Liberation from Abuse
An Antidote

By Alisa Battaglia

The human psyche is most resilient and balanced when strongly rooted in Nature. As open ended conduits we mediate between our living atmosphere and the realm of the starry codes ready to receive subliminal instruction from our own minds. Firmly rooted, we stand in our moral sovereignty as human beings.   

The focused laser mind sees through the masks that cover the global syndicate of intra-species predation.  These gangsters are a threat to ALL life on earth.  As they sit in their ivory towers of authority and protected only by those who support that authority they are otherwise totally powerless.  Face-to-face with people in the street, they would cower and go hide in their bunkers. They are terrified. Their authority is a cloak, a false vestige of power.  The collapse of the power structures is imminent. At this point in time we must take voluntary responsibility for the enemies in our midst with their eco-fascism as their cover for looting Nature, their manipulating the will of humanity into social control and their subversion of the life principle into destruction and apocalyptic memes.

Until the psychopathic minions are recognized for their agenda of promoting programs that push people into apathy, the great wheel of sorrow continues as a default feed back loop. When this illusion is pierced, the veil covering the narcissistic delusion of the new age is seen for what it really is – a sham - a duping of humanity with its shortcuts, gurus, its false spiritual science of mind manifestation, self-creation of reality and the pacifist thinking of pretty thoughts. This is a mystical pretext that obliterates the unifying truth of co-creation, imagination and direct experience grounded in the fecundity of Nature, upon which we live, move and have our being.

Finally, I end on this final note: “Let the fire of desire fill the alter of your own heart, feel the impulse of your inner sanctum well up reaching outwardly to stand for something other than yourself alone – to hold the balance of the entire world in your Diamond heart. Nurture this kindling effect that is igniting you into a call to action. Allow it to show how each is caught up in the social evil in a massive scale and in your elevated spirit ask, “What you are going to do about it?” Let this newly reclaimed courage find expression. Discover how Courage is supported by the instinctual primal impulse to continue and nurture life.  This instinctual drive is imbued in love that conspires to Be Itself, rather than in submission to a synthetic reality – a psychic bondage that is our world consciousness today. But the game is over. The Soul is always a step ahead of the dense imprisoned mind. Getting into the raw nature within, without pretense, to shed life’s nonessentials out in the wilderness within, together each gathers as a tribe to co-create a community that has roots in nurturing whole self wellbeing reborn and sanitized in Natures healing power and rejuvenative wisdom.”

Alisa Battaglia-Schiff
Weston, Florida, USA