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"I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was
service. I acted and behold, service was joy."

~ Rabindranath Tagore

Alisa Battaglia, B.D, CHT, EFT
New World Server

Spiritual Midwifery, Organizational Change,
Wellness, Visionary Activist


Creative Authentic Living through Nature

The challenge is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else.

We are created as manifestors with a natural gift of being able to create in nature, to broadcast our inner light calling to us natural attractions that are life affirming. While, our thoughts are things, we create from that thought-desire. Imagination is the key to creativity, which is a Universal Law of magnetic attraction. Abiding in nature's rhythm is to attract to us what is real that enables us to see beyond the illusions that a mental disconnect from nature creates.

reative authentic living brings on awareness of the artificiality that our modern world is and the roles we play in it. We recognize that our disconnected routine activities produce an uncreative insensitive life devoid of wisdom and passion. We are aware of the manufactured boundaries that create belief systems to prevent the discovery of our creative abilities and the need to break through these illusions by opening ourselves up to the creative flow of nature-spirit.

The creative flow is a conductor of Divine Light, yet how many of us work to put a roof over our heads, to eat, to raise a family and then seek out the pleasures of entertainment in order to bear the routine of an uncreative life? Deprived of happiness, which is a joyful connection within, we seek pleasure outside us and often abuse ourselves or someone else in the process. The activity of outward seeking, devoid from conscious nature connections and with what is real, only leads to more artificiality. Living an insulated artificial existence is a tragedy of a life unfulfilled.

The question we must entertain is, "Do we seek to escape a nature connected reality through pleasure and follow the leader of medicocrity that is the lower vibration of being and social norm, or do we follow the heart of our elevated Self that is anchored in nature?" Following our hearts soul evolution is to anchor in the presence of NOW. It is to be in cooperation with the intelligence of nature that is naturally imbued with love and wisdom.

Getting out of the rut of day-to-day living and venturing into the unknown of our inner creativity often sets off emotional alarms bringing up fear, anxiety, and insecurity. Sit in nature to reconnect - to activate awareness to the whole of life. Nature gives us the skill at being able to nourish ourselves and give permission to make mistakes and learn. We gain the courage to break out of self imposed limitations in spite of our fear. Courage is born out of passion. When we feel the fire of passion within the heart kindling a new dream, we let it rise and spill out in spontaneous joyful expression. This process gives us a great deal of joy. "Each of us as a spark of Divine resonance carrying a cadence of truth that the world needs." When we stand in our passion in nature, we flow with all that is and the world blossoms around us. We are able to share our peice of Truth and radiate to the world in a way that connects with ALL life processes with both awe and respect.

Since passion can never be bought because it’s something we feel in the heart--sensuality in our whole being--imagine how the world would change if everyone lived their passion, their deepest dream, and harnessed that abundant creative flow of nature?

Living our creativity using whatever tool of choice offers us a unique opportunity for our Light to shine. Nature shows us the way...follow the Path!

Trust, integrity & vision is passion. Living our passion is effortless!

Alisa Battaglia-Schiff ©2011

When children and nature mix, something magical happens

Watch the video



In this time of momentous planetary shift, social turmoil & personal change, a large number of people are mobilizing to save the world in ways they deem right. There are many opinions as to who is right and who is wrong and how to go about it. The conflict of duality consciousness is nothing new and the controversy it brings is also nothing new and because this cycle perpetuates, discarding it is necessary in order to embrace an aerial perspective. Anything less keeps us locked in conflict, the fear loop, and cast into the drama between light and dark whose reflection is controlled by bending the laws of nature to fit ideas of what the world should look like. Duality has created the nightmare of the modern world, a world at odds with nature and itself.

We know the world is really energy that is controlled by consciousness that is controlled by connection to the human heart. The conscious heart is the instrument and the only way out through the dualistic construct. By unplugging our consciousness from the collective mind loop that keeps us at war with ourselves and the world, our steely hearts open to feeling and awareness. Feeling and awareness are vibratory signatures that lend the capacity to embrace all sides of the planetary coin. For instance, if we go against something or take one side over the other, we feed and empower that other side. Simply unplug and step up! Perceiving from an aerial view steps consciousness up and outside of the conflict pen so that all sides can be embraced.

When we embrace all sides of a conflict with love and compassion, and without judgment, which is really challenging amidst difficult experiences, the conflicted situation loses energy and begins to resolve itself because the flowing energy through our umbilicus is no longer siphoned into the duality consciousness feedback loop. The full flow of individuated consciousness can now return into circulation with All That Is.

Unplugging and stepping up an octave is the only way we can actually change the world. With our presence amped up in vibration we become a bright and powerful beacon. We stand for many, as the amplified heart presence of one person aligned in unity consciousness is more powerful than a thousand people in fear. When we stand in love and inner peace, we shine more brightly and amplify that vibration far and wide. This shifts the balance of our ailing world back to its harmonious roots in nature. Nature is perfect when left alone and is and has always been the corridor to the Divine.

Unplug from the cycle of addictive consciousness, out of duality, by stepping up to renew the message of the heart as One Love. Love is the only reality that is!

Alisa Battaglia-Schiff ©2011

David Icke Video
The Parasite Society

Parasite: An organism that grows, feeds, and is sheltered on or in a different organism while contributing nothing to the survival of its host; One who habitually takes advantage of the generosity of others without making any useful return.
Bankers parasite off the people. And people who refuse to earn their own living when they easily could are parasiting off the talents and efforts of others - parasiting off even those who have given their lives to exposing the parasite conspiracy.
Indeed, we live in a parasite society right down to the parasites that feed off the human body.
This is what we can do about it.


Partnering with Self

"There is only one relationship: you with you.
When you get that one right you can attract all the other relationships you choose.” ~The Group

It is all about you. You with you! The vibrational relationship between the inner you, source creation (the inner male and female creative spiritual energies) with the outer you, the personality mask you wear in the world. The distance between the two, is the amount of happiness or discord in your life. Feelings are ever the barometer to measure your alignment along that continuum. The goal is to close the distance in the gap, to synthesize all expressions into a functioning unit of inner organization that is an authentic expression of the essential self and then lose your self as identity into Being. In that Being, reflect that Love to others in a beautiful way to the point that they can see their god-self in you.

As energy beings whatever is done, is done to self first. Within the variances of the human collective, there are some that have more work to do than others in way of release and development, but no matter where you are in life, inner cultivation is open to you because even you can love yourself a little more. Since the kind of love you have for yourself is what you most want from another, it is wise to love and appreciate self first in order to magnetize a partner who loves and appreciates you. But, first you must partner with yourself.

In the self loving process you must seek to reorient your perceptions regarding yourself and the male/female in truth, rather than in myth. This calls for a release ino your attachments of co-dependencies; addictions and any hindering vestiges of the past; the embracing of your inner masculine and feminine selves; and finally a developed sense of control over physical impulses (self-discipline) and emotional reactions (self-containment) before you can ever attempt to have a healthy soul conscious relationship with another person on an intimate level. A coherent identity is the requisite for self-sovereignty - mastering the self and in developing conscious partnership. This may seem like a whole lot of be’s and do’s, but in actuality these requisites comprise an immutable process that flows and gains momentum when your heart is open. A receptive heart cannot occur until you embrace yourself wholeheartedly of everything that you feel, that you are and are not. This enables you to know what you can legitimately give and what you want from others. You are the tableau upon which your desires grow.

When you are clear about what you want and can give, you are then equipped to take steps to make your desires possible. With the commitment of keeping your heart chakra open and flowing, intention, firm boundaries and discernment, discipline and persistence you move to a new level of being that is necessary before you can begin to soundly experiment with power differentials, energy reversals or sexual cultivation practices. Exploring and expanding such possibilities plays out as a respect for differences in the context of equality - that of parity in the union of opposites in partnering with yourself.

Alisa Battaglia-Schiff ©2011

f you don't love yourself, you cannot love others.
You will not be able to love others.
If you have no compassion for yourself then you are not capable of developing compassion for others.
~Dalai Lama


When Information Creates Ripples of Confusion

When Information creates within us ripples of confusion about who we are, we move into self doubt. Doubt produces fear in the unknowing and fear is the great self-abnegator. It is the very illusion placed before us that cuts us off at the knees in surrendering our identity to something other, which denies the truth of our authentic self.

While, it is not always so easy to do the inner work to arrive at this fact or to think wholly for our selves without other opinions, we can however, begin to monitor our thoughts and apply common sense logic to them and to the philosophies of others before we embrace them as our own. We can use discernment as to what is real and to that which is psychologically imagined. To take note that psychological imaginings are implanted by external injections of fear - external interests that have a vested interest in keeping the collective mind free to roam in a box of a particular system or psychological paradigm.

For some the box is cozy and thinking outside it may hurt the head at times where it is easier to just attach our attention to others ideas, to the latest spiritual fad out there or superficial impulse. To clutch to the one that sounds terrific enough to stimulate the lethargic mental body, but really it is not so much the quickening of the mental body we must be concerned with, but the feeling intuitive heart faculty.

The world illusions are many, fear produced realities and the miasms of our social conditioning keep us in fright more than fight or flight. Fear and self-doubt produces a strong hold on the psyche literally immobilizing the mind into “learned helplessness.” Subverting humanity into sheeple, into learned helplessness, has not been entirely difficult. Simply create a system of ideologies, religious and political dogmas, occult distortions to truth and accepted social norms that when deviated from through any form of self thought, produces a backlash that ostracizes the individual or groups in public domain. Beware! When one discovers and liberates from a fear bracket, there is always another boogie man to take its place in the necessity of keeping the motor of the fear machine running.

