Before I Go A’Wandering

By Paul Le Baron

The urge to record my gratitude once more for all that has transpired in my life experience will not be denied. Now I see that every situation, every contact with another has contributed in some way to a broader scope of understanding and wisdom. My journey has provided a kaleidoscopic panorama of emotional color, from blackness of despair and self-denial, through all the somber hues of negativity, to vibrant rainbow tints of contentment, love, and joy. Now, situated as I am in one of the most salubrious environments on Earth, blessed by the love of six wonderfully expressive children, together with the mother who bore them, and enriched by the association of a host of gifted grandchildren along with countless friends, I can truly affirm with the psalmist, - “my cup runneth over”.

But before I move on, I want to share with you my vision for an easily possible redemption of humanity’s soul. The chaos and suffering so rampant in the world of today can be transmuted into the colors of Love simply by each person choosing to switch from thinking in terms of individual separateness, with accompanying subjection to the fears, doubts, and compulsions relevant to that fantasy, to sincere recognition of being a unique cell in the body of humanity. Fortunately there are many people who have already chosen to make that change from soul-sickness to health promoting unity of purpose, and their numbers are increasing rapidly. They are the ones who are gradually restoring the global family to wholesomeness. When enough others choose to do likewise the shift from the present state of chaos to one of creative freedom will happen naturally.

The key aspect of regeneration is that of dissolving the myths of scarcity and separateness that have for ages numbed the collective heart and stupefied the mind, leaving ego in control. To do this enables the heart to resume its proper function as soul-guide and lover, with mind and ego delighting to assume their valid roles as useful tools for spiritual evolution.

My vision for a family of man at peace with itself is based on the natural inclinations we all have for sharing, co-operating, and commingling with those we love. Embracing the realization of unity allows love for all others to blossom in our hearts, and when fear of scarcity is relinquished, sharing becomes a way of life. In that atmosphere life-enhancing systems of harmonious relationships evolve naturally. The turning point for each one of us is heartfelt gratitude for all that is, and willingness to accept all people as precious family members, valuing them as they are without prejudice or judgment. There are three simple steps that can lift each of us into the joyous atmosphere of freedom.

The first is willingness to Let Go of the self-righteous views of separateness.
The second is Appreciation and Thankfulness for all things.
The third is patient Trust in the process.

In my view, the chaotic conditions in the world today are similar to the dissolution and rearrangement that takes place in a cocoon while in the process of metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly, and it is well underway.

©Paul Le Baron for