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Economics deals with society's fundamental problems; it concerns everyone and belongs to all.
It is the main and proper study of every citizen. ~Murray N. Rothbar


Blocks to Awareness
 The Archontic Deception

“Humanity is free, but in chains everywhere.”

When I look to the world today (2013) I wonder how chaos, confusion and fear has become so embedded within human consciousness and throughout the veins of cult-ure? Humanity is free, but in chains everywhere.  I wonder how this Grand Systemic Evil choking the human Spirit has come to be, from where did it spring? My pondering opens any inquiring mind to further investigate the barriers to self-realization and how our own minds are used to deceive us in this illusory trapping we call life. With a loss of conscience, steeped in self-denial, five sense illusions, and ego-identification with its left brain imbalance, cognitive dissonance runs the life and the Soul’s urge is asphyxiated to accommodate the consumerist desires born of a synthetic world.  
If we look deeply into the ancient past, we discover that knowledge exposes the tools of macrosocial evil (large scale evil that overtakes whole societies and nations) with its inherent blocks to awareness and reign of terror since time immemorial.  We have learned that the basic tools of macrosocial evil are the promotion of illusion and manipulation to get people to believe in something that simply are not real and that which does not serve them as they are meant to live - to exploit life to their means for profit and to dissect them from the laws of Nature.

Understanding these barriers to self-realization, the inversions of truth, hubris and the absence of social conscience in world affairs offers humanity a diagnosis for the imprisoned mind.  We see the machinations which conditions humanity into automaton shutting down consciousness through the assault on all life systems via toxic air, food, water and vibration; pharmaceutical drugs and the induction of stress through war and mind control that applies fear to every situation to steadily deteriorate the psyche into survival drives drowning out moral integrity supported by the Souls light.

Evidence reveals that our internal manifestation, the subjective world inside us, of how we think, feel, speak and act is manifested in the outer world.  “As within, so without” so states the Hermetic maxim. And that when there is lack of clarity to moral valence on a daily basis, the long term accumulation of everyday evil invariably leads to the iron grip of macrosocial evil that steadily deteriorates and destroys ALL sentient life systems.  Recognition of these facts of human error lends opportunity to orient our future by resetting our direction in life each day. Getting over the psychological notion of time – the anxiety of past and future- in present moment awareness we open consciousness to see the big picture, rather than the minutia and ask, “Are we moving toward an expression of LOVE that is expanding consciousness, bringing flow to emotion, inclusive of others and compassionate or are we moving toward an expression of FEAR that is contractive shutting down consciousness, suppressing emotions from moral conscience, divisive and controlling others through manipulation and greed?”

While the road is paved with good intentions by many good people, it is not paved in clarity. Only inner congruency produces “Alignment,” a coherency between what we think, feel, say and do. The energy of Love is coherent and thus, produces Clarity that raises consciousness by opening the mind to expanded vectors of perception that are a uniting force toward whole-self wellbeing.  The movement of consciousness through the ever expanding present moment opens awareness to experience the higher faculties of the Soul! The feelings of joy, spontaneity, creativity, powers of expanded perception, compassion and care for all sentient life streams are embodied in how we live day-today.  “We are still a miniature projection of the universe created in thought by the true God and carry within ourselves the imprint of the real world, the Eden.  Paradise, the Garden of Eden is the matrix from which humanity was born, the umbilicus of life from which the human species springs.” (Andrew M. Lobaczewski- Political Ponerology). Do you remember?

Through my own observation, research and direct experience into the Soul life, what has been discovered that thwarts humanity off its essential path of wellbeing and co-creative potential is a poisoning of the world view of “getting people attached to see their value and identification through the things of materialism, and to acquire beliefs without knowledge born from direct experience (gnosis).”  This false paradigm is about manufacturing and reinforcing the false or will of the egoic self as a prison of self-limiting consciousness. It is a process of de-spiriting or inducing the Soul into automaton using the low vibration of Fear to perpetuate a cycle of cognitive dissonance and denial to the Truth of our Authentic Nature and self-sovereignty as ensouled beings on this terrestrial plane called Earth.

Eden has been far driven from the consciousness of our essential Self. We have been driven from the seed of Truth, onto the path of self-deception and hubris succumbing to the laws of man terribly missing the mark in error. The prophet said, “I had not known sin, but by the law.” This statement reveals gnosis of governing the laws of our own being through the inherent goodness in humanity and community.  Man’s law entered at birth separated “mine and thine” which ended all community. “What God created was created for all to hold in common possession: vines, grains, and the fruits of the earth. When man forgot that community means equality, and deformed it by his laws, on that day the thief was born. Human law makes a distinction between that which is good and that which is evil. It is faith and love which saves. All the rest is a matter of indifference.” (Andrew M. Lobaczewski- Political Ponerology)

No one can escape the lesson, we can only delay it.