In a world of conflicting realities and equivalent states of being, puppeteering agendas and ideologies induced on a global scale, superficial value systems and social norms with their derived life purposes of occult imaginings, we must hold the courage to face the truth of what is both in the world and inside our selves and then to step aside from the fear mongering that produces the vicious cycle of addictive consciousness.

The antidote to a grounded and centered existence in love with life is to understand the machinations of the fear machine and to UNPLUG from its vampirism - its life sucking tentacles! Fear with all its correlates feeds and strengthens the Beast that seeks to control us!

How do we salvage ourselves from the hungry Beast –the tentacles of the Sycophant? At some point in our life’s journey, the hard knocks of trial and error or perhaps we are lead through a series of synchronicities or instant revelation that we come to oblige our feelings and choose to listen to the unease that points us towards better feeling states in the direction of the true north of our Being. Our feelings if we listen will always show us how far we have deviated from our alignment with Source – our true North. Since we dwell in a physical body, all information must engage the feeling intuitive heart, which is the language of co-creation in fifth dimensional manifestation. The intuitive feeling heart consists of a very different quality of essence. This essence is actually who we are in truth.

Our intuitive feeling heart is our guidance system, our infallible barometer for truth. Truth garnered through our intuitive feeling faculty emanates from the heart throughout the entire fabric of our being in effulgent effortless flow like a hollow bone, while untruths, doubts and fears contract within us and get lodged in the body as miasms. These miasms of interrupted or suppressed thought and feeling produces the dis-ease states we feel as the inner pressure of confusion, anxiety and fear in our lack of natural discernment of our feeling faculty. Such effects always occur when we are out of alignment with our feeling integrity...of our soul’s truth as the living God within us.

We learn what we must do to bring ourselves back into integrity. The product of our lives and what and whom we draw into it also show us. Our feelings tell us how close or far we are from our center alignment with soul/Source connection. Loving ourselves and self care with appropriate boundaries that serve the highest & best self in us can keep us essentially close to center. Always move towards better feeling states....when we feel fabulous we are aligned and in sync. When we feel out of sorts we have some feeling work to do to move through obstruction in order to help us get clear and make space to reach center. The question always remains, how crappy must we feel and do we even care enough that we feel like crap to adjust our lives towards our greater potential? So we must be concerned with enough self love to not allow ourselves to feel like crap and move back toward a better feeling state that leads to alignment with Source - our great sustainer.

My motto is “ground, center & expand” to maintain a modicum of equilibrium on a daily basis. We can do this through a simple meditation that grounds us into a new timeline in the fifth dimension by connecting us to our fifth dimension self, as soul essence – the plane of our true expression. It is upon this plane of being that we seek to express while in our earth bodies. From this centering vantage point, we interface our personality with soul and spiritual lineage to God head. We produce an alignment...a direct connection, an umbilical cord to sustenance...and we FEEL fantastic. It is from this feeling alignment that if we deviate in ordinary life through negative thought, word and action, that we feel out of sorts from our interruption with Source connection.

Fifth Dimensional Meditation for Grounding into the New Timeline

Happy New Year - Auld Lang Syne by Sissel (Live).wmv  

Alisa Battaglia-Schiff ©2011


Manufactured Paradigms Dissolving into Free Thought

Not only are people wearing the beliefs of others, those of their society, government or religion, many are living those beliefs as their own without thought as to what actually feels true or right for them. Accepting the illusion with all its fears and controls, manufactured syndromes and psychiatric drugging agendas always have a price. It requires us to trade the most valuable part of our being - free thought and feeling - for the numbed sheeple role. A role that comes at tremendous cost - in that living the trap - keeps each individual from fulfilling their unique potential and from experiencing the joy and beauty that is life. We hand our potential and personal power away when we succumb to the machinations and inducements of others.

While some may find it easier to subscribe to pre-fab ideas foregoing the little effort of thinking and feeling for themselves, creating a life around a lie requires tremendous energy and goes against the very grain of existence. We can see the unhappiness factor unfold as individual conflict, disharmonious relationships, resistance to positive change and personal tragedy.

Society’s outer effort to control human thought and the unfolding range of human emotions is seen in the lumping of inventive disorders for psychiatric treatment. Such disease mongering campaigns are stealing the capacity to think and evolve consciousness. Any acquiescent type of thinking and feeling - of giving away ones power to others agenda is often due to ones own limited thinking rather than actual education. Education, which is fleeting really has little to do with cultivating inner wisdom and expressing the values of a loving heart in everyday life. Consider that the current education system and its affiliates are literally farm-raising people on how to expend their energy into specific channels of activity, which serve specific roles deemed necessary to further a directional agenda. Such agendas rarely support individual creative interests and abilities to foster free thought necessary for a corrective sustainable life affirming future.

Plugging into others realities always serves an agenda that is not our own. The agenda may “appear” to give a little, but it takes everything by creating dependence – by replacing knowing with doubt, fearlessness into cowardice, trust into paranoia, worthiness into unworthiness, creativity into mechanization, good feelings into manufactured moods, free thought into constricted thought, unlimited potential into a box, and so on. It guarantees that we serve a projected future reality and its thought forms, decrees and aberrations not born of our own making, individually or collectively. Subscription to a manufactured paradigm puts us into the back set of being victim to circumstances instead of empowered in the front seat of our lives co-creating our future with the creative magnetic energies around us.
There is a vast difference between following the blueprint created by think tanks and mental hygienists to that of guiding our experiences by our own thinking and feeling parameters. Our feeling states are so vital today as we find ourselves in a sea of information that seeks to suppress thought and guides us into a particular direction of false security that underlies fear based living. This inducement is easily won by appealing to our fluctuating mental and emotional states something we can clutch and hold on to.
STOP!!!! We create what we believe! Don’t believe all the manufactured fear brackets! Fear pollutes inherent divinity as something other than truth. There are two tracks of force...Love or fear. There is no other ratio...it is clearly defined & there is no bleeding over with fear into love - the energies are entirely incompatible. The sycophant wants us all in doubt and in separation so that love and free thought does not pave way toward a better future. This is impressed by fostering gender disharmony, insanity, racial and religious intolerance, social stratification and national wars, and biospiritual warfare, but mostly to psychologically make us so uncertain about everything that we fall into line as sheeple.

Falsehoods are so embedded into society and ensconced into daily reality as the “norm,” yet we are awakening to a greater reality. A greater truth of being is opening us up –uncovering the illusion, the lies and distortions. In fact, brave individuals are standing in their truth at the front lines in service of humanity by putting themselves at great risk to help dissolve manufactured paradigms into free thought. Let us connect with truth seekers and co-create paradise Earth together – One Love, One Heart, One Mind of Gods reflection.

Alisa Battaglia-Schiff ©2010


The Core of Co-Creation

Those of Goodwill and Initiates on the Path are wise to understand the underpinnings of global resistance in preservation of the good, the beautiful and the true, and those mechanisms that seek to usurp the Soul into automaton. For as well wishers in assertion to manufacture a new reality in support of life, we come across those collective forces and ideologies that use fear to force us out of alignment with the greater Truth. We know those collective forces by their fruits, and yet discernment is needed as there are many posturing good and who bear fruits. The appearance is attractive, but when eaten, there is rot on the inside.

When we fall for appearances without looking to the interior of things, what actually lay at the core, we give up not only our capacity to think for ourselves, but to choose. We get stuck on the surface and lose sight as to what is real. We literally get trapped in the world of appearances!

There are many corporations that are rising to the occasion of service through sponsorship and while it all seems wonderful at the surface, the truth is that their products are causing addiction, disease and killing human and environmental life.
There is spoil at the root of service.

A current example is the Pepsi Refresh project offering a grant to rescue dogs, cats, and horses with the Humane Society of the United States in the running to win their grant. While appearing compassionate to help save dogs, cats and horses, all the while the Pepsi Corporation is sickening and killing people. They surreptitiously aid the Sick-Care Industry in the diabetic epidemic. Big agriculture produces the sugar (GMO-Monsanto) for the soda and in keeping with the sick-care cycle blocks healthier alternative sweeteners in the market such as stevia. Big Chemical supplies the “diet” in Pepsi by adding a chemical solvent, aspartame, an excitotoxin that kills that is traditionally used to degrease machines. All these lines of force keep the greed in perpetual motion as well as consumer addiction to their product. Compassionate Service?

What is sprung off from the core is the very essence of the creation – the reality manifestation. If at the core of creation the intention is pure heart inspired action, the essence will align with thoughts and feelings that resonate in joyful, creative, peaceful and loving attitudes focused in all that is life affirming. Its core vibration is of a giving nature that fosters the same positive pattern in return producing Fullness!

Equally, those forces whose core intent harbors an attitude of greed, a desire to manipulate for personal-corporate gain no matter the consequences, align with thoughts and desires that are selfishly motivated, without care of provoking harm to others, in want of control over - servitude to what they are offering or forcing upon us. The energetic line of resonance promotes confusion and ignorance through disinformation, suppression, fear and violence focused in producing compliance at all angles. Thus, its core vibration is of a taking nature that fosters the same is return producing Emptiness!

So, we know these individuals, groups and institutions by their fruits, by their vibrational line of energy from beginning to end. To clarify we may ask, does the creation at the core add to the deep well of life that is creative, life sustaining, harmonic and free or does the creation at the core poison, suppress and take from the well of life by siphoning vital life energies without regeneration?

The Devil is in the Details
It's not what it Seems!

For us to focus – to dream a pristine world into existence and step into planetary stewardship requires that each of us keep integrity with our dream in thought, feeling, word and action. This self empowered space guides us to consciously move out of alignment with those destructive forces that corrupt, disinform and immobilize our growth and understanding by supplanting heart-inspired action into inertia, corruption, aggression and fear in order to block awareness and the forces of co-creation from positive manifestation.

