The Path of Heart

The Invitation
Walking With Beauty

"To habitually think in multisensory ways is to consistently be inspired by nature's beauty within us."
~ Michael J. Cohen, Reconnecting with Nature

Within each of us is hidden beauty. The quality aspect of our inner nature imprisoned in a body-mind until it is fine-tuned to Nature's luminous spiritual light, the lens where inner beauty can pass unadulterated in expression. As a stone is to a gem cutter, in a similar manner, our inner beauty is imprisoned in the larger stone and layer by layer with each cleaving blow we eliminate non-essentials that are contrary to our inner nature.

Keeping our vision clear and held in our upper most consciousness of that which is to be revealed, express or crafted, eliminates from our field of expression, all that hinders a gradual release into a fuller faceted embodiment. In such a way, the revelation of raw beauty emerges as a luminous diamond.

The diamond within us holds the beauty of our potential, not the world of outer appearances. Our beauty is the source of our deepest dreams and highest aspirations; it holds our key values and guiding principles to manifest our vision and purpose.

Our authentic self speaks to us through the spectrum of imagination. These are our colorful dreams, imaginations, and kaleidoscopic visions produced by the refractive light of our Diamonds essence. From them we poise our attention to liberate light from the psychic bondage that holds together the dark layers of our conditioning, emotional discord and physical dis-eases. Dark layers are created by disconnect from our imminent Source in Nature, while the intrusive presence of age-old intra-psychic forces loom souring the hearts of humanity and exuberance for living.

Nature is my Religion
Earth is my Temple
Love is my Path

~Alisa Battaglia

Does the future vision of life engender excitement and anticipation? Authentic self-expression is always in alignment with our deepest dreams, values, purpose and vision divinely guided through the intuitive connection with the Spirit of life. "How well is personal vision and purpose honored that supports experiencing quality of life?" Where we place our attention is indicative of what we value, the intrinsic qualities of worth we choose to support our life with. Example: Nature, Beauty, Spirituality, Love, Balance, Integrity, Intimacy, Freedom, Joy, kindness, Gratitude, Honesty, Abundance, Excellence, Family, Friends, Learning, Play and so on. How is the Value of Life Honored?" The more we honor our deepest values, the more ease and freedom there is helping us to fulfill, satisfy and enrich our lives producing depth in connection. Depth allows us to step into our purpose as divine co-creators. Immersion with Nature offers access to inner wisdom and compassion to govern the law of our own being. This gift only comes from living the integrity of our excellence in alignment with Natural Law.

Taking the first vital step into the Path of Heart encourages cultivation of the Inner Diamond within to learn the language of the heart. The second is to discover our Wings to flow in tandem with Nature's rhythm into full somatic enlightenment. Anais Nin wrote, " We do not see things are they are; we see things as we are." When we cultivate the inner diamond at the heart, we begin to walk in Beauty, as what is within is also without.

By Alisa Battaglia, 2008

The Path of Heart

Nature is my Religion. Earth is my Temple. Love is my Path ~Alisa Battaglia

The Path of Heart is not a religion - it is way to know ourselves, to find our purpose in life - our mission, to find out where we come from and discover the secrets of the Universe. Our unfolding awareness begins a new life in a new order.

Living our awareness requires that we live our truth, which means to state the truth of our particular experience however conflicted it may be. Self-acceptance arises from the freedom to evaluate our selves clearly and through the changes we have made in our selves. This means that we accept and include the dejected parts of self that feel betrayed or misunderstood. When we are aware of, responsible for, and accepting of our own and others judgments we can be more honest and present with ourselves because we do not need to hide in blame, shame or fear anymore. To do other than this would volunteer victimhood. As we become more aligned with the essence of our true nature that is love we more readily accept our selves and others as they are. Coming from this loving place opens our hearts in mutual compassion and stimulates the innate potential for healing in oursleves and in our relationships.

