Look Younger, Think Clearer, Live Longer
The New Science of Seminal Conservation

by Edwin Flatto, MD
March 2005

This new science is based upon thousands of years of study, observation, and experimentation. It has been refined and developed to a new degree, thus entitling it to the appellation “new”. The science of seminal conservation allows you to conserve seminal fluid for nourishing, improving and perfecting your body and brain when reproduction is not mutually desired.

Nature puts the most valuable ingredients in the seed in all forms of life in order to provide for continuation of the species. And the fluid (semen) a man discharges during sexual relations contains the human seed. The human seed, of course, contains all essential elements necessary to create another human being when it is united with an ovum. It contains forces capable of creating life! Doesn’t common sense decree that such a vital fluid be carefully conserved, rather than thoughtlessly squandered? How can a state of health, energy, and power be built when the most basic elements are being excessively squandered?

In order to properly evaluate the physiological benefits of seminal conservation, an analysis of seminal fluid is essential.

The seminal fluid is a viscid, proteinaceous fluid composed of secretory products of the testes, epididymis, seminal vesicles, prostate gland, and Cowper’s gland. It is rich in potassium, iron, lecithin, vitamin E. protease, spermine, albumen, phosphorous, calcium and other organic minerals and vitamins. The average normal ejaculation, about two to five cubic centimeters of semen, contains 200 to 500 million sperm which are rich in nuclear proteins, the male hormones or androgens such as testosterone, or other essential elements. The Sertoli cells in the testes produce another hormone, Inhibin. These hormones, or androgens, including testosterone, go directly into the blood stream if not ejaculated and are carried to every part of your body. They stimulate your pituitary gland and creative centers of your brain.

Each one of these millions of sperm carry 23 chromosomes, split chromosomes, prostaglandins, genes, bioelectricity, and all vitamins, enzymes and minerals necessary for the creation of another human being when united with an ovum. An analysis of both brain cells and semen shows great similarities. Both are very high in phosphorus, sodium, magnesium and chlorine. The sex glands and brain cells are intimately connected physiologically, but are adversaries in the sense that they are both competing for the same nutritional elements from the identical blood stream. In this sense, the brain and the sexual organs are also competitors in using bodily energy and nutrition.

There are only so many nutrients in your blood stream. Your body can only assimilate limited quantities of nutrients in a given period of time. Phosphorus, for example, is required in both the thinking and reproductive processes. Still, your body can only assimilate finite or limited quantities of phosphorus from the diet to meet these demands in a twenty-four hour period. If most nutrients in your blood are going into meeting demands of your gonads, and being ejaculated there will be little left over to meet nutritional demands of the rest of your body and brain.

The energy of your body is most potent when used in one direction. An analogy: If you were to open the spigot in your kitchen sink while all other faucets were shut, you’d have great water pressure from that faucet, but if you simultaneously flush your toilet, turn on your shower, water your lawn, fill your bath tub and run your washer, the water pressure at each outlet would drop dramatically. The same is true of your body. A man cannot think or perform his best when much of this energy and blood’s nutriments are expended in the discharge of semen.

Most sexual relationships begin with a great deal of sexual activity during which the man ejaculates frequently. He just can’t seem to get enough. After each ejaculation he becomes more depleted and exhausted. The loss of energy due to excessive ejaculation is a slow and subtle process that most men don’t usually notice until it’s too late. After countless episodes, a deterioration of your body sets in. As a man gets older, he may rationalize this lack of energy and loss of sexual vigor on his age. He is only too happy to continue pumping out his semen, sometimes even paying for the privilege and accelerating his deterioration!