"Choose to live life from the courage of the heart. Fear kills off the life of the moment. It makes us hide, become apathetic, judge, and point fingers. There is no vision in fear. There is no possibility in fear. There is no responsibility in fear. There is no power in fear. Therefore, fear is a death to the sacred gift and miracle of each breath. This does not mean that you cannot feel afraid when a moment arises."

Aligning with the vibration of authentic service leads us onto the path of self sustainability and eventually towards full awareness that the very underpinnings of global resistance to such service relies solely on consumers hanging onto their coat tails. Such infrastructures promote to the consumer an appearance of support using psychological tactics to hold them in servitude. Those unable to let go of the victim paradigm are rendered sterile and therefore, unable to consciously participate in the co-creative process. While Beings who have taken a self sovereign approach have unplugged from the tentacles of the Life energy Siphoning Machine in order to develop the required mastery that is necessary to create the infrastructure of a new world paradigm in the return to innocence of our pristine origins.

Alisa Battaglia-Schiff ©2010



Aligning with your Integrity

I have heard from so many people of heart who wish to make good out of the ensuing chaos of division around us and yet, they sit. This is not a call to physical action, but one of the intuitive heart. One naturally precedes the other. When you go beyond the limitation of what you think you know and “Observe” both inside and outside your self- the truth will set you free and actions follow accordingly.

In all things, but especially in the moment, be vigilant as you overhear media spin about the world’s current reality. Listen, question, and step outside of yourself to perceive from a heightened view from that which is being transmitted to you. Do this, before you totally get caught up in the web of media miasma.

Watch how they work to spin and twist the mind until you’re spun in their web of illusion, to make you feel helpless and compliant. Poisoned by their venom you dull into a quiet satisfaction because you are secretly grateful that you didn’t actually have to think things through, or look beneath the surface of propaganda and engage yourself in any real way of effort that would inspire positive transformation. You’re tired. You’ve worked all day and you’re exhausted. You’ve done your dues. The day is over and the sofa is more inviting, which translates to a quashed passion to participate in life. You are the status quo.

So, like an obedient citizen of a false democracy you follow in a successive train of blind leading the blind - going through the motions in life and in the same pretend like way, begin to identify and believe the manufactured reality put before you. Of course, that is the point - to bring you to inertia and cause you to think in sync with an agenda of servitude. And it’s so easy, just spur the emotions through hatred, fear and terror, and keep reinforcing divisions to create confusion in sexuality, and anchor divisive consciousness between gender, creed, and race to disunify. Add in manufactured weather, earth cataclysms and alien presence and it becomes an instant feedback loop in the cycle of addictive consciousness. Addiction in the attachment to an external life of happenings is steeped in falsehoods that perpetuate the breeding of conflict and incapacity to trust and think for self.

So, as you stand fidgeting and feel the excitement of believing to do your part in life, remember that your oppressor seeks to usurp your freewill by swaying your emotions, impregnating you with fear and doubt, in every way to cause separation from the wisdom of your inner self aligned in unity consciousness. Read this sentence again. “Your oppressor seeks to usurp your freewill by swaying your emotions, impregnating you with fear and doubt in your thinking process to cause separation from the wisdom of your higher self aligned in unity consciousness."

Before you plug your mind into a specific paradigm and let the media hoodwink you into believing that you are actually choosing from your own initiative, Stop and Pause to ponder this, because you were just about to question and think for yourself. Believe in miracles, hold a vision....this is part of the journey of our times. That which is aligned in truth will succeed, but not if everyone shrinks away from truth and the courage necessary to speak it.

Always know that the media is complicit in assuring arrangement in favor of corporate interests in whatever manipulative way possible to keep their Globalist agenda in tact. They are brilliantly arranged problem and situations that supply you with answer A or B - only those to choose from. Free thinking or “Other” is not an option in those variables. You are to choose between the pre-chosen. How free!

This idea that you think for yourself is an illusion. You are conditioned. You live in a pre-constructed paradigm not of your own making, but one you are born into. So where is this so called freedom of choice unless you step out of the prison walls of your complicity?

Consider that if all were equal and fair in the world, all governmental parties would be seeking to find solution rather than play the circuitous blame game. Do notice, the media has been deemed forbidden to even acknowledge authenticity, never mind offer viable solutions. Instead, focused in fears three dimensional track the emotional imprint is impressed into the brains neural pathways for future use.

Fear and doubt is the frame of reference of the complicit media that cleverly diverts your attention from meaningful cause towards an immature haggling between Globalists plotting in your mind the “us against them” game, even though it is pretty much a One World rule…a rule not of the people, but over the people. Recognize this, but move about in another way altogether.

With so much strife in the world and party division vying for leadership and personal power, it becomes overwhelming and challenging to think internally without the opinions and judgments of others telling you what to do when all you have been taught is to embrace an external life—one that is manufactured by external events. This is the horizontal path of the conditioned life always consuming, in constant wanting, competing, doubting, and conflicted within and with out. It is the path of mediocrity—limitation, resistance and all suffering. When you misalign with your integrity, you default your capacity to exercise freedom and you align with the intent of your oppressor, even in ignorance. YOU ARE MORE THAN THIS LIMITATION OF OUTER SEEMING!

Unplugging from the conditioned life and into the authentic reality of eternal values, the contemplative observer is uplifted out of the schema and focuses attention on non-resistance, passion, and cooperation. The vertical path of the internal life is sought in alignment with purpose, higher values and their archetypes. Such higher vibrational energy clears and convergences patterns of disunity into an undivided stream of unity consciousness. This is the path of unlimited potential—grace, compassion and ascension. We each are a part of that stream when we align with our hearts and spiritual power endowed by our birthright.

“Will you align with your integrity, which supports the spirit in life?” ---OR--- “Will you shut down your intuitive knowing and malign your integrity with those that suppress the human spirit, including your own?” Whose voice will you listen to? Will you trust in your authentic heart?

Believe in yourself and trust, the future of human life and Planet Earth depends on you, as WE are the connective tissue or spirit of life that unites us all into a people of One humanity, with nature and God. Step up! Embrace your courage and align in your integrity!

Alisa Battaglia-Schiff ©2010

The greatest challenge you will experience is to remember Who You Really Are,
Why You Are Here and What This Is Really All About.
When you remember, you will be able to stay in your heart, regardless of external events.

So, how will you know when you are forgetting? It is easy. Watch your judgments.
The moment you notice that you are in a place of judgment you will know that you have forgotten Who You Really Are, Why You Are Here and What This Is Really All About. That will be your signal.


Watch & be Healed

Part One
The Law of Spiritual Approach

Stairway to the Soul & Inner Revelation

....”Spiritual” refers not only to experiences traditionally considered religious, but to all states of awareness, all the human functions and activities which have as the common denominator the possession of values higher than average—values such as the ethical, the aesthetic, the heroic, the humanitarian, and the altruistic.
~ Robert Assagioli, Synthesis—The Realization of the Self

The Law of Spiritual Approach governs the basic impulse to push forward to create and live in a more harmonious and spiritually anchored world. In the collective urge for self-betterment those who stand in their own truth have set aside personal agendas and place the “highest and best good for the human race as a whole” in the forefront of any other focus. This means that separatist dogmas of exclusivity are replaced with spiritual insights into the underlying Laws and Principles of inclusive awareness. Inclusive awareness begins with an understanding of those Laws if we are to be successful in our intentional creations. Many are just learning to apply these laws in their daily lives, while many of us are actively utilizing the laws to cause the flow of experience to change world direction into higher vibration.

Never before has there been greater spiritual expression insofar as the pursuit of our spiritual aspirations and never so many technologies, methodologies and practices to help us awaken our intuitive faculties. Inasmuch, there are also forces that suppress our aspirations and free technologies available that could liberate us from dependence on many levels. Such forces purposely overlay the true situation with false and distorted representations to confuse and promote fear. An ignorant, confused and frightened mass is easy to control. In fact, the sycophant banks on the masses never waking up as they provide every distraction to keep focus on the outer life and attention away from cultivating the beauty of ones inner jewel.

We can break through the ceiling and climb out of the box of limitation and discover that the true “purpose of conscious awareness is expansion of wisdom through experiencing knowledge to that higher level. The creation of conscious awareness is only possible through the expansive process of creative thought focused to magnify the originating energy source.”1 The struggle and perseverance of World Teachers have left behind a scaffold to help us climb out of the box and expand beyond the confines of our conditioning.

For those who are awake and those awakening from transgenerational conditioning that is not based upon authentic reality, but a preconstructed reality (PATRIX) that has been imposed for thousands of years, we wonder how we can break from its spell to create a new world paradigm? For any system of control to become successful there needs to be consensus, which means that humanity has agreed to accept our current reality. The plan is self perpetuated by humanity itself.

Thankfully, self–aware consciousness is not powerless. Realities can change when there is understanding of how Universal Law operates.

Zero Point

However, such a directional change towards higher values inevitably entails a period of chaos within the established current. This is the real challenge as it is innate to walk the path of least resistance—to accept the status quo even when the status quo does not serve freedom. Yet, in order to change the momentum there must be a 180 degree focal shift in order to divert the current direction of usurpation—that is the completion of the plan for enslavement. Wherever we’re at within the evolutionary impulse of life it moves forward waiting for no one or thing. So, we either wake up or we ALL suffer the consequences of our self-denial.

With so many stages of consciousness how can we come into agreement as how to change the current world direction? There needs to be no formal agreement. All that is necessary is a desire to change/end the existing paradigm. If in fact we ALL came into united agreement (focus) the collective vibration would be high enough to disintegrate the current experience. We have work to do.

