Quality Conciousness, Our Potential for Self-Transformation Through Awareness

“When we have sensitivity, we don’t need conscience,
when we have consciousness,
we don’t need the conscience.”

~ Father Anthony De Mellow

Photo taken by Barbara Mathews
Carrizo plain in the Temblor Range, California.

The exploration and development of human consciousness could lead us from the acceleration of technological evolution engaging us into a Spiritual one provided that we wake up and develop the wisdom that will transform our minds using our new powers for the sake of everyone’s survival and all of life on the planet. The greatest obstacle we are confronted with is how we divide ourselves’ from others and with life’s species. We pull apart and destroy instead of honoring and coming together in unity. It seems that when natural disasters or wars occur we bind together only motivated out of greed and mutual self-interest. We have yet to see that the currency of war is human life.

A closed mindset is stabilized through complacency by holding a mental attitude that our efforts to change will not make a difference in the world. It divides any potential for unity consciousness sidestepping our collective purpose and moving quickly into the comfort zone of our minds. Change starts from within, not without our selves and because we are all agents of change the shift requires a willingness to experience something new by confronting our conditioning, the root of fear within ourselves. Alas, we continue to seek the desire to stay separate from others from the outside world and the whole universe. Our chaotic inner selves' reflect the truth back to us through our chaotic external world. Yet we still complain and refuse to change, we forever find justifications acting out of ignorance that causes harm. What will it take for the Human Heart to surrender to its origins, the undivided nature of Self? How much must we lose before we finally understand that to empower ourselves', does not mean taking power from others? There is nothing more important than this revolutionary need for change, no maximization of money or power or self interest could ever take priority, let alone exist, for without the earth to manifest we are merely energy seeking form someplace else!

Awareness is our only way out and our potential for healing. We must realize that what stands between ourselves' and different lives are matters of response-ability and choice. Choice gives us the power to change where our inner revelation becomes an outer reality! Paving our way through the journey of conscious living we develop wisdom in our choices. When we choose consciously, we evolve consciously as when we choose unconsciously, we evolve unconsciously. I find that people want free choice, but want no obligation towards the outcome of their choices and still expect absolution when things have gone awry. Each decision that we make is an answer to the question of how we choose to live life. Whether through love or fear we create that reality through intention and the energy invested behind it. Our decisions and actions are means by which we evolve on earth into greater consciousness. With every choice that we make in alignment with the energy of our spirit we fuel our passage into authentic power. Self-empowerment is thus earned choice by choice.

As we move into awareness we observe the inherent juxtaposition of apparent contradictions expressed within ourselves' in context to Global society and our natural world. We bring the extremes within ourselves into balance. Equally, we recognize the monumental shifts in balance that are occurring in Nature and Kosmological processes. Harnessing the foundation of this basic wisdom liberates us into deeper authenticty and brings us closer to nature. Empowered in Self and supported by Universal Principle we no longer deny that we are too small to make changes occur, as each individual is essential in making a difference! We see the world as a learning environment where everything serves a purpose for higher growth. At each moment we understand the value of choice and the value of focusing our attention on our creative efforts. Of finding eco-friendly ways to sustain our lives in this century and for the future of our families.

The failure of our hearts to respond deeply to this collective call to change transcends the political process and ideology. Turning a blind eye shows horrific signs of humanities moral and spiritual level as a real lack in evolution and the prediction of devastation where there is no possibility of our species surviving. It is time to wake up out of complacency. What will you do?

Excerpts from ©Ecology of the Spirit, Assimilation through Resonance by Alisa Battaglia