I want to reassert at this point that vigorous health is your best aphrodisiac. And an important factor in obtaining vigorous health is the fuller knowledge of nutrition in meeting the demands of an active, sexual, fulfilling life. Not only is a proper diet necessary to keep arteries clean so blood can flow freely to all vital organs as well as your corpora cavernosa penis, but also to replenish body chemistry. Cooked, canned, fried, processed, irradiated, barbecued, microwaved, degerminated, preserved, chemicalized, homogenized, pasteurized and otherwise devitalized foods are not the best materials to be converted into healthy tissues, blood and vital organs needed for vigorous health – and certainly not to meet the demands of an active sexual life. Poor health and/or poor diet demand that a man ejaculate no more than once a month if he wants to avoid mental and physical bankruptcy.

Can you have an orgasm without ejaculating? Some experts think so. Note the following from Male Sexuality:

“Most authorities have accepted the contention of Masters and Johnson that while women have several different patterns of orgasmic response, only one type of ejaculatory response is possible for men. We disagree with this thinking, having ourselves experienced different ejaculator patterns and having heard from a number of other men that they sometimes have ejaculations substantially different from the Masters and Johnson standard. Sometimes the excitement is so intense before ejaculation that it in itself feels like a long orgasm, and the actual ejaculation not only doesn’t add anything to it but is experienced as a letdown.”

“While ejaculation and orgasm are often used synonymously even by some sex experts, we find it useful to distinguish between them. Ejaculation is the physical process involved in propelling the semen through the penis. Orgasm refers to what you feel. Generally the two go together; you ejaculate and enjoy very pleasurable feelings. But one can occur without the other. You can have orgasms without ejaculating. Some men have trained themselves to do this and, according to their reports, have been able to have multiple orgasms like women. And some men, who have trained themselves carefully to tune into their sensations during sex, say that they sometimes notice very high peaks of feeling long before ejaculation. Were they not so indoctrinated in the idea that orgasm occurs only with pelvic contractions and ejaculations, they would be inclined to call these peaks orgasms.”

The idea of conserving the seminal fluid is not a new one. The Bible has many references to the harmfulness of wasting this vital fluid. In the allegory of Samson and Delilah, for example, it seems quite obvious that the beautiful but cunning Delilah knew that the secret of Samson’s strength resided in this seminal fluid. When she went to bed with Samson, she was out to drain him of his vital fluid, not shear him of his long hair. She was sophisticated enough to know that if she emptied him of his seminal fluid, his strength would diminish. After Samson practiced a period of abstinence, he regained his strength, and he was able to break his chains, bringing down the supporting pillars where he was held captive and thereby destroying himself, his prison and his captors. (Because the Bible was written for the family, I believe they substituted Samson’s hair for his seminal fluid.)

Onan’s sin of casting his seed upon the ground (for which his penalty was death) is another biblical warning against wasting seminal fluid. Apparently the sages who wrote the Bible realized the biological power of seminal fluid and the wisdom of conserving it for purposes higher than just momentary sensual self-indulgence. One purpose of circumcision is to desensitize the glans penis so sexual desire is more easily controlled. It is said that Abraham, the first Jew, was circumcised to remind himself of his covenant with God.

Next to the Bible, probably the oldest sex instruction book was the S’u Wen Ne’ I Chin, written over forty centuries ago. For several centuries it as studied and practiced by Chinese nobility, but for some unknown reason, it was suppressed. However, many of its teachings were recorded and still practiced by followers of Taoism. They believed that retaining the seminal fluid contributed to health, vitality and long life. According to Taoist historians, it was considered the duty of a member of the nobility to satisfy at least seven of his wives or concubines daily. To accomplish this, a method of sexual intercourse was developed which retained the ejaculate so that his health and vitality were not drained.

The Taoists finally developed a method of “injaculating”, or having an orgasm without ejaculating. This was accomplished by pressing an acupuncture point midway between the scrotum and anus (perineum) in the male just before ejaculation was anticipated so that the ejaculate was prevented from leaving the body during orgasm. Thus the semen was recycled and reabsorbed into the blood stream. If you would like to learn more about this method of lovemaking and are willing to devote considerable study time and effort, I suggest the following reading: The Tao of Sexology by Dr. Stephen T. Chang, The Tao of Love and Sex: The Ancient Chinese Way to Ecstasy by John Chang, and Taoist’s Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy by Mantak Chia.