There are four vital principles to guide our way:

1. The Law of Attraction: Like attracts like.
2. The Law of Deliberate Intent: What is intended and held resolutely within thought, word & deed manifests.
3. The Law of Allowance: Allowing what is intended to manifest while using the observer mode to be awake and aware while continuing to hold the focus without being rigid as to the outcome. (Allowing thought to think).
4. The Law of Balance: Allowing the first three laws and focusing within the present moment.

1 Messages for the Ground Crew by George Green

These Laws are explained in the Handbook for the New Paradigm and its sequels.


Part Two
The Principle of Unanimity
The New Age of Eden

Last months theme on the Principles of the New Age was the Law of Group Endeavor. The Law of Group Endeavor can only be externalized properly through the Principle of Unanimity. But, what exactly is unanimity? Is it the same as uniformity?

Unanimity is a sovereignty of being. It comes from two Latin roots—“uni,” meaning one, and “anima”, meaning soul. Thus, unanimity means the state of being one soul and is more concerned with underlying structures of unification that allow for the soul of humanity to thrive and express Love as the ideal. It is the higher way that unanimously functioning groups or societies operate. Uniformity on the other hand is conformist and has a hierarchical structure. Its social manifestation adheres to religious groups, organizations and societies that demand complete adherence to exclusivist creeds of theological or ethnic superiority. Such strictures of doctrinal limitation concern a collective framework with authoritarian figureheads at their centers. It is the type of social structure outlined in Orwell’s 1984. Maoist China and Stalinist Russia were the social manifestations. On the path of duality we are trekking on a similar path. There is a great struggle today for personal and group liberation.

We understand now that “unanimity” speaks directly to the level of the soul and its collective orientation from the perspective of love—it mimics the relationship of the Macrocosm to the microcosm—while “uniformity” speaks about union from the more material levels of expression of the personality, which is filled with restraints on personal and group freedom.

A society or group based on unanimity is one where the focus of purpose is centralized in that the common denominator of each individual in that group holds at their core, the awareness or consciousness, the inner goal for any outer endeavor. In effect, the group helps to support and define the individual in the refinement and strengthening of one’s sense of self and personal creativity. Such fostering of care initiates individual alignment of the soul with the personality. Each person then learns to create their outer field of expression so that a multiform potential of creativity is available to that group purpose. Diversity of expression is then made into a practical reality of life.

The concept is clear for the Aquarian Age: Freedom, the freedom to be the archetype of oneself. Yet, on the cusp of the New age, as such potentials externalize, we must be ever vigilant to arising conflicts that seek to preserve the old age and to distort the message of Love that the water bearer brings. Energy, the fabric of manifestation, tends to polarize itself into dualistic expressions. For instance, the fundamentalism we see today in Islam, Christian and others are a chaotic set of anchored thought-forms from thousands of years ago. It’s time to move out of martyrdom, victimization and slavery to responsible co-creation of our individual and collective destiny.

We must transform our entire scope of expression beyond the cuspal limbo of orientation: one that is non-generative and the other of which is yet to be fully generated. Humanity of every Legion is uniting across many platforms and backgrounds integrating into the consciousness of the whole, networking in order to crystallize the liberating energies of the New Age. Networking clearly exemplifies the Principle of Unanimity and the Law of Group Endeavor, which forms the structural organization that we find via the internet and communications. This global network of connections is forming the awareness of our unified expression of Goodwill and essential unity. This alignment is the dispensation and great gift of this New Age to all of us whoa re ready to accept it.

Meditative Technique to Attune to the Principle of Unanimity:

1. Through relaxation and deep breathing align your lower vehicles—physical, emotional and mental. Lift the lower self to the higher and experience the union.
2. Dedicate yourself to helping others and identify self as an agent of goodwill.
3. Visualize all the worlds people coming together with hands linked forming a great circle around planet Earth.
4. Contemplate your own contribution to this collective effort.
5. Reflect upon the meaning of unanimity and send out those thoughts in all directions around you and affirm that unanimity can manifest and triumph in the world


Part Three
The Law of Group Endeavor

Great, penetrating energies have been loosed to turn the gaze of humanity towards the light. ~Lucis Trust

Participation of the individual in collectively organized social structures is on the increase. In fact, a unified focus of group purpose has never been greater. For instance, we see different ideologies vie for their place in controlling humanities future in every sector of living. As this is occurring, we are lead to a fork in the road where we are asked to choose between a set of options, ones we have not even thought of or chosen for ourselves. Alas, we need not choose the cuspal path; the world is infinite in its solutions. Instead, we can choose to navigate the road unpaved some call the middle way, the lighted path of least resistance. Choosing something different to what no longer works is how we create anew so that new standards of living match our consciousness on the rising vibrational scale.

This higher vibrational frequency catalyzed by individuals awakening to the reality of the individual Soul and group Soul is the life spring of the new Aquarian Age. As the influences of the past and the newly created future of NOW arise, it is necessary for us to observe the conflicts of outmoded political ideologies over human freedom and their usurpation at the very core of existence along with their reactionary responses to new emerging sustainable values. As consciousness to the Law of Group endeavor unifies with greater strength, these old structures seek to further control and usurp collective freedoms—surveillance over every facet of life, from the kind of food we eat to control over our very bodies.

As more and more of us awaken to our Soul force and pierce the deception, illusion and glamour of “the seeming” to “what actually is,” the grip of power over us loosens. We clearly recognize that the strictures manufactured by the Old Age of authority and patriarchy are created by devotion and emotional polarization and that we can stay attuned to our Souls and serve others without the world getting into us. It is also clear to us that the behaviors and actions of the personality, cultist, demagogical leaders, channels and facilitators, astrally polarize their myriad martyr-blinded devotee adherents onto the track of fear. They also coax those with a desire to fulfill the need of group contribution and personal identity within the group to merge with those forms of “spiritual awareness” that are superficial—using deception, illusion and glamour’s of all sorts to steal their focus from their inner channel of truth.

Influencing the masses into exertion and conformity using fear as the taming rod creates distortion of Spiritual Principle. Fear and distortion is a sure marker that we as a societal-global whole are out of balance. With imbalance comes a need to exert control over others (en masse) in order to feel safe and powerful. This dysfunctional cycle devoted to emotional fervor creates a continuum of inertia.

Balance is needed. However, balance is found on a single continuum and its only valid channel is “Channel You.” As we reorient back into the wisdom of our inner knowingness and align within, we also align with the undivided stream of unity consciousness. Such is our guidance that moves us into selflessness and harmlessness as the pattern for group interchange shifts. The emerging politick of our times is that the group leader with be the group itself.

The increase in consciousness on both the personal and collective levels can only stimulate our cohesion and action as One Humanity.

The Laws of Group Endeavor:

Individuals are united through a subjective inner orientation. They are stimulated from within and are not imposed without by authority claiming divine revelation.

Creates healthy spiritualized realized, integrated egos that allow for the merger with the Higher Self.

The Key Thought is cooperation, not competition. These are sustainable practices that replace predatory ones. Group cooperation is fostered through love, meditation, sharing, silent awareness and communication, while dominating personal preferences, criticism, devotion and attachment to personal ideals creates obstacles to cooperation and fosters competition and predatory practices. Fear and war looms.

We can assist proper unfoldment of Group Endeavor
in ourselves and others using this technique:

1- Sit back and reflect upon the various groups that integrate your life and observe your roles within those groups.

2- Contemplate the essential energy of each of these groups. Perceive wholistically. As a group entity, take note of the contribution its makes to collective endeavors outside of either your own or another’s individual contribution.

3- Focus on the Law of Right Human Relations—its harmonizing and integrative effects on relationships within the group and those relationships between groups.

4- In relaxation, align your physical, emotional and mental bodies for linkage with yourself and with those of humanism and goodwill everywhere.

5- Dedicate yourself in heart, mind and action to co-creating in group endeavor, the spiritual plan for a new humanity.

So be it, and so it is!!


Planting the Seeds of Conscious Personal & Social Change

Each year, moment by moment we have it within our power to begin our world all over again. Yet, stubborn in our patterns, we move through the parallels of time, with little cultivation of our interior self. We let years fly by; experience the Earth’s shifts above and below; watch the government become more fascist; bear community construction of asphalt & concrete landscapes; watch our children grow up and loved ones die, and partnerships unite, while some dissolve and others renew; and yet throughout such change, our attitudes stay the same.

What seeds will you plant into your garden of the New Year? What ideas will grow into deep rooted changes? What will you create on purpose? Who will you let into your heart? How will you foster your emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth?

It is my belief that most people are emotionally intelligent enough and have the ability to solve their problems and those which face their communities. Too often, they are held back by the self-serving interests and fear packages of powerful economic, socio-political, religious, and cultural institutions. However, if we continue to feed into these institutions we may end up living in an ecologically irreversible bio-engineered garden most likley not to our desire.

Despite the engineered hands that seek to mold humanity and Earth's ecology, we are fully capable with collective effort to cultivate large gardens which feeds community in body, mind and Soul from both the local to the global level. The thoughtful nurturance of such a progressive garden of wisdom is that it is cultivated through community interests and intentional efforts. There is no need for big business or government for that matter.

Imagine! Together we can shape and celebrate new kinds of partnership in cooperation and collaboration governed through right action (attention, intention, and the refinement of perception) that is inspiring and life supporting. This enables a shift in consciousness to occur.

“Collectively, we can yield a synergistic harvest if we thoughtfully plant our seeds, cross-fertilize with our wisdom, and lay the ground with mutuality and collective vision. I invite you to plant your seeds, adding to the garden in your own way, for the sake of the garden’s abundance and mutual harvest for future generations.”

Merry Christmas! and Blessings this Holiday Season for all the World's Religions!

