The Living Library represents through the Ecology of the Spirit logo above, the Lotus of Life nestled inside two inverted hearts , the connective force of all manifestation that is Love, Wisdom and intelligence imbued through the Kosmic Heart of Creation. This life affirming substance provides a template or backdrop for the transfer of information for all life much like the World Wide Web (the virtual devices of Archontic simulation). These conduits of energy (spooling) or fields of electromagnetic impulses interact as they move across the unified field creating patterns of inter-lapping and interpenetrating relationships within all levels of existence.
The Divinization of Earth
The Wisdom Goddess Awakens

Over the last two centuries, it has slowly but surely become an apparent and unavoidable fact that the entire universe, including our world and each and every one of us as individuals, is part of a creative process.
And it's a dynamic process that is going somewhere, that is evolving.
Any interpretation of nonduality or enlightenment that does not also include this new and
all-important fact about the cosmic process only gives us part of the picture.
A direct glimpse into the nature of nonduality that does not include evolution as part of that
interconnectedness is not going to take us anywhere new or create the world afresh.

~Andrew Cohen, EnlightenNext founder

© Karl Bang

Do you feel
the impulse of the Life Urge within you?

The house does not rest upon the ground, but upon a woman ~Mexican Proverb

In my communion with Nature Intelligence I receive swift instruction often like a lightening bolt that instigates a laser awareness of wholistic foresight or trends into human potentiation. The guidance comes through as an instant knowing of what to do next, always honoring the Life Urge - the Spiritual Impulse of good. The Soul is always a step ahead in communing with the Spirit in Nature! This allied connection puts us on the path to Self Mastery and on the crest of the wave of life.

So, as I Stand with others at the forefront of human “conscientiousness” - living our daily choices, it is clear that each of us must choose our passage. A question for all of us remains: Do we stand in complicity with pathological human affairs that turns us against our own environment, orchestrates collapse, regenerate great pain and misery as the base planetary frequency; and subvert the Life Urge into automaton through tis Death Urge agenda? Or, do we stand for Life to cocreate and collaborate with the Life Urge that produces new forms of co-creative connections, increasing compassion and nurturance with all families in Nature?

As an Earth Warrior for our Age, I stand for “terra firma,” the ground upon whom we live, move and have our being. I stand for Life consecrated to planetary Correction. The Great Mother Earth, Gaia-Sophia, the Planetary Animal Mother – the Spirit in Nature - Our most immediate and immenant Source.



Spiritual Midwifery
Skills For Awakening

Spiritual Midwifery is a path that inspires, nurtures and celebrates the embryonic birth of bio-spiritual awareness that expands consciousness beyond self-imposed limitations to encompass All of Life through the Spirit in Nature.

Eco-Spiritual Teaching Development via: Feminine Wisdom & Cultivation of Sexual Energies; Integration of Masculine and Feminine Energies; Alignment of the physical, feeling and mental bodies; Archival Body; Connection with Nature- Sophia Wisdom; Sacred Earth Wisdom as Healer; and Initiation onto the Path of Heart.

I support the wisdom of your Soul progress through this Intra-Psychic-Transformation.

For more information about Spiritual Midwifery click Here.



Women Stand For Life

Message Transceived While Communing with Nature
By Alisa Battaglia

"Step up Female Warriors
You are called to form the Circle of Life.

Women, it is your time to Defend the Life Ring.
There is a reversal.
Men stand with the children.
It is now your time to protect and guide them.

Women step up to the Plate of Power.
You are called to the inner circle to stand for the community of life.
Hold within your inner sanctum, peace, beauty and cooperation to reconnect the circle of life.
Get ready to journey in a whole new way!

Women gather your kin behind you for a conscious empathic leap -
one of great magnitude into the spheres of the Heart.
Let your Heart and Imagination guide you into the realms of possibility.
Think expansively as only what is imagined can be co-created.

The family unit is reconfiguring. We are called to circle 3 times.
Women hold the ring of Power at the center for coherence.
Adolescents stand with younger ones around the Women.
It is you that stands at the precipice of the past and the future
to keep ignited the flame of desire, to amplify the power of life affirmative change in the Now.
Men uphold the outer ring to protect and heal the Family Tree of Life.
It is now that your power must soften to penetrate the Divine Heart...
... to be guided out of insanity, mayhem and blood,
but to breathe new life into the world circle.

TOGETHER hold the Circle of Life in the
Collective Heart of our Divine Mother ~ Gaia Sophia.

Amplify the power of the empathic Heart that it permeates the entire Earth field and radiates beyond its parameters messaging
to the Uni-verse that "We Stand for ALL Sentient Life."

We must NOW protect what we Love, what we cherish!

Let the Power of Earth undulate through you
and let the Power of the Spirits move you to right action
of grounding Spirit into matter (Mother) through your Heart
and into the Heart of the Divine Mother.

Trust the Spirit in Nature to guide you towards right process
in the Celebration of All cocreating a New Eden
through the "Power of the Seed."

Make the Correction."

By Alisa Battaglia©2014-2018

“The Goal of evolution for humanity is to become consciously and livingly aware of the nature of these most powerful streams of divine energy on all levels, from the cosmic and solar, planetary and human levels and begin to know and use them.”

