Bifurcation: Inhibition & Exhibition

By Alisa Battaglia, B.D, CHT, EFT

Understanding the nature of dis-ease in the body-mind would greatly enhance the way our physiopsycho-spiritual complex is treated. For instance, dis-ease results from a misuse of force that blocks generative energy from flowing freely, which cuts off energetic-feed for the creative life of the Soul. Emanating from Source to the higher mind of the soul unto the lower mind of the ego structure mental energies are transferred via the central nervous system/brain. The ability of the brain to synthesize the incoming information or soul urge through mindal transmission is determinant upon alignment of the three bodies-physical, emotional and mental in relation to one another. The bifurcation between our body, emotions and thoughts are reflected in the conflict of interest in what we think, feel and do. It is the inability to properly focus the incoming stream of information adequately through the human energy system that causes the mind of the lower ego to miss the mark. This mis-mark or bifurcation, that is a splitting or division between the three bodies of our ego-structure, is a causation in creating defense mechansims expressed as inhibitions or exhibitions.

Hence, dis-ease is a form of activity that registers through the mental animation of thought, which blends together with feeling that forms the emotional body, which in turn affects and shapes the physical body. Hence, a distorted matrix of energy holds dysfunction and dis-ease patterns in place that neither permits a free interplay of force nor a correct rhythm throughout the physical vehicle. Points of congestion whether from over-stimulation or inhibition in the emotional, mental and etheric bodies of which can be seen by the shape of the body and in neurotic, compulsive-obsessive and addictive behaviors that all contribute to the external origins of dis-ease.

It is interesting to find that only five percent of prevalent diseases are due to mental causes. Disease is not of mental origin as so few live in the world of thought and fewer in the world of reality. However, those of a highly developed mental nature and sensitivity manufacture physiological effects with a definite psychological basis. This is because ills psychological in character remain submerged in the realm of mind. These include nervous diseases, inhibitions, suppressions, submissions to desires and their reverse aspects. There is to note a distinction between neurotic and psychological troubles of which may be a result of personality integration or excessive soul stimulation rather than the result of wrong polarization.

Wrong polarization of energy would reveal distorted attitudes to life and relation to people of which is primarily the result of obliterating an original thought that is stepped down to the level of emotionalism. Thoughts are powerful currents of energy that can manifest as effects on the physical plane, but when thoughts remain untouched upon the mental plane and move into emotionalism, there is failure to carry thought through into creative action upon the physical plane. The inability to engage what we think, feel and do in a unified movement produces a bifurcation or cleavage in the personality that cuts off vital streams of energy that devitalizes the body-mind-spirit complex.

Ninety percent of dis-ease arises from the etheric and emotional-feeling body, in the 2nd and 4th chakras. In the emotional body, uncontrolled, ill-regulated and emotional inhibitions are a potent factor in contributing and producing discomfort and disease in the human constitution and whose generalizations of symptoms follow: fevers, tumors, congested areas, general debility and auto-intoxication which lie behind so many symptoms.

The etheric body is the inner substantial form or energetic template that underlies and sustains the human being. It is the framework upon which the physical body is constructed and patterned and whose field must be repaired for healing to occur. The etheric field contains an intricate network of pathways that are the threads of life force that underlie every part of the body and along with the seven major centers and minor chakras, act as transmitters of a vast aggregate of forces and vital energies that regulate the organs, glands, nervous system and the brain. Any body of activity can be distinguished by the particular problems associated with the energy center. For example, prolonged irritation and intense worry, violent activity under stress of temper and any agitation that galvanizes the solar plexus center into a condition of intense disturbance affects the stomach, pancreas, gall bladder and duct that produces a myriad of chronic problems and so on. These symptoms are best worked through Coaching Spiritual Life Principles, Polarity Integration Therapy, Wellness and Body Cartography sessions to help shift the ego-complex into alignment back into the greater rhythm with Source. Connecting to Source is our fuel for living, joy, energy, creativity and clarity of Soul purpose.

Alisa Battaglia©2008