Natural Law of Reciprocity

By Alisa Battaglia-Schiff

"Webstring reconnection is the antidote to healing disconnected neuronal pathways of the brain-body complex that have been subverted from their natural course and rerouted or redirected towards a synthetic indoor living experience.” ~ Alisa Battaglia-Schiff

Earth and humanity are enlivened and sentiently integrated through the circular process of respiration and that nature offers the antidote to conflict ridden realities, which implies a co-evolutionary relationship with Nature.
Earth wisdom is a direct connection and creative experience with the life matrix in the spontaneous now. Human wisdom is reality conceived through a direct experience with Nature that offers a medium of instruction to correct our errors. Errors made by tropic making control over Nature; co-optation of Nature for a virtual reality focus; of excessive indoor living; and bifurcated thought with its negatively impressed patterns of habituation that modulates the so-called modern human experience in order to control the outcome.

No matter where we live, we are all affected by the powers of substitution. The creative life force of the authentic, love in the beauty of truth, feeling energized in and by Nature, and the multisensorial range of connection to the sublime self have all been vaulted by the dominator control system destroying Natures sense of symmetry in its wake. This is evident in global society in the imbalance in the symmetry of thought. For instance, how the elderly, women, children, and animals and ecosystems are treated and cared for. Yet in all the interactive dysfunction, hope is offered through a reconnection with Nature to help us realign with ourselves, life on earth and thus, the cosmic center. I see this most clearly in the direct relationship between the love imbued in Nature and self love. How we treat ourselves and others shows up in our environment. The dominator system understands this and at the fundamental level, the Inherent wisdom held of joyful memory threads of consciousness communion in Nature, has been redirected and inverted by the dominator system in the allure of things shiny and fast. Consciousness spliced at the tap root of Nature has produced the denial and suppression of life force, our Eros, our self worth. Nature Systems Thinking Process (NSTP) can help up reconnect with grace what has been severed.

Shifting consciousness and therefore, responses to how humanity participates in life requires a lot of rerouting of the brains neural pathways to engage with life affirming processes in order to create new stories that supports whole brain thinking. Wholistic thought or 9-leg thinking engages both hemispheres of the brain by integrating and elevating perception. At this perceptual range, consciousness acts like a laser to cut through the misperceptions that shape life experiences.
Framing a story through language, syntax, and social labeling can direct thoughts and ideas to become accepted as the norm even when there are no validating virtues. More often these involve some form of conflict, superficial or simulated experiences to act as substitutions for connection and the wellbeing Nature provides. The framers disjointed story is a façade, a mental harness to usurp sentient feeling moments that are self empowering from direct experience and instead, redirects them into patterns of disconnect. The authentic experience is lost to the old story paradigm of the dominator system.

This second hand directive social script fuels divisiveness inciting anger and pain, disrespect for nature, and at the core, self-loathing. It teaches people to second guess their natural feelings, to box them up or sidestep them altogether. It’s a meme that teaches self hatred in its diversion from the sensuous and reciprocal interchange between the human family and the natural environment as a standard in our existence.

As society’s subjugative tone takes residence overwriting the natural feeling response to become the inner critic within, the fullness of the moment is washed out through the lens of past experience or in the wanting or worrying over the future. This state immediately rapes us of our connection with the fullness of the Now moment connected by breath. Life exists in the present, so it’s always best when mind and body can align in order to feel.

The virtual reality kingdom of the old brain story with its anti-nature, anti-erotic and anti-feminine sentiment manufactures a constant wanting and offers counterfeit solutions on how to fill humanities unrequited inner void with its indoor substitutions. It helps to create and nourish false desires, fetishes, unnatural living. It fosters dis-ease, incites negative mood states, addictions, depression and loneliness to sever life energy at the root in the stifling of natural creative life flow. Emotions are left unsatisfied unable to find fulfillment or an outlet. Instead they are compartmentalized towards either an overemphasis or overstimulation of the lower mind or depletion and understimulation that is inertia, to reinforce new brain stories. An overactive mind often leads to confusion while an underactive mind is simply ignorant. A mind only brain story development devoid of direct experience with Nature manufactures a disembodied mind hive reality, rather than creating healing synthesis with the Spirit in Nature, with self and others. Technology manufactures, Nature creates. Keep this in mind.

