The Feeling Heart of Awareness

By Alisa Battaglia

Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for truth.
~ Benjamin Disraeli

We often grow up without experiencing the energy of specific feelings. This affects the energy of both the physical heart and its etheric counterpart, the heart chakra the Soul's barometer.

Feelings must be garnered through firsthand experience. The more we interface with other life streams in Nature, the more we develop and heighten our feeling factor and sensory apparatus of the Soul, and the more information we have to assimilate and draw from the pool of our experiences. For example, not knowing what it feels like to love and be loved unconditionally is a shared universal experience of lack. How others love us is often less than perfect, and often wounded, we don't give love back so freely due to an element of mistrust and fear of surrender. Experiencing this resistance or numbing in our life often becomes a habit of defense. Because we do not have first hand experience of what specific feelings feel like and because we have only pain to identify with, we are unable to bring certain experiences into our reality. This is why so many people live in the identification of the ego and have difficulty aligning with the Soul urge. True power comes from surrendering the masks of the inauthentic self and then peel, layer-by-layer, the illusory patterns of identifcation that opens us to our authentic Nature as Soul.

The heart is the feeling center of compassion, the seat of the soul, the essence of who we are. It is the origin of our authentic feelings that pertains to all relationships. All of life is a confluence of interpenetrating relationships, whether it is a relationship with the self and the air we breathe, the intangible connection with universal energy, the web of Nature, family and partnership and the human connections formed in the course of life - these influences we can not escape. If the origin of our feelings are distorted by our self-concepts and beliefs about relationships, self love and love for others, our heart's desires and the universal principles of giving and receiving (Law of Reciprocal Exchange) are restricted. We restrict our hearts by numbing our sensitivies or shut down into the 5 senses of the ego-complex with full emphatic defense. This five-sense lock down produces a loss of consciousness, loss of moral conscience, and loss of empathyl. Empathy is the essence of spiritual energy and we seem to consistently miss the point creating dis-eased states within and around us by recycling confused internal processes into the outer world. Wars, both inner and outer, divide us from our partners, family, nations, our environment and Nature - Creator of Love. The widening of disconnect becomes so huge that it causes a separation from self identity as Soul. The disconnect is expressed as the dysfunction of the inner child in arrested development. It is the wounded mini-me unconsciously reacting to life out of the fill of emotional wounds and attitudes, and re-enacting the drama of childhood in daily life.

The pure essence within is healed through the heart so that living in the moment and behaving in healthy age-appropriate ways is authenticated. The heart is Soul, the lifeline between humanity and Spirit and thus, the healer of all wounds. We use this lifeline and anchor within the heart (love) where all our answers lie and if we are courageous enough to step into silence, feel the still-point within, we recognize that blaming and making others responsible for our thoughts, feelings or experiences keeps us from integrating our wounding experiences and moving on. Non-judgmental awareness, acceptance and flexibility are the variables that will bring us through a transformational process until we come to the powerful realization that whatever happened to us as a child was not our fault, that we did not do anything wrong or at least it is something we can overcome today.

The hardest thing to cultivate is compassion for ourselves. As children, we felt responsible and blamed ourselves for the things that were done to us, happened to us, and for the deprivations we suffered. Blaming, shaming, and judging is a denial of responsibility for our unloving thoughts and actions that give power to the dis-eased energies consuming us. When we take responsibility and honor our feelings without being victim to them, without taking the blame, shoulder shame, and hold judgmental attitudes, we can rescue, nurture, love and return to our Authentic Self. When we reach this point, we achieve deep inner peace. A state of acceptance for what was and is, neutralizes the emotional charge surrounding the situation and dissolves the imprint from the emotional body. Theta Healing and other energy healing modalities can accelerate this clearing, as can connecting with Nature, sacred dance, chanting, sound healing, art, music and tantric love if we allow their regenerative energies to mend our wounds.

Our emotions are lumped together, but we begin to determine the roots of our patterns made clearer through external boundaries of the physical; internal boundary setting within the mental; and between the mental and emotional levels of our being, we begin to connect with the causes of our emotional wounds. We begin to see our own inner process more clearly as we discern between the different ages of the inner children that relates to the development of the chakras and the different emotional wounds at each stage of birthright development.

To achieve emotional balance, mental clarity and spiritual awareness we need to release all core beliefs that keep us stuck in the head and out-of-touch with our intuitive heart and body. We must be willing to let go and to trust our power to create a more positive reality, to experience physical wellbeing and to manifest our co-evolutionary purpose on earth.

Alisa Battaglia©2017

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