Garden Tips

". . . the shoots of something new, something promising, something hopeful, can been seen almost everywhere. And every time I meet people whose work displays enterprise, solidarity with the suffering, concern with our cultural heritage, or a simple respect for nature, my faith in the future . . . grows. All such people deserve our gratitude, and the greater the difficulties they must overcome, the greater our gratitude should be."

~ Vaclav Havel,
The Art of the Impossible: Politics as Morality in Prac- tice (1994)

Ponder On This...

Giving From Your Heart

Most of us probably have our basic needs met if not substantially more. This season help others meet their primary needs.

This beautiful child lives in shambles and yet she smiles in her innocence of not knowing anything more than she has. Giving a Dolly helps to develop care giving skills, lends hope and thus, removes a sense of isolation.

Give a refugee child a handmade doll

Save the Children Gift Donation

The Gift of Sustainability

Choose a meaningful gift to help children and families around the world receive training and animal gifts that help them become self-reliant.

Heifer International
Ending Hunger
Caring for the Earth

There is another way you can help
America's Homeless Animals this Holiday Season




The Imperative

The Vastness of Interconnectedness
The world pulse is at a heightened altitude. The social sphere of human living is ever-changing with the trends of fashion, food, art and political scandals, technological advancements and all things speedy, yet inside ourselves we are fixed with little malleability, are apathetic, and essentially unhappy with the way things are going about us. We easily recognize the injustices of the world that always evoke some form of loss. We imagine a better world, but when called to action we fail to respond. We refuse to move out of our self-imposed isolation, of complacency and habituation. Instead, we make excuses to justify non-action while slowly, very slowly our rights are usurped while millions of minds interface with the make-believe world of Television entertainment night after night and then talk intimately about make believe characters as if they are real. Reality is increasingly lost to living in the habit of non-reality. There is no wonder that so many get discombobulated during the tides of change.

The biggest mistake of our times is that we are out of rhythm with the whole and thus, ourselves. In our oblivion, we fail to see the close connection between how we individually respond-the collective human activity and the natural environment in which we witness the occurrence of these activities. It is imperative that we begin to look beyond our bubble of reality to more inclusive values, to understand the effects of our choices upon the greater whole.

The electoral process is a perfect example of an individual’s right and response-ability to assert positive change through a pattern of effective action that moves from “I, We, to Us.” Casting an individual vote becomes the collective desire that guides a leader to serve the needs of a nation. Whether the leaders of America serve in favor of the whole or the interests of the Sycophant is another matter, altogether. The point is that no matter ones view, when a nation’s collective is given the opportunity to participate freely in the movement of a nation’s focus, it becomes vital that every single person who seeks to govern the law of their own being chooses to participate with the nation whose laws govern their lives. And, if nothing else to prevent the folly of unilateral action. Alarmingly, less than half the population of registered voters (only 47%) cast their ballot on November 7, 2006.

I believe that collective apathy has its roots in the ecological crisis that coincides with the collapse of human social values and of the uncertainties in the dawn of our technological era of disconnection, which has an extreme effect upon individual and collective experience of living. What we see as the world’s chaos, greed, dis-ease, friction, illusion and so on mirrors humanities strained relationship to the environment which produces a barrage of climatic conditions and myriad emotional responses that are variances of disconnection from the whole. However, if we look long enough to notice what is going on around us and take it within for observation, we might see that the human condition is amidst chaos, in servitude to greed, filled with emotional and mental friction, under the spell of illusion and glamour, and generally weighted with dis-ease.

Imagine something altogether new, where every unit of human energy in a nation consciously participates in shaping the direction of their country and in doing so shapes the collective consciousness that in turn positively affects the lives of every individual. Under the Law of Unity everyone counts and therefore, has value to add to the collective stew. This participatory effort conveys feelings of connectivity as a vital part of the whole where the "I" is bridged to the "We/Us."

The various efforts to create new perspective on our human experiences as Wholeness is one of stewardship. As stewards, the thread of consciousness is engaged with the world of many disciplines. The study of complex systems, processes and the human condition in all its varieties that accompany change is the bridge to perceiving ourselves, others and the world as an interrelated whole. The natural love imbued within the mind of Unity is the answer to all things divisive.

As Within, So Without; AS Above, So Below!

Good for All

"When shall all men's good be each man's rule, and universal peace lie like a shaft of light across the land . . ."

~Alfred Lord Tennyson

Ponder on This....

Overcoming Fear

Fear is our greatest enemy which has its roots in ignorance. What we do not know we fear. Ignorance is a forgetfullness, thoughtlessness or an unwillingness to accept the nature of things.

Fear causes us to stumble or fall. It takes over our lives causing us to live with shame or guilt. Fear leads us to erect defense mechanisms which overcompensate for what we are not- to act out of false pride. Fear is an obstacle to abundance and joy.

Understanding the nature of fear gives us insight to allow life, in all its guises and forms of abundance, to happen to us without stumbling. The wise set aside fear by living in simple acceptance that allows a joyful experience of life.

Fear is not an obstacle to a person who pays attention. So, remember that the remedy to ignorance or the transformation of fear is an attentive watchful eye. Observation leading to Discernment is key!

Inner refuge is refuge in ourselves, in our ultimate potential. When we recognize and nourish this potential, we have found the real meaning of refuge.

-Kathleen McDonald, "How to Meditate"


A Series of Life Relations

October is my favorite month and fall my favorite time of year. This is not because I celebrate the entire month for my Birthday-turning the big 40 on the 10th, or enjoy the breeze of cooler weather. Rather, there seems to be a deeper feeling associated with October’s energies that causes me to ponder deeply into the context of relationships a little more than usual.

Relationships, we can’t live without them and sometimes we have a hard time relating in them. It is this very relating dynamic that fascinates me because it concerns how we live in the world-the human experience of inter-relationships. Life is a series of relationships: first, of the personality in relation with the Self that is the distance between the ego personality and the Soul; the gender body and how it expresses through it creative masculine and feminine spiritual energies; the intimacy level with a lover, family, friends and co-workers; and of course the roles we play in the outer world. These relationships comprise our horizontal life- that of the material realm and act as perfect mirrors for refining the personality.

Still, there are other vital connections that keep us sane and centered in authenticity. For instance, the primal relationship between the authentic Self and Earth Mother is determinant upon our level of sensory connection with her. As the feminine healer of all things we can re-build our energy from an energy depleting technosphere as long as we consciously connect with her vital body. Terra is the link that grounds the Human Being into source and her rhythmic heartbeat has the ability through conscious connection to affect both mental and emotional health. Through entrainment there is an altering of rhythms just enough to act in unison with her rhythmic heartbeat. Swimming in the healing waters of her womb revitalizes our Spirit to overcome obstacles such as fear. Overcoming fear and victimization lends clarity to creatively solve sophisticated life patterns that will ultimately lead us into feelings of peace and harmony. This sheathing of all things misaligned with Love, like the dropping of Fall leaves, is an essential process in our evolution and provides the basis for developing our spiritual nature.

A complimentary spiritual nature requires that we also acknowledge the feminine face of God- to help us integrate the masculine mind of God to the feminine heart of the Goddess. The development and relating of the mind and heart are said to be the subjective purpose of manifestation, which proposes great significance in our relationships. If we want healthy authentic relationships we must balance the power of the mind with the light to lend wisdom and understanding. Without it love is blind. Equally, if we are not under the influence of love our minds cannot truly be enlightened and become the medium of revelation.

Living in unified rhythm with nature and in alignment with the mind of God and the heart of the Goddess creates balance on a physio-psycho-spiritual level enabling the maximization of life versus the minimization of it. Without this dynamic interrelationship we cannot think from our authentic source, or be willing, intelligent co-operators with the forces of evolution.

I offer you peace. I offer you love. I offer you friendship. I see your beauty. I hear your need. I feel your feelings. My wisdom flows from the Highest Source. I salute that Source in you. Let us work together for unity and love.

~Mahatma Gandhi


Ponder on This....

As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being. ~Carl Jung

As we know, Spirit, the soul of the Universe is in constant motion whose innate tendency is to bring chaos into synchrony. We see this ordering effect far reaching into nature, extending from people to planets and from animals to atoms creating synthesis between the parts and the whole. Synthesis brings us to harmony which has both a physical and spiritual dimension to it. Recognizing the Spiritual thread in everything brings us to revelation. In revelation there is light. Light is the revealer of Truth. The heart of the world is Light. Light and Love are interchangeable. Together they form a fundamental interconnectedness whose energy fields comprise the structures that underlie the material world.

This continuum of creative relational activity reveals that we each create our own reality through what we relate to or place our attention upon. In co-creative participation, it could be said that we create the world in relation to the light that we direct towards it. And since Light acts as a carrier signal and correspondence of how we relate to all things we could direct it to carry thoughts of goodwill. Goodwill (an aspect of Love) is the motivating force and driving power of the Divine Plan. We could also resist the light, which misdirects thought by default drawing unto ourselves experiences of trauma and self sabotage.

The choice is always yours! What do your thoughts dwell on? Are you revealing or covering the light of your inner diamond? The Universal Law of Attraction promises to produce more of whatever your thinking. Be vigil as to how you hold the LIGHT!

The only place where your dream becomes impossible is in
your own thinking. --Robert H. Schuller

See Triangles-A Global Spiritual Project


Global Unity

"I believe without a shadow of doubt that science and peace will finally triumph over ignorance and war, and that the nations of the earth will ultimately agree not to destroy, but to build up." ~Louis Pasteur

The celebration of creating a sustainable future starts with the eleven days of Global Peace that runs from September 11th to the 21st. These eleven days of Global Unity is a taste of the collective potential to Creating a Culture of Peace. The last day, September 21, 2006 marks the 25 Year Anniversary of the United Nations International Day of Peace!