Love is not a verb, it is a noun because it is energetic stuff we are made of that emanates from our core. It is what we experience when we return to our original state of being. We can see its quality in everything especially when we extend the love that we have for ourselves to others. Loving is not something we contemplate or intellectualize doing. It is actively holding the space of love by being present! So in our wisdom and compassion we recognize that a mean spirited person is in pain simply armoring the personality self defensively from any form of incoming love. It is a dejection of Self.

Self-dejection is an ego structure that harms the Authentic Self by closing off receptivity to the flow of love thereby disconnecting from the life-line of Source. With this awareness we can reach out to a hardened heart with an open heart where oftentimes our caring alone will dissolve the armor, even if for an instant, to reveal a shining face and beaming smile of gratitude that someone actually cares. Love graciously received ultimately illuminates all of life. It has the capacity to restore the broken peices of our lives. When we love our selves we give permission for others to love them selves too, which makes us all capable of having healthier relationships. Love is infusive and living the 'Path of Heart' will always guide us to right process.

2nd Edition 2011©Alisa Battaglia,
Excerpted from, "The Essential Self, Cultivating the Sacred Feminine" by Alisa Battaglia©2014

Original Article published Sibyl Magazine, 2009 & 2010

The Heart Knows even when the Eyes don't See. The Path of Heart will Set Us Free!

The Heart that gives, gathers.
~Marianne Moore

"Anything is one of a million paths. Therefore, a warrior must always keep in mind that a path is only a path; if he feels that he should not follow it, he must not stay with it under any conditions. His decision to keep on that path or to leave it must be free of fear or ambition. He must look at every path closely and deliberately. There is a question that the warrior has to ask, mandatorily: 'Does this path have heart?'" ~ Carlos Castaneda from The Wheel of Time

"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.
~Maria Robinson

The Path of Heart
By Alisa Battaglia

The Path of Heart takes us into the present where we enter the world of miracles.

1. Recognition of Natural order based upon Original Source (Gaia-Sophia) and the…
2. Realization of Cause and Effect in our lives asks us to…
3. Immerse in Nature (consecration) which takes us to the…
4. Path of Least Resistance or Non-interference held in beauty in our…
5. Aspiration towards a Higher Power that requires...
6. Response-ability and…
7. Authentic Expression of our Truth and…
8. Cultivation of Patience and…
9. Forgiveness (Giving up resentment) & Non-Judgmentalism that lifts us to…
10. Compassion & Unconditional Love and…
11. Union in relationship with the desire to…
12. Particpate in co-creation and collaboration to stand for Humanity whose energy requires…
13. Detachment from the Outcome of our Choices or Actions.

Practice Living the Path of Heart:

1. Recognize and accept Love as your true nature. Actively hold the space of Love.
2. Focus on living in the present moment that brings you to empowered awareness.
3. Live your awareness by withholding judgment, fear, expectation and the controlling need to fix others. Instead release them, reconcile and accept, hold compassion and cooperate by taking responsibility for your life.
4. Act lovingly, gently and respectfully to your self and others in thought, speech and action.
5. Keep communications open and honest.
6. Surrender your egoic will to the inner directive of your Soul.
7. Ground, center and expand to connect with your inner dimension and follow its guiding wisdom using Nature Connection as the foundation upon which all action springs.
8. Keep healthy boundaries in tact so that your wise heart can lead you to right process.
9. Open your heart to new experiences through direct particpation.
10. Serve and support others in their personal and spiritual growth.
11. Hold your relationships with others more important than any issue.
12. Keep vigil to life's conditioning processes that thwart you into automaton and feelingless-ness.
Balace Sacred Anger - protect the love of life and eliminate predation.

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.
Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens. ~Carl Jung

n the process of learning to be emotionally healthy we encounter roadblocks that detour us into unknown parts of ourselves - areas that have been in disconnect with the balance and harmony in our environment. Some of these detour experiences fill us with a sense of wellbeing in the wisdom they impart, while some deplete us by fixing our attention onto false beliefs systems with their dogmatic stories about reality and Nature.