I find it interesting that so much has changed from about 150 years ago when reconnecting with nature was the healing prescription for psycho-emotional ills, while today it’s a pharmaceutical drug or another form of synthetically induced emotionally numbing attempt to fulfill what Nature can give – spontaneous joy, clarity and inner harmony. Instead, the wrangled are left wanting and wanting, ever unfulfilled.

It has been reaffirmed for me over and over again that using the NSTP tools opens awareness with Nature that did not previously exist and also brings pleasure in doing so. Nature, our earth teacher, at so many levels reveals her wisdom and guidance towards right process in that clarity, inner calm and exuberance is produced when attractively webstring engaged and guides us into life affirming possibilities by overwriting confusion, pain and displeasure in the moment-to-moment connective awareness devoid of outside influence. Clarity, inner calm and hopefully, exuberance is at the base of any intelligent decision making process. Whenever I allow my natural self to lead unimpeded of wrangling influences, I always feel good, open and aligned to respond to the need of the moment with calm and clarity and I become a magnet to others.

Clarity shows me the stranglehold over the consciousness of humanity that affronts Nature at every corner; subverts the divine potential endowed within the human genome; and thwarts knowledge of our true species connection identity in co-evolvement with the indwelling intelligence or Spirit in Nature. The human genome and the whole of Nature are clearly at risk of being terraformed or genetically engineered from its original blueprint. The terra-forming of the human mind and body entrained to synthetic sound bytes and an increasingly genetically engineered environment is deliberately destroying earth’s integrity into extinction. Despite the maudlin affairs of economics while attempting to save the human genome and its co-evolving life forms from extinction, I am mindful of the regenerative powers of Nature and I propose to embark on a “feeling revolution!” However, it is yet, unclear as to Her capacity to regenerate. Humanity needs to embark on the “Great Work” with responsible participation with the whole of life.

The feeling revolution is ignited through Natures default system imbued with love, wisdom and intelligence through webstring attractions. Nature’s webstring attractions promote healing by harmonizing the brain/body into synchrony with the natural rhythms found in Nature to produce whole brain synthesis or wholistic thought that encompasses the ecology of life, ecology of the sprit. In the return to reason, reality shifts as perception shifts. The coordinated engagement of webstring senses begins to thread together disjointed realities expanding awareness, conscious thought and participation with Nature. The symphony of wellbeing enjoyed when communing in Nature is a harmonious wave or flow that exists in the nuance of each moment. Anything else is a diversion from our natural survival drives rooted in authentic Nature experience. I have concluded that Nature disconnection is for myself most unnatural and produces immense displeasure. Also, that conscious Nature connection offers immense potential and fulfillment of my loves by grounding spirit into matter through my 53 senses.

Some examples are cited below:
Participatory evidence reveals an inverse relationship between humanity & Nature. For instance, in my direct experience with one of the activities, I joyfully discovered that each of the natural attractions I felt produced a deepening effect, a vertical connection, from root to crown, that relaxed resistance to experience deeper sensory connections. This natural phenomenon of vertical alignment is occurring while I write this paper, as the crown of my head tingles at the soft spot. This is my cue of alignment with the Spirit in Nature and biomystic instruction that I am on the mark. This vital attraction has a sensory awakening effect activating new pathways of intelligence, a brain rewiring, a sort of evolution of the senses or sub strata’s of terrestrial experience that reaches the core of my Being heightening feeling at the heart level. And finally, when this onion layer unfolding phenomena taps the Core of Being, an empathic or reciprocal exchange is experienced – a two way conduit connection conspiring where my inside meets the outside through the bridging of the breath, and vice versa, producing multisensorial/dimensional awareness activity via the brain towards wholistic insight.
I affirm that webstrings stay in tact with Nature when there is reverent engagement inasmuch, that a pause in alignment from the enhanced awareness that webstring connection invites, is bombarded by stress patterns, subliminal media messages, synthetic scents, dissonant sounds, entrainment to low vibrational frequency ranges, and electromagnetic frequency disturbances, which all bombard the human energy system and assault the natural environment at the base level with its toxicity.