In athletics, most professional coaches and trainers forbid sexual relations before a contest to conserve contestants’ energy and power. Prizefighters also observe strict sexual abstinence during training and before a bout. In his book, Muhammad Ali, the Greatest, Muhammad Ali quotes Olympic boxing coach Harry Wiley: “There’s a kid just come down here named Cassius Clay. If you bet on him every time he fights, you’ll be a rich man, ‘cause he won’t lose a single fight. I believe his thing is sexual control. And he’s got it. Any kid who can control his sex can with the title. I believe it.”

It is in the first few minutes of the sex act when there is most sensitivity. If you control the act during the moments by not rushing, you will find that you can continue for a longer period of time without feeling the urge to ejaculate.

You can learn to control the length of the sex act, and if so desired, frequency of the sex act, by not ejaculating, without harm, but with benefit systematically. With each successive episode your control should improve. You should soon be able to have sexual intercourse as often as you desire, with no loss of power, energy, strength, vigor, potency and health, as long as you do not waste your seminal fluid.

One of the questions I am often asked is which coital position is best? Actually, a man who has mastered this science should be able to control this ejaculation in any position. However, the woman on top in the prone position should enable the man to have more control over his ejaculation. For this reason, it is a very good position for beginners. The only problem with this position is that a man needs a good stiff erection in order to penetrate properly. A rubbery or semi-hard erection will not serve the purpose. To overcome this drawback for a man with a “semi”, some couples start with the man on top and after penetration roll over so that the woman is on top.

Because training oneself to control sexual intercourse before reaching the point-of-no-return is difficult, most men are reluctant to try it. Almost all of the time and pleasure in sexual intercourse is derived from the pre-ejaculation phase. Learning to be satisfied at that point is crucial. Like they say on Wall Street: “The bulls make money and the bears make money – but the hogs get slaughtered!”

The master of Taoist philosophy, Dr. Stephen Chang wrote: “When the average male ejaculates, he loses about one tablespoon of semen. According to scientific research, the nutritional value of this amount of semen is equal to that of two pieces of New York steak, ten eggs, six oranges, and two lemons combined. That includes proteins, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, everything… Ejaculation is often called ‘coming’. The precise word for it should be ‘going,’ because everything – the erection, vital energy, millions of live sperm, hormones, nutrients, even a little of the man’s personality goes away. It is a great sacrifice for the man, spirituality, mentally, and physically.”

Remember, with a little patience and practice, the rewards of “THE NEW SEXUAL SCIENCE OF SEMINAL CONSERVATION” can be yours!

“The scientists of old have put great value upon the vial fluid and they have insisted upon its strong transmutation into the highest form of energy for the befit of society.”

Muhatma Ghandi, 1959

“The strength of the body, the light of the eyes, and the entire life of the man is slowly being lost by too much loss of the vital fluid.”

Jewish Code of Laws
Sec. Orach Chaim.
Ch. 240; Parag. 14

“The stuff of the sexual life is the stuff of art; if it is expended in one channel it is lost for the other.”

Havelock Ellis

“I am quite willing to believe in the correctness of the regimens you
recommend...and I do not doubt all of us would do better if we followed your maxims.”

Lord Bertrand Russell
Nobel Prize Laureate

Edwin Flatto is a retired doctor living in Florida and has been an NHF member since the 1950s. He is a graduate of the University of Miami and the Escuela Homeopatic de Allos Estudios de Guadalajara (Medico Homeopatico). Over the years Ed has written 16 books on health, including, "Super Potency At Any Age", "Miracle Exercise That Can Save Your Life", and "Home Birth- Step by Step Instructions”. He is currently a Gold’s Gym instructor, has a son age 7, and has won four gold medals in the Senior Olympics.

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