  • Move Beyond the Emotional Polarity of Fear
  • Abandon the Path of Approval
  • Get Over Psychological Time
  • Change Diet to Whole Food Nutrition for Consciousness Change
  • Unplug from the Dominator System – Truth is authority, not the authority as truth.
  • Monetary Detachment to Increasing Sustainability
  • Get Proper Education to live in Harmony with Natures Law
  • Develop Mindfulness – quiet the mind from noise and sensory pollution
  • Develop the Power of Positive Thinking and Humor
  • Follow Your Passion Every Day with Devotion
  • Join the Spokes of the Wheel of Humanity in an Equal Uniting Force
Alisa Battaglia©2013

In Lighted
Alisa Battaglia
The Human Role in Sophia's Correction

"When Pistis saw the impiety of the Lord Archon she was filled with anger. Acting in her invisible form, she spoke in this way: "You are mistaken, blind one ~ false deity who cannot see. There is an immortal luminous child, the Anthropos, who came into existence before you and who will appear among your spectral forms (plasmata). This luminous child will trample you in scorn just as a potter's clay is pounded (into a lump). And you will sink away to your proper zone, the abyss (of gravity), along with those who belong to your legion. " For at the consummation of your work, the entire defect [of Archontic illusion] exposed in the light of truth will be abolished, and [that illusion] will be as if it never had been."

~On the Origin of the World, 103.15-30 (Nag Hamadi Library)

(AUDIO commentary on this essay (50 minutes)

BOOK: Not In His Image by John Lamb Lash

In Reverence for
Divine Mother

Assist in Gaia-Sophia's Correction

Breaking the Illusion

The Phase - (video) - there is something out there that has forever altered human history and culture - something we know nothing about.

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Ideas & Reform

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administration to the military asking the 
question, "will you shoot Americans if they won't give you their guns?"

Analysis & Commentary

The Ten Freest States in the US

Necessary Preparedenss and Strategies

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A Conversation with Dr. Nick Begich: HAARP - (video) - controversial science experiments, including HAARP, Mind Control technology, compartmentalization within the science community, and how these technologies, which might be used for the progress of all mankind, is
currently controlled by secret military industrial complex interests putting all of humanity and planetary life at risk

Environmental News

Green Death of The Forests is an unusual film. It is both a hard hitting portrayal of the causes and consequences of deforestation in Indonesia, and a film which captures the tranquility and calm of wild nature. It contains no narrative or dialogue and yet helps us...WAKE UP!!!

Greenland's Ice Loss May Slow, But Still Won't Save Coasts - Since the heat-trapping gas that has already put into the atmosphere will be there for hundreds of years to come, Greenland will continue to melt indefinitely.

Let Nature Teach

Wade Davis: The worldwide web of belief and ritual (video)

Migration of Monarch Butterflies, & the people that help them out along the way. Google Earth Tour

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Science and Art of Water - Water is the heart’s medium of thought
Animal Welfare & Conservation

Oppose Horse Slaughter - Support SAFE Act which will prevent horses from being slaughtered in the U.S. or exported for slaughter. Also HERE


Magic of Heart Activism

Lowe's and Home Depot still stock their shelves with neonicotinoid pesticides, spreading the ecosystem-destroying toxin to homes, animals, Collony collapse disorder of BEES and toxic gardens across the United States. As consumers, we need to demand that these retailers pull the devastating pesticides from the shelves. Tell Home Depot and Lowe’s to STOP stocking neonicotinoids.


Effect of Nutrition on the body's systems and health - Can proper nutrition have an effect on behavior, including criminal behavior, and conditions that are considered psychological?

Low-Carb Diet May Slow Alzheimer’s Disease

Cannabis oil as an effective treatment for skin cancer & other cancers and ailment -
If cannabis oil cures cancer, why is it illegal?

Honey laundering fraud exposed - Huge U.S. honey supplier admits to fraudulent labeling of honey imported from China

Never Say Die - (video) -What's the secret of long life in China's Bama County, where people are living to well over 100? Adrian Brown meets some of the locals, including 126-year-old Luo Meizhen.

Terraforming Nature & the Human Body

Monsanto Two strand RNA and The Rewiring of Your Brain to Rule Earth - (video1/2)

New Study Proves Bt Toxins in GMOs Toxic to Mammalian Blood - According to a new study, the ‘Cry’ toxins that Monsanto’s GMO crops have been genetically modified to produce are a lot more toxic to mammals than previously thought, primarily to the blood.

Ethical Issues Related to Testing Anthrax Vaccine on Children - The US government has proposed a children’s trial of anthrax vaccine arguing that it is a necessary step in protecting them from the effects of a potential future bioterrorism attack using weaponized anthrax.

Science & Technology

Information Liberated: How Digital Media Subverts Government Power - (video) - "some very creative people in the private sector have figured how to dig underneath it, go around it, scale it with special new tools, and that's how I think of digital media."

Electric Earth, Electric Weather - (video) - Atmospheric scientist Bill Nichols offers a refreshing reconsideration of climate issues, with emphasis on the electrodynamic environment of the Earth, largely overlooked in the polarized debates on climate change.

Global Dominator System

World War 3 - (video) - US Will Start WW3
by Attacking Iran. Manufactured war for oil.

Automotive Police State -
(video) - Does it seem like the new job of so-called law enforcement is to
harass drivers and create pointlessly dangerous situations on the road?

The Reality of Human Trafficking in the Americas: Disturbing Story of a 9-Year-Old Abducted and Apparently Sold Into Sex Slavery - The sex trafficking industry has seeped into America.

CPS kidnaps yet another child after mom seeks a second medical opinion. - You're not allowed to have a second opinion in the American police state, didn't you know?




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Read the Bills Act Coalition

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Beans from My Organic Garden of Grace

Project NatureConnect

Reconnect with Nature to restore empathic connection with the Earth through natural attractions, free of intellectual or indoctrinal filters for a genuinely lived animism. Earth is a life system that we are a part and Nature bridges the planet-person duality

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