Energy Perspective of Disease

By Alisa Battaglia, B.D., C.H.T, EFT.

When our personality is not in alignment with or moves against our Higher Self or Soul, our existence essentially acts out against the interests of greater Unity. While we seem to persist in the illusion of being separate our Soul is actually linked to the Great Cosmic energy field. When we disengage from Sources’ cosmic energy field there is a loss of energy. Loss of energy causes disruptions that produce a myriad of conditions (congestion, friction, distortion and disharmony) first noticed in the subtle body, the non-material form of thoughts and intuition. Loss of energy then progress to the material level manifesting in the form body via negative soul states and moods that eventually precipitates in disease. If the distortion of energy remains charged, the tension produced in the subtle body creates a necessary conflict that is reflected in the physical body yielding its own specific malady. For instance, when there is chronic inflammation of a joint that creates the body’s imbalance, the conflict does not allow it to heal.  Until the conflict is resolved the joint will always be inflamed which eventually moves into more serious forms of degeneration.

It is essential to realize that every disease has a positive aspect in that our ailments inform us of our resistance and of our imbalances.  It provides a focal point for discovering all the negative energies we have cultivated and how they have become displaced within our lives.  The repetition of our negative experiences is Nature’s way of bringing us back into reflection of total balance. However, when we fail to see the aspects of disease it is not possible to get rid of the negative perceptions that have created it. In our healing process towards wholeness our lessons are learned through the experience of our bodies. A disease healed naturally leaves a person stronger. When we use the natural processes of healing we come to recognize and understand our fundamental weaknesses by replacing them with true strength.

The highest forms of ancient healing made no attempt to cure disease other than to seek the cause of disease by using mild foods, herbs and spiritual disciplinesto sustain an individual as a way of purification. Any attempt to offer a remedy that would stop the natural process from occurring was considered an interference with the integrity of the individual’s own self-generated healing process of the body-mind-spirit complex. In this manner allopathic medicine more often interferes with the natural processes with medication that chemically suppresses the symptoms of illness or surgically removes the diseased parts. This masks-not heals the fundamental physiological imbalance that treats the symptoms of diseased life energy rather than the inherent cause of it.

This material mechanistic viewpoint clings to the notion that the mind is a physical function of the human body and is separate from its parts. It assumes too often that long-term or lifestyle practices and evironmental poisoning are unable to be measured or duplicated in a short-term laboratory study and holds little significance to an ailing body and bifurcated spirit. These are dismissed missing the most vital connections to the causations of dis-ease. This makes the fragmented mind-body vehicle very difficult to achieve liberation under this faulty paradigm.

However, to correct imbalances at source four levels need to be addressed: body, breath, mind and Spirit. We begin on the external level because this is what we see and move inward where all disorder originates at a cellular level. All five senses are used to harness the body’s intelligence. Mindfulness dissolves the perception of separateness as the healing intelligence of Universal Mind is engaged.

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