Adopting an attitude of universal responsibility is essentially a personal matter.
The real test of
compassion is not what we say in abstract discussions,
but how we conduct ourselves in daily life.
~His Holiness the Dalai Lama, "Imagine All the People"

We have learned that the universe is a composite of interactive energies and that its sentient consciousness is present at every level as life existing within life. Earth, a life existing within a larger sphere of influence-the Kosmos also functions as a living system connected with it self that holds enormous amounts of energy at the foundations of the universe. Along with all sentient beings our energies are combined with the energy of earth forming one grand body of life! We are literally growing together or apart as we have created. Whether we are dealing with the creative process of the solar system, the soul as the creator of the human archive or the un-integrated human each in its own sphere, the creative process is ever the same under the laws of nature. This incredible realization may help us to re-contextualize our story as a human family and reconsider how we will continue to dwell upon our sentient Mother earth.

A Sentient Planet

Our past foibles are now upon us and we suffer with our planet from the faulty decisions that affect our worlds' future. The magnitude of our global environmental crisis has brought us to a critical juncture in our evolutionary history. Advancing humanity has worked hard to control nature and to make it serve our desires excluding all else. Exclusion has destroyed thousands of years of evolution of plant and animal species critical in balancing earth’s ecology in a short time. It is clear that the environment is itself an endangered species. As the earth’s ecosystem erodes, the life force within humanity erodes forging forward at great speed our own extinction. We are in the effects of our creation and our presently closed and non-generating system does not allow the planet to regenerate quickly enough before it is surpassed by more disruptive actions.

Our rabid modern existence is also reflected in our discriminating symbiosis with the natural world. Developers' clear forestation and animal habitat for their vision of more strip malls, more asphalt roads and concrete highways. When animal habitats are cleared they no longer have any protection and they run into the streets of civilization where we see them smashed on the asphalt as we nonchalantly drive by considering them a nuisance. Land is cultivated into sterile living communities that defy natural landscaping reflecting our sterile minds. As population increases, consciousness remains the same, unforgiving to the notion that humanity requires a natural ecosystem to survive. All efforts embark on discriminating cohesion with the natural world, than creating a balanced ecosystem. How much havoc do we think is possible before we asphyxiate ourselves and life's species bringing collapse and extinction? Where is the wisdom?

The choices that we make today reverberate for decades if not longer shaping humanities destiny and at large, the universal body. While we are always enfolded with choice we must not misdirect our energies by placing blame on technological innovation for our impending disasters. Energy is neutral and it is a matter of how our mental energy is directed - the way our mindsets are focused upon actions that are closed from the unity of life, of hearts and minds that builds to destroy. All greed destroys and humanity's extraordinary power of thought and action has become the dominant force on this planet in both creativity and destruction. Experience has reflected human err and errors need correction. The correction for our immaturity as a human race requires a spiritual transformation, a quantum leap in awareness into the underpinnings of our psychology that constitutes the great illusion of the human family.

A choice must be made and anchored into our personal lives' that creates an exchange and transmission of energies of equal value. One that is reflective of an approach to life that experiences an intimate connection with all that exists. Our no longer imposing our wan tan ways upon nature means that we cut back on our consumptive habits by living simply, lightly and sustainably upon Mother Earth. Living in harmony with Nature begins by achieving a balance between what we consume and what we return to her. I invite you to embark on this heroic journey back to nature - to at last be "One" with the precarious symbiotic relationship and balance that innately exists between ourselves and all plant and animal life on Earth.

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By Alisa Battaglia ©