"What is programmed within us that moves us toward the negative rather than the positive? Why is it that the experiences of fear, anger, confusion, resistance, denial, shame, doubt and unworthiness dominate most over positive characteristics such as joy, compassion, love, honesty, integrity, spirituality and so on? How can we better navigate our lives keeping what is most natural in us in tact without losing ourselves in the sea of conditioning experiences? How do we hold what is most dear in our hearts close to us without having to bargain or relinquish them for surrogates because we lack self-empowerment, support and the courage to honor and value them with passion? What makes it so difficult to know ourselves?"

Questioning the forces that actually dictates our lives is relevant to our evolution and so we are confronted with time sensitive opportunities to investigate what separates our essential nature from our Source of immediate sustenance - the Spiritual Heart in Nature.

Now I speak to each and ask the Essence of your Being, "What Is Your Deepest Dream?" Ponder matters. "What inspiration arises?" The reality that is your life has already produced the answer. Your head speaks and I ask you to respond with your heart. I ask again. "What Is Your Deepest Dream?" and "Who Are You, Really? You and not your money, your job, your technology, your roles in life, your things, or an external object..."Who are you when you drop these vestiges of identification?" Your Passion and Deepest Dream lends clue to the authentic you that remains constant in any circumstance or relationship. When the essence of who you are is aligned with life affirming actions that support your purpose, circumstances reshape to model that truth.

The inner quest of Self always leads us to what is most attractive in fulfilling self gnosis. Enquiry into emotional belief patterns that builds on the foundation of our existence to create outcomes or our realities is worthy. Why we continue to re-create personal dramas and disasters builds onto that concept of self worth. The study of our feelings and emotional responses helps us to learn what creates positive energy, exuberance and empathy in our lives in contrast to what produces inertia, anxiety and anger.

In knowing ourselves, we awaken. Self meet Self!

Journeying into the heart of the Mother connects us to our authentic core self that is alive within each of us as Nature. As a species of Nature, cooperative consent with our environment fully authenticates ourselves and we experience trust, nurturance and Love that exists in the reciprocal flow of Being, between self and the Spiritual Heart in Nature - the Good, the Beautiful and the True! Beauty is Truth and spontaneously following and enjoying natural attractions helps us to acquire sensory awareness about ourselves. Following the flow of intuitive response through nature attraction we gain clarity how anxiety, stress, sadness, depression, jealousy, and inertia produces giant gaps in our consciousness. Our disconnection with the Spiritual Source in Nature replaced with industrial thinking and its nature conquering stories produces gaps that perforates the natural flow of being between what we think, feel, say and do. Such lack of inner congruency between the internal and external self produces a human culture that scapegoats reality and supports destructive patterns of living as the norm.

Reconnecting with the Spirit in Nature bridges gaps in sensory awareness revealing an unforeseen integrity with the living tapestry of life. As our sentient inner nature attractions merge with sentient Earth, we gain clarity and multisensory capacity. Clarity enables us to confront the Nature disconnected stories that produces our psychological fears and self imposed limitations. We come to understand that Fear is the great self abnegator and a paralytic defeater in changing our destructive patterns. And we withdraw support from those who separate Nature intelligence from our lives. Fear is a driver of consciousness inasmuch as empathy is. Choose wisely the Path.

Multisensory connection entwined with Nature wisdom and nurture, teaches us how to safely and trustingly experience the nature of our inner workings as a re-educational process into whole self wellbeing. Feelings of in-the-moment joy, fun and laughter are hallmarks of good health, self balance and harmony with our environment. Self awareness lies within the Heart of Nature and allowing Natures spirit and wisdom into our thinking we can overcome separation from her intelligence and renew our relationship with our environment, ourselves and others m. Herein, we begin to craft a new language of the heart.