Let us move beyond recriminations of both past and present and focus on what we need to do as a human family to arrive at Peace. In the profound words of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. who said, “Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.” The ultimate expression of our lives is what we are capable of and it is well overtime to make the necessary adaptations in order to transition into a culture of peace and unity.

There is an inherent unity in the hearts of humanity that is to love and be loved and to be free from pain. To be free from our self manufactured pain is to let go of our selfishness, what we think we want and where we think we are going. This letting go of illusory trappings enables us to be at ease with the rapid changes in life. To be in harmony requires embracing life in all its glory and misery-to not to be against anything because this creates resistance to acheiving our Soul's desire and instead, draws to us the abyss of ill will by nature of magnetic attraction. Like attracts like. Just as those who agree and live with the good are empowered by the good, those who agree with the bad are led by the bad and those who identify with the ONE LIFE are in accordance with the Spirit of the One Life. This moving, creating, seeing life and death as an ongoing process, ever unfolding and reaching a little further is to trust and be in accord with in the Spirit of Unity. This Trusteeship where everything belongs to God leads us into deeper harmony. As our trust grows we can relax and expand into the greater flow of the moment. Life is flow and to flow is to abide in the wellspring of Spirit, of unity consciousness aware of the interconnecting and interdependent fabric of life that nourishes and provides for all. Knowing this, how then can we disassociate ourselves from the problems of Society and the ecosystem and not bother about finding solutions?

Unity does not mean just getting along culturally, it means living symbiotically with all of life's kingdoms and engaging only in work that is beneficial to Society and is without harm. It is about being committed to spiritual principles that govern the Universe and to live simple lives where everyone is busy working for others, creating, growing and sharing what is beneficial. Living in the rhythm of unity automatically produces less energy consumption especially of unwanted and undesirable goods and therefore less pollution, and so on.

When we truly perceive the unity in all things we realize that everything belongs to God, the Source of creation. Under this moral socialism everyone governs the law of ther own being by adjusting in a spiritual way. This self governace through higher law and principle can be idealized through sheer economic planning, access to education, health care, guaranteed employment, housing and creative expression. Providing these basics to all could abolish poverty and uplift life despite the stratification in Society. However, one simple act is required. All persons must decide to be uniformly unselfish! This is the heart of unity consciousness.

Following the ways of nature as example we see that Gaia has never failed to support us as it lives and moves and has its being in the unconditional spirit of unity. If we unconditionally do our part individually and collectively and abide with nature we could heal the chasms of divisions and restore nature to a life sustaining balance.

To embrace the true spirit of unity is to live, create, evolve and always move and change with the rhythmic heart path of the Kosmos. To realize this living template is to ground spirit into matter where the creative human spirit can finally arrive at peace, harmony and unity. As within , so without; As above, so below!

Coming together for Peace

As they used to say, 'What if they gave a war and nobody came?' How worthwhile if they declared a day of peace and everybody came.
~Edward Asner


Ponder on This....

The special destiny of Humanity is to become the planetary Lightbearer. To bear Light is to embrace the embodiment of Light and the embodiment of Love taught by the world teachers, Buddha and Christ. They taught that the development and relating of mind and heart is the subjective purpose of manifestation to demonstrate the epitome of human acheivement along each line. It is only when the mind is under the influence of Love can it be enlightened and become the medium of revelation. The soul, the middle principle of consciousness itself, blends the light of understanding and the light of wisdom with the light of knowledge to the souls in all forms via the world soul.

With proper understanding and relationship of the Master's teachings we have the opportunity to resolve all human problems, to bridge indifferences, and finally to understand the paradoxes of life.

1-Learn to cultivate Wisdom that enables us to see all things in proportion and to relate us to the Will and Purpose of God.

2-Unfold the Light of Understanding that links us to the compassion of the Universe.

3-Develop the Light of Knowledge that relates us to the Mind of God and gives us control in the three worlds of human evolution.

See Triangles-A Global Spiritual Project


Fire by Friction

There is no mistake that the energy this month is fiery action. Not only is Mother Earth experiencing inflammation in particular regions we call the U.S. with a rising heat index well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and blazing fires, but there is also an immense amount of inflammation in the hearts of humankind warring across many lands. This type of inflammation or fire by friction is created at the interface of crisis and emergence, control and redemption-when tensions have reached a threshold where change or transmutation is inevitable. A turning point always insists upon creating another response or new energy- one that supports change through cooperation or one that exacerbates or resists it.

The body of nature is our barometer for living. She reflects back to us our collective and individual weaknesses and resistances through cause and effect-the Laws of the Solar System. We are wise to observe her present rhythm so that we may make the necessary changes and adjustments towards equilibrium. Naturally, any change outside ourselves must first be resolved inside us. All tensions are best soothed through cooperation, goodwill, and in alignment with the progression of good. Without this alignment, the transmuting energies of fire are not used constructively, thus creating frictional fires in the lower nature that intensify the experience of pain, suffering, loss, hard learned lessons and produce events that feel out of our control.

Such crises power the evolutionary process. They are compulsory opportunities of growth individually and collectively. Their potencies release in our consciousness a series of choices and direction. If we can align ourselves with the progression of good, these energy surges spiritually empower us. We realize that the whole universe is on our side, calling and lifting us to greater heights via the spiraling motion of solar fire.

Tips to utilize natures fire element in healing...

Ponder on This....

Heaven's not beyond the clouds, it's just beyond the fear.
Heaven's not beyond the clouds, it's for us to find right here.

~Garth Brooks, Heaven

To understand the nature of Spirit is to experience it even though it is existentially elusive and cannot be described in words. Well then, where do you search for the experience of Spirit? How shall you recognize it? How shall you begin?

Living your life in the attempt to understand the Spirit in all things is to be on the path to experiencing it. By your turning inward in remembrance of your connection with the pulsing One Life of all creation is to experience the path to understanding in the unfolding mystery of yourself. There is no way to get closer to Spirit than where you are right now. The present is the first and last moment of the rest of your life! This is the most important step!!!!

The Blessing Moon

The Full Moon on July 10th at 11:02pm in the house of Capricorn is known as the Blessing Moon in reference to the blessings of the sacred marriages of earth and sky, dark and light, or the King and Queen of summer. This is a time of meditation, dream work, divination for ritual blessing and planning for spiritual goals. The energy during this phase is relaxed with a watery, emotional feel that is often welcome in this fast paced world. This is a good time to midwife in giving birth unto your self.

Celebrate your interdependence with nature. Look outside, nature is visual candy in her full bloom and with the canopy of evening stars heavens template landscapes our direction. Awaken your senses by participating in the wonderful harmony that everything is in divine perfection. Bask in the wonder of watching the smallest things that gives rise to the greatest surprises. Embrace what is simple and natural, for therein is the perfect reflection of Spirit.
We all are truly blessed! Now is the best time for the acknowledgement of blessings.
Breathe…Life is good!

Ponder on This....


When you sacrifice your essence to devotion of reputation, credibility, name or ambition, worldly wealth, pleasures of gain and control, security of owning and possessing, you lose your fundamental being. With your attention outside yourself you will never discover your essence.

If you spend your time longing for things you don’t have, you are likely to miss the treasure you carry.

When you create space, become still, and allow yourself to feel you take the first steps in releasing attachment to those yearnings, which have nothing to do with knowing who you are. Living with emptiness creates space for Spirit to enter.



Guests in our Orchid House

A Prayer Of Many Thanks

I give thanks to my Creator
I give thanks to my Parents
I give thanks to myself
I give thanks to the Earth
I give thanks to flowers and bird song

I give thanks to my Lover
I give thanks to my friends
I give thanks to my neighbor
I give thanks to a stranger
I give thanks to my adversaries

I express my gratitude, to everyone that crosses my path, as we reflect one another in both our lightness and in our darkness. I create my expression filled with the breath of light and love.

I hear my Clarion Call onto the Path of Action! I am a spiritual life force, supporting myself and others in collective growth and personal evolution. I live by example through the Light of my Inner Diamond and in Purpose of the Greater Plan of Love and Light.

I share my light with my growing human family and with all those who cross my path. Everything I do shapes my soul into greater refinement. As the Point of Love streams forth into my Heart my Essence culminates helping to seal the door where evil dwells and to uplift others so that we may together restore the Plan of Love and Light on Earth.

I am thankful for those who guide me behind the scenes. I listen and act upon my guidance!


World Invocation Day

A World Day of Prayer, Invocation and Meditation

June 11, 2006
Moon in Gemini

World Invocation Day is a world day of prayer and meditation when men and women of every spiritual path join in a universal appeal to divinity and use the Great Invocation. Together they focus the invocative demand of humanity for the light, the love and the spiritual direction needed to build a world of justice, unity and peace.
As we begin the new millennium, we face the fact that materialistic values have led humanity to a state of profound crisis. Our very survival is threatened, not only by militarism, but by our lack of wisdom and will to feed the hungry, to share our plentiful resources, and to solve the many other critical problems which confront the human family.

Yet the solution exists. One of the greatest insights of our time is that of the interdependence and interrelatedness of all life. Today millions of people share the conviction of an inner spiritual unity within humanity which transcends any outer differences of race, nation and creed. As men and women of goodwill the world over give expression to this conviction in their lives, a process of planetary transformation is taking place. A new civilization is emerging which embraces all peoples and is founded upon the recognition of our common humanity and right human relations.

The world's problems are of humanity's making and they are for humanity to solve. But the essence of the spiritual life lies in knowing that we are not alone. The energies of divinity are abundantly available and, on World Invocation Day, an appeal is made for the release of the energies which will enable humanity to create the new civilization.