I have discovered that sounds in particular, which includes the spoken language, intonation and pace established through the framework of tropic making stories and environment, have the capacity to inject static interference causing sensory connections with Nature to recoil. This excitation into confusion shakes out of alignment sensory webstring connections and overwrites the calm feelings with a syncopated rhythm held together by tension that is common to the synthetic systems matrix reality. This is how the brain has been diverted and rerouted. This no doubt induces feelings of agitation until there is a grounding or earthing in Nature.

Thankfully, this can be a temporary experience with Natures support to heal and correct the error with guidance toward the simple pleasures enjoyed by inner nature self. Attuning awareness and sense faculties into the wisdom of Mother Earth are teachings that validate enjoyment with Nature, induce new brain experiences with the animal and plant kingdoms, and other sentient life forms with whom to cooperate and co-create.

Grounding or earthing in Nature is the antidote for psychic disconnect and once grounded or reconnected, and receptive to incoming webstring attractions, there is fortification and strengthening of the human mind-body-nature-spirit complex as a unified apparatus. My immersion into the mysteries, of webstring alliances with other sentient life forms as direct experience, is established and imbued within my self as an extension of my own creational energies and as part of the global life matrix of natural law.

Greater sensitivity is attained by creating connections that engage the senses simultaneously that produces layers of multisensory notes (vibrational qualities) much like creating a symphony or perfume. I have noted that the 53 sensory webstring connections of wellbeing contain encodements that exist at multidimensional levels of active awareness. These are amplified according to frequency of participation and level of immersion. Thus, the outcome will mean many things to many different people.

For instance, the fifty three natural webstring senses and sensitive’s evolve as consciousness expands into greater connection and wellbeing. For example, I discovered that the old brain is intricately connected via the olfactory system and that Natures fragrance can heighten response to sensitivity by its engagement. Attractive engaging scents in Nature uplift my emotions and feelings of gratitude and joy is the natural outcome from that olfactory webstring connection. There are so many connections and so many potentialities for uplifting experiences using NSTP.

In conclusion, webstring connection through Nature is open to all of us if we are open to contact. The effects I experienced of being transformed through the love of Nature are feelings of inspiration, spontaneous joy, sensuality, rejuvenation, heightened empathy, and response to immediate need with inner calm and clarity. At the apex of webstring connection or peak experience are feelings of reciprocal flow with Nature, and this is where conscious breath becomes important as part of the in-spiriting process into primal or unconditioned awareness. For example, intense observation focuses more deeply into the self evident contents of sense perception where there is a transfer of wisdom, a teaching germ from Nature, a kind of fractal or phylogenetic transfer of knowledge and even skill. (

As a living instrument with the Spirit in Nature, I assert that webstrings emanate from the heart of the Mother that connects all biological species to all others. She is the common ancestor, the Source, the phylogenetic tree from which all else has descended through the stream of love, wisdom and intelligence weaving together life in unity.

The Great Tree of Life reconnects humanity to Source, to the Spirit in Nature and perhaps contact with the Supernal Light of Gaia, Divine Nature Intelligence, Source and medium of instruction whose undulating rhythms open the feeling sense-body to full somatic enlightenment, co-evolutionary and extra-planetary awareness revealing the purpose and true origins of humanity.

Embodying the Nature System Thinking Process (NSTP) reveals how to return our lives to the root of Being in conscious, cooperative and empathic participation with Nature.

By Alisa Battaglia-Schiff © 2012