The Human Adventure

By Paul Le Baron

"Come with me dear ones, to this high place,
from where with your heart's vision you may watch
the magnificence of creation coming into view."

In responding to this invitation from a celestial source, I find myself with a select group observing a scene of awesome pageantry unfolding with beauty, grace and precision. A grand spectacle of galaxies, stars, and planets, all actively engaged in evolutionary creation are being nourished and sustained in the shimmering matrix of Intelligent Love as they take form in the womb of Creative Cause. The magnitude and beauty of the scene is far beyond any of my previous imaginations.

Our attention is intuitively directed to a lovely blue planet called Earth, which is orbiting joyously with her sister planets around a small star called Sol, and we are informed that Earth has been created as a physical embodiment of Mother Love, to play a leading role in a grand experiment. As we watch she is impregnated by Father Intelligence with a special ray of Imagination, and in due season she brings forth the whole spectrum of biology, with human-kind as the final form. Our guide tells us that this new species is the means by which Divine Creative Spirit may experience the full possibilities of blending with physical substance for further adventure on the Ascension Path. But even though each new form emerges as a perfect blend of Intelligence, Imagination and Love, it comes forth as a helpless infant with only a faint memory of its former state, but endowed with free-will and a tripartite mind.

Intuitively we understand that creation of the human species on Mother Earth provides it with the opportunity of becoming her organ of Intelligent Love, as enhancement of the Ascension Process. The intent is that whenever Earth's human population assumes its responsibility to unite consciously as a Divine Species, it will be known as the Body of Christ, with its individual cells freely choosing to supportively maintain the health of the whole body. To protect against the risk of some cells becoming malignant, Mother Earth provides her children with a constant infusion of Love to serve as an immune system. However, even though Love has great healing power, it never uses force or coercion against the operation of free will, and as we watch, choices are made that favor chaotic disruption.

From the new species living graciously as a family in close harmony with both Mother Earth and Father Intelligence, with all physical needs met through trust in the sacredness of their environment, they begin one by one to let their ego's illusory whisperings overwhelm their intellects with fear, causing them to think of themselves as separate entities in competition with nature and their fellow creatures for survival. Closing their heart connections in this way results in a profusion of opinionated confusion, conflict, illness and general misery. From this matrix men in various places proclaim themselves to be divinely appointed to direct the course of living for all the surrounding others. This eases the general situation for the moment, but oppressive extortion follows quickly. Misusing the inherent intelligence stored in their rational minds, the usurpers invent countless strategies for control and subjugation of the others. Two of their most effective tools are terror and self-righteous belief systems. They pay particular attention to suppressing the power of women, by making them and their children chattel subjects of their mates, who along with all other men are declared vassals of the supreme group or dictator. To perpetuate their claims, these tyrants establish dynasties to ensure continuation and loyalty from their subjects. To wean the people from their memory of connection with source, they invent a variety of deities to be religiously worshiped. This is the general outworking among all people, with children being taught from birth that their welfare depends on paying fealty to the usurpers and their false gods. The ensuing confusion of despair quickly leads to self-righteous patterns of conflict, greed, judgment, intolerance, hatred, and warfare.

These negative patterns are constantly refined by those in power through the following centuries, until they find it advantageous to combine as an elite group hiding behind veils of secrecy. It continues the general pattern of domination by indoctrinating the apathetic public into believing the illusion that it has become a free and self-governing society, but it becomes evident to us that it is a society devoted to slavishly following patterns of self-satisfaction, devised and managed by the elite to serve its own self-gratifying ends.

From here it is apparent that the human experiment has reached the crucial point of either a mass awakening to unity with creative spirit, or extinction. We are shown that the choice for continuing ascension depends on each of us assuming responsibility for the regeneration of the whole body. As single cells we must first heal ourselves, through practicing trustful surrender to the indwelling spirit of Intelligent Love (intuition) for guidance and sustenance. With this trust becoming general, the whole body will be healed and able to assume its intended position as Christ Consciousness for Mother Earth, enabling spiritual ascension to proceed into new levels of adventure heretofore unimaginable.

©Paul Le Baron for