To use the Great Invocation is world service for it speaks directly to world need today. We need light to illumine the way ahead and reveal the vision of a new civilisation; we need love to govern the relationships between people and bring to an end the reign of hatred and separatism; we need the power of the will-to-good to direct human choice and decision making. The universal use of the Great Invocation on World Invocation Day charges this day with deep spiritual significance, for it builds a channel through which light, love and power can reach and irradiate the hearts and minds of people everywhere. joining in the affirmation of the oneness of humanity, the livingness of our relationship to God and the responsibility of humanity for the working out of the divine Plan on earth.

Will you join me in observing World Invocation Day through the united use of the Great Invocation?


From the point of Light within the mind of God
Let light stream forth into human minds
Let Light descend on Earth.
From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into human hearts
May the Coming One return to Earth.
From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide all little human wills
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.
From the centre which we call the human race
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.
Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

*In accordance with the changing conciousness and language of humanity as we enter into the Aquarian Age, this "adapted" wording for the Great Invocation is offered in the hope that it will encourage wider distribution of this world prayer.


Ponder on This....

Acquiring What We Do Not Need

In light of all the earthly disasters and the loss that comes with devastation I began to ponder what I find ultimately valuable. Perhaps for some it is a material life, aspirations, beliefs or living with a sense of purpose. What is valuable is strictly personal. My thoughts immediately turned towards the books I have filled for decades with my souls channellings. They then skipped to the social experiment of the New World Order that usurps creative expression through distraction. My solar plexus-the center of will and personal power immediately filled with strong tension. I felt that I would wither away if I could not express and fulfill my souls urging. So many people are imprisoned, both physically and mentally.

With further inquiry into these feelings inside my gut that came from a place of fear, I felt an internal grasping over which I had no control. I wished to let these feeling go and not pervade me. So, I went deeper within to discover what was authentic and aligned in love. Finally, I came to the conclusion that in the hour of death, what I hold in my hands in the end is what really matters! For instance, in life we grasp, yearn and crave while in death our only challenge is in letting go. Somewhere in the middle between these polarities lies the balance point. We must at some point in our life experiences come to know what is enough-to discern between satisfaction and disatisfaction; between need and want; between what serves the highest source within us and that which distracts us from living in joyful purpose.

Contemplate what you will hold in your hands in the hour of your death and you will discover what really matters to you. In my journey I have discovered that it is not the job, my beliefs or aspirations that define me rather than how I weild and balance my energies. In all transitions, catharisis, death or ascension the balance of energies is all we need. This brings us to equilibrium. So, then what is the use of acquiring what we do not need? Let go!!

Alisa :)


Responding to Your Clarion Call

"Those who have ears, may they hear."

Spring Has Sprung Us into Action

The energetic impulse of springtime is about taking action in our lives with enthusiasm while standing on the precipices edge. It is about initiative that is provoked from deep within to awaken us in some way-to shatter the false security beneath our feet. The quickening message may come from our intuition, inspiration or the stark reality of our situation, through a tragedy of some sort, the loss of a job or even threatened health. Whatever sphere of life that requires attentive action, the arising impulse from within us is about the need to make visible alterations in and out side ourselves. For many, this wakeup call is felt as an unwelcome intrusion disturbing the safe harbor of our mechanical ways, which requires letting go of foundations previously counted upon. Here we are shown where we have given our power away, as no form can seduce us, use us or betray us without our permission and cooperation. Discernment is the faculty we use to determine the true nature of any image or situation.

Mastering our lives is about finding the balance point between our need to control and the call to entirely surrender unto the wisdom of our Essential Self, as Soul or Spirit. For some this may be about trusting in the movement of spirit and putting "knowing,"-the Spirit of Truth into action, while for others there may be a need to confront deeply buried fear of the power that is their Essence. Still, some may be a need to cultivate the character to be less critical and more accepting, or a relationship may demand new ways of relating. The inner call, too, may be to implement new ideas into a project, such as writing a book or changing an avocation into a vocation, in order to serve in joy. Whatever the need, the true wisdom of our experience is showing us the power of choice, that we can choose love and trust over fear and doubt.

Too often, when the clarion call comes we ignore our internal signals of closing and opening doors to change. We resist that which seeks new direction and in our many attachments we grasp onto ways of thinking and doing in fear of what a life of meaning and purpose may demand of us. Sometimes we may need to say "No" to a potential door opener, which is a valid choice when the timing is not ripe-what may be required of us is more discipline, more patience and a deeper trust that the Universe is essentially supportive. However, when we refuse all signals to align our lives in rhythm with Source and let fear override a deeper connection with our Essence we become divided against ourselves and begin to carry more consequences. This is when the Universe, through the magnetic Law of Attraction and the greater wisdom of our Soul intercedes thus, designing the forms of loss we encounter that is meant to pull us onto a path of illumination. Hence, the greater our attachments the more painfully we experience loss.

The cyclic energy of Earth through Springtime calls us to take hold of the Universe's positive energy to guide us into action, to make choices-to reset our goals, clear space to embrace the new and to honor the expression of our inner calling with courage and commitment. This enlivening energy asks us to accept responsibility, to leave our comfortable past and abandon our imagined futures, reconcile and transcend, as Truth arises from within. When we say "Yes," to life we feel a quickening within our hearts, we breathe deeply, embrace everything and are flexible to the changes life presents to us through synchronicity and golden opportunity. Rich rewards are reaped when we believe enough in our selves to pursue our inner call and invite the dialog of love into everything. Fostering a support system helps to ground our creative energies and acts to lend clear vision of what we want and where we are going and then makes us accountable in fulfilling our goals.

If nothing else, remember this. "The Master of Divine sovereignty is inside each and every one of you. Let choice allow its presence to occupy the place of authority in your experiences. Surrender unto its guide your every thought, word and action to produce a sense of security, a strong foundation far beyond anything you have previously known. Let the powerful ram warrior energies of April help you stave off your attachments to your stories, your experiences and your fears. Let it be now that you embrace your Soul's authority and step into the lineage of Light that You are. This is my wish for you!"

In Sovereignty,

Rev. Alisa Battaglia


In Honor of the Sacred Feminine

From Our Serenity Garden

The month of March honors women whose lives have been dedicated to making the world a better place and to remind us to preserve the hard won victories in history made by the lineage of women before us. The sacrifice, fervor and passion that gave these women the courage to speak their truth for all of us and to take action to manifest them are admirable. Rememeber that women did not have the right to vote until 1920.

Our world is rapidly changing under a new ray of influence and with the re-emergence of the Kosmic Feminine, the liberation principle, we are called forth to bring balance unto our planet and yet, many women today are still sitting on the sidelines when they are indeed called to action. Defending the feminine is even greater now as we are seeing a half a century of hard won victories for women absolved in an instant. Many twenty-first century women from around the globe are still fighting for their right to be free. These women are physically imprisoned-domestic slaves that are brutally beaten, raped, abused and drugged to perform humiliating sexual acts. This is closer to home than we may realize as rights over our own body are taken away and the reauthorization of voting rights (VRA) has yet to be renewed.

Equally, as this physical imprisonment occurs there are women whose minds are enslaved and they too, live in bondage. They have not yet liberated themselves from the shackles of the mind and psychically they beat themselves up mercilessly reinforcing the climate of fear, doubt, rage and vengeance that supports dysfunction and the great divide between the genders. Sadly, these fear brackets override their feminine essence, value and sense of purpose in life with extreme masculine force. Within these two powerful extremes of limitation, one enforced and one self-created, arises the misuse of the Masculine Principle. Under the direction of an imbalanced Patriarchal structure that imprisons women by exploiting her sexuality, controls her body through law and her mind through social reinforcements to believe that she indeed has no power, has caused women worldwide to surrender her innate power both within and outside herself. It is time for the Sisterhood to reclaim her power hard one and so easily lost!

Tradition teaches us that the Feminine is the Divine Healer. Her uterine chalice spills blood in cycle with the greater flow, gives and nurtures life bringing forth her wisdom in sensitivity, love, patience, compassion, receptivity and connectivity to liberate the shackles of the mind and heart. The Feminine is extended to Mother Earth whose nature gives to us her body from which to nurture, build a foundation to live, and to eat and thrive. On the unseen levels, the interceding of Kosmic Feminine force is focused to bring balance and harmony into the world of male thought, which concerns healing core issues that perpetuates the continuous and unnecessary bleeding for profit and manufacture of endless war. Women are breeding life and sustaining life only for it to be taken to slaughter or degenerated through a siege of chemicals in air, food and water. With two female Presidents and one Female Chancellor leading their countries perhaps they will lead a better way.

The Liberation Principle offers a softer more feelingful and synergistic, cooperative and inclusive energy that are Divine Feminine characteristics. The Liberation Principle is necessary to restore right human relations and basic human values that the Patriarchal paradigm has long trodden and forgotten in its exploitation to use earth and the female gender to it means. The extremes of war and vengeance, sexual depravity, rape and plunder of the feminine essence so prevalent in today's distorted orientation and values, echo its crisis within the homes of family's throughout the world. As women it is our rightful place to claim and stand tall in our power, peace and love so that we may mend the chasms of divide, both within and without and to restore fertility to Earth's body.

When we consummate the Sacred Feminine with Spirit (Divine Father), the convergence between Heaven and Earth begins integrating Humanity with Soul in the Greater Plan of Love and Light!