~Lord Buddha, Master Jesus Christ

"Our Authentic Self is the true source of our emotional security and the only Diamond we need."

The Star

© Aleister Crowley

Crystallization, self-recognition, clear vision, trust in self, connection to Universal Intelligence

We should surrender our intention to selfishly seek merit and recognition for our merit, and instead simply plant merit and cultivate wisdom.
~ Jae Woong Kim, "Polishing the Diamond"

"Nature connected thinking uses fifty-three sources of sensory information."

"Each of our 53 natural senses
is a distinct way of knowing,
loving and feeling."

~ Michael J. Cohen, Reconnecting with Nature


Language of Heart
The Human Heart is the Living Map to Guide us into the Heart of the Living Mother

"Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within the reach of everyone."
~Mother Teresa of Calcutta

The language of the Universe is reflected through the Soul in its perspective of a unified consciousness that is imbued with the eternal trinity of the good, the beautiful and the true. The seat of the Soul is the heart and therefore, the language of Soul is the language of the Heart and also the language of Nature, since the Soul is bonded into the Earth's magnetic body inasmuch that Spirit is anchored into the Pleroma, the electrical force of creation at the heart of the Galactic Center. This means that the language of the Soul communicates multi-dimensionally through the nexus of the heart in wholeness. According to the attribute of our heart is the reflective action, our measure of selflessness or selfishness. The variety of those interactions reflects the consciousness of our hearts' that creates our experiences and how we communicate them to others. When there is the simple awareness that pain, trauma and fear (anger) keeps us from being totally involved in the now we begin to understand volition and right action. We recognize that what does not stand in love within us needs to be worked out with a mind connected within the Spirit in Nature's Intelligent Love.

Right action or volition is the primary force of motivation that distinguishes the personality of the Soul from the personality desires of the masked or automated self. The motivation of Soul energy can be felt as a feeling-intellect within the heart, the impulse of compassion that moves us from the thick walls of selfishness into an ever-widening inclusiveness with life. It is from that place that we honestly attempt to be authentic as we are motivated through courage, inspiration and energy - the territory of the unfolding petals of the inner heart.

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;
What is essential is invisible to the eye." ~Antoine De Saint-Exupery

Love is the Flower for which Love is the Honey
~ Victor Hugo

With an open heart it becomes easier to fight our selfishness with generosity and we begin to understand the language our Soul impulse seeks to communicate to us. When we listen to these subtle directive inner promptings, we nourish our Soul desires and trust its guidance more into our lives instead of fearing and going against our Essential Self. Our Soul interfaces with our personality vehicle the more we honor others and ourselves by following through on our commitments, contribute our skills and knowledge in a loving and patient way. As we accept our selves, learn tolerance and unconditional love we raise the vibrations of our energy body attracting to us those of similar attributes of heart and essentially energies of higher quality vibrations that resounds outwardly into the world.

To invoke spiritual energy to help us heal or to show us our path of purpose, we ground into the womb of Nature, center our mind and expand our hearts. Then we simply state our needs, dreams and desires, forgive and then let go of our attachments and preconceived process of how things should be done. We release the tentacles of our mind that wraps around things we identify with (our conditioning) so that we may let things happen and surrender the "how" to the miracle-producing Universe. We listen and move in rhythm with the Divine Heart of the Mother where love flows in Equipoise lovingly bringing calm, receptivity, aliveness and joy into our lives. The purpose of ensoulment is a life in aliveness, never angst, fear or derision.

Excerpts from The Essential Self, Cultivating the Sacred Feminine through Polarity Integration
by Alisa Battaglia©2014

A Choice For Humanity
Love or Fear?


Path of Action
The New Service is Passion in Action

"A Journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step."~Confucius

The Journey of Life
in the Universe

© Aleister Crowley

The freedom to undertake any action; Mastery of the forms & forces of Earth; Liberation to attain Kosmic Consciousness

In our transformative healing journey we let go of the wrangling stories of our past that we used to define ourselves and the energy draining dramas we used as excuses and vices to nurture our pain that kept us locked into anxiety stress patterns. We embraced forgiveness and surrender to allow Nature's Healing Reorganization to reorient us onto a new path of action. Nature's Healing Reorganization aligns mind, feeling and body with inner essence and with the essence of all life systems.

