLifeWellness.com
Dr. Michael Blum Blog Radio - with Alisa Battaglia, February 3, 2014 LIVE Interview 9-11pm on WWNN1470 AM -wwnnradio.com/streamer, or on IHeart Radio with CoHosts.
Alisa Battaglia on Shattering the Matrix Blog Talk Radio - July 4, 2013 - "Empowerment By Connecting To Nature" -
Alisa Battaglia joins us Thursday, July 4th, 2013 as she shares her in-depth wisdom about the forces that are sabotaging humanity and addresses the steps that humanity has to take in order to regain our sovereignty with ourselves, Mother Earth and our Creator. Listen to internet radio with Shattering The Matrix on BlogTalkRadio or You Tube.
From Channel 7 News feature story...Fear No Evil
Is there a way you can avoid bad things from occuring? Some people in South Florida believe in a tribal practice called smudging. Spread the burning herbs around your house or body and watch the magic happen!
For Channel 7 News Smudging Purification & Invocation I conducted for Katrina victims at Hollywood Beach, Florida.
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"Economics deals with society's fundamental problems;

it concerns everyone and belongs to all.
It is the main and proper study of every citizen."
~Murray N. Rothbar

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"I wanted to acknowledge and thank you for all the excellent 'Soul-food' I have received from you. Am so enjoying the Kaleidescope E-zine. The article on Free-will is brilliant and so clear." ~A.F.

Thanks for relaying such consistently intelligent material. You are one of those human neurotransmitters without which the unified field of consciousness would not function. Keep up the good work/play and keep having and spreading fun." ~L.L.

"I've been watching your progress over the past years and wish to honor your fine work in the community and for the world. You are certainly making a difference! Congratulations on all your efforts to help people change their lives for the better. The new E-Zine is amazing--keep up the great work!" ~A.S.

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Healthy Recipes
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A Unique Global Food Project



Pointless Picnics are to be held every Sunday at Midday, providing the weather is fine. They offer an opportunity to get away from the consumer work ethic.

Tell your friends to tell their friends and come along to share your food, talk, play music and games or just relax.

There is no reason for the picnics they're just something you don't have to think about, enjoy them, they're fun.

The time of 12 noon (local) has been arranged to avoid the need for organization. Everyone is welcome and don't forget....it's just a Global Picnic!

John Harding is the initiator of "pointless picnics"

"People NEED to talk, to discuss, to communicate face to face, allow our 'auras' to mix, create new philosophy"

Building Community
Pointless Picnics

"The weekly Sunday picnics could prove to be very strong, they provide a method of networking which does not rely on technology".

Venue: A Picnic Spot In Your Local Town, City Or Village.
Time: Midday every Sunday or chosen time and date.
Place: Everywhere Picnickable on Our Planet; Parks

This is a movement that has no vertebrae - because of this it is powerful and effective, there is no structure other than what YOU are motivated to do and is thus, self organizing.

Pointless Picnics is an idea that is carried in the wind, trusting the process of life. Like the oak tree sleeping inside of every acorn, just waiting for the environment to be amenable to its awakening.

Our lifetimes are very short in the face of existence - we will not see all the fruits of our actions, but we are witnessing the fruits of the seeds planted by those who came before us - relax, serve life and trust in the universal wisdom - step back take a ten thousand year view and see how quickly we are evolving. Life is about relationship. or each connecting ot the other. In a world interfaced with virtual realities producing a culture of isolation, the need for human and nature connection has never been greater.


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