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Economics deals with society's fundamental problems; it concerns everyone and belongs to all.
It is the main and proper study of every citizen. ~Murray N. Rothbar


Language of Heart
The Heart is the Living Map to Guide Us into the Heart of the Living Mother

The language of the Universe is reflected through the Soul in its perspective of a unified consciousness that is imbued with the eternal trinity of the good, the beautiful and the true. The seat of the soul is the heart and therefore, the language of Soul is the language of the Heart and also the language of Nature, since the soul is bonded into the Earth's magnetic body inasmuch that Spirit is anchored into the Pleroma, the electrical force of creation at the heart of the Galactic Center. This means that the language of the soul communicates multi-dimensionally through the nexus of the heart in wholeness. According to the attribute of our heart is the reflective action, our measure of selflessness or selfishness. The variety of those interactions reflects the consciousness of our hearts' that creates our experiences and how we communicate them with clarity. When there is the simple awareness that pain, trauma and fear (anger) keeps us from being totally involved in the now we begin to understand volition and right action. We recognize that what does not stand in love within us needs to be worked out with a mind connected in the Spirit in Nature's Intelligent Love.

Right action or volition is the primary force of motivation that distinguishes the personality of the Soul from the personality desires of the masked or automated self. The motivation of Soul energy can be felt as a feeling-intellect within the heart, the impulse of compassion that moves us from the thick walls of selfishness into an ever-widening inclusiveness with life. It is from that place that we honestly attempt to be authentic as we are motivated through courage, inspiration and energy - the territory of the unfolding petals of the inner heart.

With an open heart it becomes easier to fight our selfishness with generosity and we begin to understand the language our Soul impulse seeks to communicate to us. When we listen to these subtle directive inner promptings, we nourish our Soul desires and trust its guidance more into our lives instead of fearing and going against our Essential Self. Our Soul interfaces with our personality vehicle the more we honor others and ourselves by following through on our commitments, contribute our skills and knowledge in a loving and patient way. As we accept our selves, learn tolerance and unconditional love we raise the vibrations of our energy body attracting to us those of similar attributes of heart and essentially energies of higher quality vibrations that resounds outwardly into the world.

To invoke spiritual energy to help us heal or to show us our path of purpose, we ground into the womb of Nature, center our mind and expand our hearts. Then we simply state our needs, dreams and desires, forgive and then let go of our attachments and preconceived process of how things should be done. We release the tentacles of our mind that wraps around things we identify with (our conditioning) so that we may let things happen and surrender the "how" to the miracle-producing Universe. We listen and move in rhythm with the Divine Heart of the Mother where love flows in Equipoise lovingly bringing calm, receptivity, aliveness and joy into our lives. The purpose of ensoulment is a life in aliveness, never angst, fear or derision.

Alisa Battaglia©2013

In Lighted
Alisa Battaglia

Let go of your worries  and be completely clear-hearted, like the face of a mirror that contains no images. If you want a clear mirror, behold yourself and see the shameless truth, which the mirror reflects.
If metal can be polished to a mirror-like finish, what polishing might the mirror of the heart require? Between the mirror and the heart is this single difference: the heart conceals secrets, while the mirror does not.


Creating Wholeness - David Spangler

Wade Davis - The "Ethnosphere", "the sum total of all thoughts and intuitions" - (TED Video)

World Traveller & Archeology

Don't believe in Ancient Aliens? - Advanced Humanity - (VIDEO)
Pt 1 of 6. Six to ten minutes segments each. EXCELLENT!

Massive European Pyramids Discovered - Evidence about the existence  of a large pyramid complex in Bosnia at three  upcoming conferences in the US.

Alan Bond: Aviation Breakthrough = Travel to
Anywhere on Earth within 4 hours
- (video)

Giant Space cables Found By the Sun - Notice the date below... discovered 14 years ago...Hmmm?

Creating A New Paradigm

One Within" ~ Living Goddess Animation

Tell Republican men in the House: Stop blocking the Violence Against Women Act. Click here to automatically sign the petition. - Women's lives are at risk, and there is no more time for partisan delay.

One People Public Trust (OPPT) - The End of Financial Tyranny - a legal ruling that has been implemented and has the potential to free humanity from financial slavery and provide abundance for all. Discussed are the history of the Trust, what it is, what the implications are and how people can make use of it.

Multiple Faces of Kindness

Happiness Unlimited (video) -(English) - Ego is attachment to a wrong image of myself. It is when we are not aware of our true identity, and identify ourselves with all that we..


The Economics of Happiness (Podcast)

European Union Seeks Consumer Input on Organic Agriculture - The European Union on Tuesday took the debate about genetically modified crops to the public with a survey asking citizens to share their thoughts on organic farming, reports Phys.org in a recent article titled EU asks citizens to join debate on GM food

Bashkir farmers' local demurrage currency recognized by Supreme Court

Ideas & Reform

Brazilian Farmers fight Back - (video) Monsanto, the world's largest producer of genetically modified seeds, has waged war on small farmers by suing hundreds of them over alleged patent infringement.

Lost Generation

Slow Is Beautiful - Life in the slow lane is better for you, the planet and our society as a whole — but getting there isn’t always easy. This view of slow living will inspire you to take a look at the pace of your life and help you realize that slow really is beautiful.

Do Americans Think We Face Tyranny?(video)

Dr. Mae Wan Ho. on the importance of Water - Water embodies the ideals of life.

Analysis & Commentary

A Time for ‘Sublime Madness’ - The planet we have assaulted will convulse with fury. The senseless greed of limitless capitalist expansion will implode the global economy. The decimation of civil liberties, carried out in the name of fighting terror, will shackle us to an interconnected security and surveillance state that stretches from Moscow to Istanbul to New York.