In Service,
Rev. Alisa Battaglia


For a Balanced Healthy Lifestyle
By Paul Le Baron

"In order for us to use our power well, we must become a hollow bone. We must prepare ourselves to become a channel. Our channel must be clean before we can use our power well. We must be free of resentments, guilt, shame, anger, self pity and fear. If these things are in us, we cannot be hollow bones. These things block us from our power. The cleaner we are, the more power we move. We must become a hollow bone so the Creator can use us to do what he wants us to do."
~ Fools Crow, LAKOTA Chief

The key to a balanced healthy lifestyle is recognition that we are each an extension of Creative Spirit and that our 'soul' purpose is to unite with all other humans in co-creating Heaven here on Earth. We are each blessed from birth with a gift of Intuition, which is the heart channel referred to above that is a direct connection to the Source of our Divine Power. We are gifted as well with two tools for helping us live in a balanced healthy manner. They are the gifts of 'intellect' and 'free -choice', which are intended to assist Intuition in reminding us of our purpose and the will to fulfill it. However they both ambitiously yearn to take charge of our living, always on the watch for an opportunity to assume control. Their method when this occurs is to entrench themselves in an extreme position. Unless held in check by Intuition, free-choice will anchor itself in a fanciful mix of allurements such as fame, power, addictions, mental posturing and belief systems, while choosing to let intellect dominate our ongoing experience as a sly ally, using analysis, conjecture, structure and fear, with its host of unruly offspring. When intellect attains this stage of control it is sometime called the ego, and it devotes itself to eliminating all memory of Intuitive Connection to Divinity. But since Intuition is an extension of Primal Love, with no intent or ability to dominate or impose, this leaves the rational aspect of the mind attempting to keep inflowing events in a creative state of balance. However without Intuitive direction it has no power and our pattern of living becomes chaotic. This is a thumbnail sketch of how present day society has come to be.

With that in mind let's explore the possibilities of bringing creative balance (robust health) back into our individual living as a means of bringing it about collectively. The first step is full acceptance of the key realization mentioned above. If your 'hollow bone' Intuitive channel is too blocked for resonant knowing right now, acceptance on faith is sufficient to begin clearing it. The second step is recognition that God by whatever name you choose sees you always as being the perfect blend with it, of physical and mental substance. Its main concern is offering whatever help you might need to see yourself in that light, thus achieving it consciously. This leaves each of us faced with the third and final step, which is that we assume full responsibility for any healing we think we need. The most effective way to achieve this is in letting the 'hollow bone channel' become unblocked by full surrender to the guidance of our sacred gift of Intuition.

Our Spirit aspect is our life source and is always in a state of perfection. Illnesses of body and mind always result from our mostly unconscious choices to experience living in separation from our spirit guidance.


Happy Mothering!

Whether the woman you honor in your life is your mother, your sister, your friend or any other important woman~ your gift of Mothering will honor feminine strength by passing it on to women in need; to support women's issues; and the greater transformation of feminine overlight upon this planet.

As a woman in rhythm with the greater flow, I continually observe a growing political movement on two important issues. The first movement seeks to deface the empowering strength of the feminine across the globe. Closer to home in the United States birth control, family planning, and basic health care are under attack. These decisions made by politicians limit women's reproductive rights and common-sense solutions to health issues. You would think that becoming a mother would be a personal decision made by families and not by politicians. As women we need to rethink about who should have control over our bodies and when we decide, act to support the cause!!

The second movement is the Alternative to anything that does not presently work in the Patriarchy. This alternative movement was spurred by spiritual progressives and cultural creatives to preserve the integrity of Mother Earth. Together these visionaries sought to bring Truth to the public sphere about her being under extreme duress. This is mainstream news now and so are Earth documentaries, which have set the creative force in motion for positive utility in the deliverance of energy. For example, alternative fuel sources such as ethanol help to eliminate dangerous emissions that contribute to global warming. Countries are already using this alternative to crude oil. France has long been using nuclear energy to power their country. Yet, in the hands of Iran there is great fear of its power being used for annihilation instead of conscious use of energy. In Florida, coastal drilling is a threat, as is the drilling in Alaska. This holding on to the vestiges of another reality, that of unconscious consumption, has no place upon this constantly evolving planet. This old way of perceiving, acting and thinking must move way to harmonic alliance with other nations and symbiosis with Mother Earth.

In essence, these revolutionary transformations are the Divine feminine at work, the Great Mother, the preserver, the connecter, the nurturer of Life. In celebration of Mother's Day we must not forget that Earth is our first Mother. Any effort to empower ourselves restores her. Alternative fuel sources and conscious living practices are both a positive step forward in Mothering Earth back to wellness. Afterall, this large bodied Mother is the foundation that houses our very lives and gives us sustenance. Let us be Wise to connect the dots, to do our part to nurture life and to love wholey and openly.

Happy Mothering to us All!

Ponder on This....

In contemplation upon the feminine principle of Mothers Day, I began to wonder about the quality of this celebrated day beyond the glamour of gift giving. Is it solely for females who have procreated or does it also include women and men who have raised and nurtured a child not their own, or alone? With so many separated families and the reality of working while raising children it is not uncommon to find other people not bonded in the family circle to raise our children. While this does not always hold true, a large percentage of Asian and Latin families raise children via their extended family unit, while Anglo families who are not as closely knit often leave their children to day care as no other option. With the family tree expanding beyond the parameters of mothers raising children, I came to conclude that Mothers day would be more aptly named Happy Mothering day. After all, just because someone has birthed a child does not make them a mother per se, rather than a donor of genetics and womb space. Listening to the news of mother's gone psycho is a testament to this notion.

Traditionally, the context of motherhood concerns the constant caring for an infant, discipline, education and patience given until adulthood is reached and still, often times it does not end there. How many mothers can attest to nurturing their adult children well past the allotted years? However, mothering is the gentleness given to a frightened child who has awakened from a bad dream; lending kind words of confidence to the inflated ego of a teenager; words of love to an adult reminding them that they matter just by the very presence of their being; mothering ourselves; taking under our care an injured or lost animal; sending money abroad to children or families in distress so that they too, are given a chance in life; nature nurturing nature, like the hippo and the turtle; honoring the Earth-our First Mother through ritual and lightness upon her being, and so on. It is this very source of mothering that moves beyond family ties, gender and specie lines.

I concede that the true source of mothering is an offering from the heart that moves beyond all traditional boundaries of what we call our immediate blood family. We are all One family, the human family, offspring from the One Life connected to one another! Mothering is the source of nurturing the Universal Soul in the body of life. Let our mothering qualities shine forth as we connect our hearts more authentically to ourselves and to all life on this special day!

Alisa Battaglia
In Service


The Wise Woman

A wise woman who was traveling in the mountains found a precious stone in a stream. The next day she met a traveler who was hungry, and the wise woman opened her bag to share her food. The hungry traveler saw the precious stone and asked the woman to give it to him. She did so without hesitation. The traveler left, rejoicing in his good fortune. He knew the stone was worth enough to give him security for a lifetime. But, a few days later, he came back to return the stone to the wise woman. 'I've been thinking,' he said. 'I know how valuable this stone is, but I give it back in the hope that you can give me something even more precious. Give me what you have within you that enabled you to give me this stone.'

Sometimes it's not the wealth you have but what's inside you that others need.
~Author Unknown

Happy St. Valentines Day!

'We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

~Winston Churchill

I received this message from Divine Mother during meditation for this months message. "It's time to start functioning from the higher laws instead of the lower realm of the ego. Learn the body's network and ego structure to lend understanding on how to machinate your vehicle under the light of your soul. Addiction and dis-ease are a product of the lower self-they negate life because they do not build. They are not builders of a clear reality-they steal the joy, the life force and bleed the soul.

The way to enter the sacred feminine must take a different course. The portals of change are everywhere. They lie deep within the cells of every being. They live within the ranging tides of emotions that must be calmed in order to access the sacred space within, otherwise it's like trying to pick up a tumbling shell overturning from forceful tide. You can not quite grasp it, although you may see glimpses of it as it continues to elude you under the rolling waves. The tides, like energy and the nucleus of ones being is always strongest at its center point. On February 14th, the monthly energies and waters of the emotions crest to fill the vector of the impassioned heart. What quality of emotional energy fills you? Is your heart open to Love, passion, joy, serenity, health, goodwill, and creative desire OR is it welled up in sadness, grief, jealousy, anger, dissatisfacation and blame? Is your heart receptive so that what is less than love is melted away by warmth and radiance?"

St. Febronia (from Febris, the fever of love), the patroness of the passion of love reminds us that St. Valentine's Day is a celebration of compassion and an opening heart with self, a loved one or friends. It is a day for everyone to let action be motivated by the currency of love that invites and embraces as it is shared intimatley and yet, outwaredly with the world. So Be it and So It Is!

In Service,
Rev. Alisa Battaglia


When you are joyous,
look deep into your heart and you shall find
it is only that which has given you sorrow
that is giving you joy. When you are sorrowful
look again in your heart,
and you shall see that in truth you are weeping
for that which has been your delight.

~Khalil Gibran


New Beginnings

Tidings for new beginnings! The moment is all we have to cultivate our character...so, let us make the best use of our effort, time and love this New Year! Don't forget to slow down within as the energy accelerates you into action. The best approach to life is to honor yourself first and then, extend that love to others in support of their beingness despite that many wear masks and pretend to be other than who they really are. Remember to speak kind words even when you feel mean spirited or have had a bad day. To live your authenticity in an increasingly plastic world. To respect life in all its forms. And finally, to help those less fortunate than yourself without judgement.

When we put our interests outside our selves and onto others, create solutions for change or lend our support to those who need our help we find that we have more energy and more love for ourselves, others and life!

In Service,
Rev. Alisa Battaglia

"Adopting an attitude of universal responsibility is essentially a personal matter. The real test of compassion is not what we say in abstract discussions, but how we conduct ourselves in daily life."

His Holiness the Dalai Lama, "Imagine All the People"