In the reorganization process we discover parts of ourselves that we have inwardly outgrown - the disconnected areas of the personality that hid behind the destructive walls of society with its adverse effects and runaway problems. We begin to embrace a whole new way of thinking whose effect is a whole new way of acting.

To reflect our inner reality we have adjusted our outward circumstances to in turn reflect our inner maturity that we have attained psychically and invisibly through Nature's connecting pathways or webstring connections. This natural ally of support translates to how we present ourselves in the social world so that we remain reasonably aligned with who we have inwardly become. In our authenticity we no longer find a need to be a time server or have the desire to wear a social mask for a prefabricated role that does not represent our authentic individual inner processes as Nature connected humans. In our heightened sensitivity we continue to discover ourselves through the renewal of Nature's processes and express this authenticity in the world. It is at this juncture of integration that we must trust our inner compass and have faith in universal support - of grounding Spirit into matter as our guiding waking consciousness.

Transformation onto higher pathways invites us to claim our courage toward fulfilling our primary need of social continuity rather than social control. In claiming our courage we have many questions, but we are quickly reminded that there are no victims in life, only unconscious creators. Whole self wellbeing is borne from accessing the healing mind in Nature and wisdom to support our transformation needs. When there is the dawning of awareness, there is choice or heresy where a range of options has been considered rather than to the exclusion of all other options (orthodoxy). A heretic is someone who chooses what to believe. And we are encouraged toward constructive engagement - to put gnosis into motion in response to the empathic call of our inner Nature rooted in the natural environment and intimately allied with other species. To succeed with the shift, we look at reality squarely in the eye and in the spirit of commitment, persistence and focus, we claim opportunities and circumstances that supports responsible action toward self, the community of life and the Natural world.

Energy is governed by the patterns of Universal Law and Principle and naked eye astronomy lends clues to our terrestrial questions. If we choose to embody the Path of Heart into our lives we must rightly direct our energies to dance in rhythm with the universal circuit that guides planetary life in cycles of perpetual motion. Transformation is an ever-changing life affirming process that is built upon self renewal in both ourselves and Nature. Transformation always includes the deepest inner self in the perception of reality. It is from this perspective that we delve into the Path of Heart to set up our Path of Action, the cooperative way that recovers the essential self through reciprocity with our Natural environment. And from the magic of the heart, take passionate action in standing for Life!

Alisa Battaglia-Schiff©2nd Edition, December 2011

" PATH OF ACTION" Published in Spirit Pathways Magazine
, January 2011

Spirit - Hymn of the Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon



Who am I?
I am parts of the whole…
Elements made up from the spiraling fragments of the Universe.

The Sun, the Moon and the Stars…the Kosmic memories unfolding within the spirals of my consciousness…whose movements create,
Inspire and forebode.

Cradled in the arms of Great Mother…and within my cocoon, I stretch forth my mind to the Winds of the East…expansion and cooperation. My feet hold firm to the ground with Blood wisdom of a Spiritual Warrior traversing sacred lands of the West…know thy path. Ether & Earth…
As above, so below!

In clarity, I seek Universal Wisdom from the Light of the North…that dispenses the mysteries of Life of which I seek…live with passion. Holding vigil, I listen for the whispering clues of the South…whose sunset shadows draw animated pictures across the sands of time…live by example.
Fire & Water…As within, so without!

Who Am I?
I am in a body, but am not my body.
Who Am I?

LIGHT…ENERGY…of Supreme Power balanced by active intelligence and transformed into wisdom…Love based on trust of inner authority…Liberation from constraint.

Who Am I Really?

Alisa Battaglia©2004

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