Liberating Science and Imagination
- Science co-opted by big business endangers society and stultifies the imagination on which the advancement of science depends; liberating science and the imagination is top priority for the survival of people and ...

The Power Principle Part 2: Propaganda - (video) - The United States rampant use by politicians of negative propaganda to create fear of enemies..

Environmental News

Water Can teach Us To BE Healthy Water and biological coherence have much to teach us about managing our own energy systems to optimize our health, vitality and longevity. The science of water leads to an appreciation of the liquid crystalline molecular fabric that interconnects all parts and processes within us. This living matrix gives a substantial basis for the term “holistic” and a scientific basis for all of the alternative therapies.

Make Structured water using 528 Hz DNA frequency - Structured water has healing properties. What is it and how can you make it? You can use a 528 hz frequency (DNA repair) to create structured water.

Living On Less
And Loving It

Try these 75 inspiring ideas and enjoy life more while spending and consuming less.

Let Nature Teach

How To: Making Fresh Aloe Vera Juice - with orange
How to Grow & Harvest Quinoa (video)
What a Journey of Life- (TED)

Hybrid Seeds vs. GMOs
What’s the difference between hybrids and genetically modified (GM) vegetable varieties? 
Best Vegetable Seed Companies

Animal Welfare & Conservation

Give Me Shelter - Documentary covers a wide range of topics, from abandoned animals in shelters and puppy mills to orangutans dying in Indonesia due to deforestation. Also, highlights the amazing work of people who dedicate their lives to liberating animals and creating a more compassionate world for us all.

Cry of the Innocent - The Voices that can't speak (trailer)

Wolves at our Door - Superb intimate footage of wolves social lives.

Magic of Heart Activism

Old-Growth Near Crater Lake National Park Targeted for Logging ACTION

One Tire At A Time! Help Us Remove This Ocean Pollution!
- Sign Petition

Urge Congress to Stop Funding the Killing of Wildlife - Few taxpayers realize that we help fund an agency called "Wildlife Services", a branch of the U.S. Department of Agriculture that wages a dirty war on America's wildlife.* Between 2004 and 2011, Wildlife Services killed over 26 million animals purportedly to "protect" agribusiness or "bolster" hunting opportunities – a contention based on unsupported myths. The agency spends over $100 million each year on wildlife-killing actions.


Intermittent Fasting Finally Becoming Mainstream Health Recommendation - Research has shown that intermittent fasting quickly improves insulin’s ability to manage blood sugar, and that fluctuations in food consumption appear to be REQUIRED for optimal metabolic function

Lee interviews Natalia Rose for One Golden World Radio show - Fantastic!

Help Flush These Brain-Damaging Toxins Out of Your Body  - Without realizing it, you could be bathing your digestive tract and your brain in this toxin every day - while at the same time blocking its route out of your body. Neurological symptoms include depression, anxiety, irritability, memory loss, and even Alzheimer's...

Evidence-Based Aromatherapy: Stress Relief And Much More - The health benefits of aromatherapy no longer considered placebo in nature

Using Herbal Remedies
- Herbs can be safer and less expensive than conventional drugs.

Magnesium Chloride
Chloride is a highly important and vital mineral required for both human and animal life.

FAT, SICK & NEARLY DEAD is an inspiring film that chronicles Joe's personal mission to regain his

Terraforming Nature & the Human Body

Fluoridegate An American Tragedy (documentary)

Human Cloning: No Boundaries in Science? (video)

Declassified Docs Reveal Genocide Caused by Chemtrail Testing - (documentary)

The Unsavory Truth of the McRib and Other Fake Foods, and Why Russia Banned US-Raised Meat - Sneaky tricks of the Meat Industry trade

Sweetened Drinks Associated with Increased Depression Risk
- Preliminary study findings report that drinking sweetened beverages – whether they’re sweetened with sugar or artificial sweeteners – is associated with an increased risk of depression.
Science & Technology

Alisa Battaglia©2012

Resonance - Beings of Frequency - (documentary) Immersion in Oceans of electromagnetic radiation

Amazing mind reader reveals his 'gift' - (2 min video)
A Gift For The Hackers - Increasingly devices like printers and scanners are being connected directly to the Internet. It’s all very convenient, bit is it safe? Your mobile, your printer, your hard drive, everything is connected… but it’s like a Swiss cheese. Medical files, financial information, and trade secrets, they’re all there.
ENCODE: Encyclopedia of DNA Elements - (video) - This information is helping us understand how genomes are interpreted to make different types of cells and different people -- and crucially, how mistakes can lead to disease.


MEN IN BLACK - Full Russian Documentary With English Subtitles - The current Russian Prime Minister and former President, Dmitry Medvedev, made some startling off-air comments to....

When Truth telling Becomes a Crime - (video)

Nazi Pope Benedict Resigns - Crimes against humanity - Genocide!


Americana: Slab City - (video) - A typical day in bizarre stretch of area loaded with tweakers, eccentrics, army vets, hippies, and just plain old weirdos.

Ennio Morricone - Pan Flute! Splendid!



The Animal Rescue Site

The Best in Health Talk Radio

Read the Bills Act Coalition

Poco - Keep On Tryin'
Lovely song

Project NatureConnect

Reconnect with Nature to restore empathic connection with the Earth through natural attractions, free of intellectual or indoctrinal filters for a genuinely lived animism. Earth is a life system that we are a part and Nature bridges the planet-person duality

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