Women Grow Life

Wilhelm Reich and the Orgone Energy



Woman Shaman - The Ancients

The Kosmic Feminine in Global Change

A Story for Guiding The Human Species through Science- Biology-Astrophysics

"The Sophianic vision story is the most dangerous idea on the planet. Dangerous, that is, to those human animals locked into the madness of believing they can possess and control the planet and dominate all that lives upon it." The recovery and reconstruction of the open-ended myth of Sophia, the Fallen Goddess of the Pagan Mysteries via a nine-part synopsis is recapitulated through John Lamb Lash, a Gnostic revivalist of the mythic narrative developed by ancient seers who applied it as a vision story for guiding humanity to evolve interactively with the living planet, Gaia. However, John Lamb Lash states that "three key elements of the myth are missing: the creation of the moon, the separation of the sexes of the Anthropos (human genome), and the arrival of the hunters from Orion, the first men to inhabit the earth which was at that time exclusively populated by women." (John Lamb Lash, May 2011)

he Human Role in Sophia's Correction

When Pistis saw the impiety of the Lord Archon she was filled with anger. Acting in her invisible form, she spoke in this way: "You are mistaken, blind one ~ false deity who cannot see. There is an immortal luminous child, the Anthropos, who came into existence before you and who will appear among your spectral forms (plasmata). This luminous child will trample you in scorn just as a potter's clay is pounded (into a lump). And you will sink away to your proper zone, the abyss (of gravity), along with those who belong to your legion. " For at the consummation of your work, the entire defect [of Archontic illusion] exposed in the light of truth will be abolished, and [that illusion] will be as if it never had been."

~On the Origin of the World, 103.15-30

(AUDIO commentary on this essay (50 minutes)

BOOK: Not In His Image by John Lamb Lash
Gnostic Bible
Nag Hammadi Library


If all the women in the world joined together there would be no war!
~ Alisa Battaglia

Women prevent the threads of life from being broken.
The greatest minds have always understood the peacemaking role of women.

~Mikhail Gorbachev

Women and Biodiversity Feed the World, Not Corporations and GMOs
Biodiverse ecological agriculture in women's hands is a solution not just to
the malnutrition crisis, but also the climate crisis.  by Vandana Shiva

Ringing Cedars of Russia Series
Bringing US back to OUR Pristine Origins

"Love cannot give inspiration to annihilation."

"Thought is the origin of eveything - The currents of all diverse energies of the Universe will unite in that spot where the thoughts of two have merged into one in love, where two together are contemplating a splendid creation.
~Co-Creation, 4

"But nature, after all, is also a perfect mechanism, and nobody has yet to fully fathom it. Every part of this great living mechanism has its purpose and is closely interconnected with the whole structure of the Universe. A change in properties or the removal of a single part inevitably affects the work of the whole mechanism of Nature." ~ Who Are We?, 5

"The new civilization will be characterized by a new conscious awareness as well as by new perceptions of the surrounding world. This great principle, that has been given birth in people today, will remain invisible in ordinary sight until the appearance of the planet known as Earth has changed. It will affect life in the Universe as a whole."
~The New Civilization, 8.1

Vedruss Anastasia
and Vladimir Megre

If there is to be peace in the worlds, there must be peace in the nations.

If there is to be peace in the nations, there must be peace in the cities.

If there is to be peace in the cities, there must be peace between neighbors.

If there is to be peace between neighbors, there must be peace in the home.

If there is to be peace in the home, there must be peace in the heart.

The Cry of the Human Animal


We were dreaming on an occupied island at the farthest edge
of a trembling nation when it went down.

Two towers rose up from the east island of commerce and touched
the sky. Men walked on the moon. Oil was sucked dry
by two brothers. Then it went down. Swallowed
by a fire dragon, by oil and fear.
Eaten whole.

It was coming.

We had been watching since the eve of the missionaries in their
long and solemn clothes, to see what would happen.

We saw it
from the kitchen window over the sinkas we made coffee, cooked rice and
potatoes, enough for an army.

We saw it all, as we changed diapers and fedthe babies. We saw it,
through the branches of the knowledgeable tree through the snags of stars,
through the sun and storms from our knees as we bathed and washed the floors.

The conference of the birds warned us, as they flew over destroyers in the harbor,
parked there since the first takeover. It was by their song and talk we knew
when to rise when to look out the window to the commotion going on ~
the magnetic field thrown off by grief.

We heard it.
The racket in every corner of the world. As the hunger for war rose up in those
who would steal to be president, to be king or emperor, to own the trees,
stones, and everything else that moved about the earth, inside the earth and above it.

We knew it was coming, tasted the winds who gathered intelligence
from each leaf and flower, from every mountain, sea and desert, from
every prayer and song all over this tiny universe floating in the skies of infinite being.

And then it was over, this world we had grown to love for its sweet grasses,
for the many-colored horses and fishes, for the shimmering possibilities while dreaming.

But then there were the seeds to plant and the babies who needed milk
and comforting, and someone picked up a guitar or ukulele from the rubble
and begin to sing about the light flutter the kick beneath the skin of the earth
we felt there, beneath us
a warm animal, a song being born between the legs of her,
a poem.

~Joy Harjo


"I am impressed. Just looked at the website of an angel!…moved by the depth of your message to the world.
Kindest regards – to a magical bit of universe who can find herself in the eyes of another…
" ~F.G.

"You ARE a true “inner diamond” – always felt that. I AM interested." ~Howard Salus, Entertainment News & Views

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