Further Thoughts on Ascension
The Upliftment of Earth & Humanity into Integrated Consciousness in Alignment with the Galactic Center

By Paul Le Baron

To participate consciously in the Ascension Process we must take an active part, by remembering our inherent Divinity and gladly playing the roles we volunteered for in order to accomplish unification of humanity into a single minded Whole. We must raise our consciousness above the fear, doubt and notion of separation that has held us in a state of limbo. As the the chasm between apathy and awareness widens, energies of fear and anger in those still under the illusive spell of separation consciousness will be ranged against us. Resentment toward the apparent threat to their comfort zones of limitation and misery may bring about attempts to discredit and malign us, but we must maintain our integrity, radiating loving energy toward all without judgment, and taking the master stance of blessing them before moving on to more fertile fields. We must teach by our example and gentle persuasion, speaking our truth to all who are open to receive it. We must be compassionate and kind, but not caught up in the dramas and woeful stories of those who suffer. By remaining objective and heart-centered our joyful enthusiasm will inspire them to wonder what makes us so different, until the day will come that they will awaken with gratitude, letting the seeds of change sprout and flourish until their hearts and minds naturally attune in harmonious union with all those on the Ascension path.

Dear Ones, that which we have yearned for from the deepest level of our Being is now here. No longer do we have to exist on faith, hope and fantasy for the proof of humanity’s evolution into a higher state of awareness. It is apparent at some level in everything on Earth. As a body we are bringing our collective ego into alignment with our Higher Selves. We are beginning to govern our thoughts and emotions, while regaining our memory that Love is the substance of our Being, and for each of us pure love must originate in the wellspring of our hearts before it can radiate out as a gift to others. As we let our inherent wisdom come forth and blossom we begin to comprehend the gift of manifestation and what is meant by 'living in the NOW'. We have experienced periods of serenity and the joy of knowing the higher dimensions as we have danced to the music of the spheres between the different frequency levels of higher consciousness. We are dissolving our limitations as we become aware of them, and we now have the insight to see the justice and perfection in the dance and drama of life as we encounter it each day. In this way we are being prepared to know the Joy of full participation in the Ascension of Earth and Humankind as a grand organic body toward adventures beyond our present imagination.

On the Ascension path there are many leadership positions waiting to be filled as the awakening of the masses accelerates. There may still be doubt and hesitation in some of you as your ego throws blockages of fear and inadequacy into your minds. In its struggle to control, it will whisper doubts such as “What can I do? How can I provide anything worthwhile? What do I have to offer?” But it is now time to step forward with courage and determination to reclaim your Divine heritage of Joy, drawn forth from the Love energy that is the source and substance of your being. Thus you will serve as the catalyst and director of your next adventure in consciousness, and by infusing your vision with imagination and daring you will rise up Phoenix-like from the fear and apathy of the collective consciousness. As your Light blazes forth to unite with that of others it increases in brilliance and momentum, providing you with confidence to speak your Truth courageously.

The law of Manifestation states that whatever you give freely with loving intent will be returned tenfold or more. Remember that for it to work for you, you must gladly release all that no longer serves you well. You all know where this applies, for it has been staring you in the face for years, and will become even more unbearable until you finally surrender to trust in the guidance of your indwelling spirit of Intelligent Love. That is basic to the Ascension Process.

©Paul Le Baron for EcologyoftheSpirit.com