Take this self-test to asses your general state of health and current level of toxicity. Rate your response and then total the points to give you a score. The higher the score the more you will benefit from cleansing and a greater opportunity for health improvement. Test again at the end of your detox regimen to monitor your progress.

Score as follows: Never=0 points; Rarely=1 point; Occasionally=2 points; Frequently=3 points; All the time=4 points.
Score Ranges: Clean system 30 or less. Would benefit from a cleansing 30-60. Toxic 61-100. Highly Toxic 100 or more

o Are you overweight?
o Are you underweight?
o Is it difficult to maintain or attain your correct weight to height ratio?
o Bloated
o Belching
o Indigestion

o Strong smelling or dark colored urine
o Urinary frequency
o Urinary tract infections
o Water retention o Bowel movements contain mucus
o Bowel movements contain undigested food
o Passing excessive or offensive wind
o Constipated
o Loose stools

o Nausea or vomiting
o Binge eating
o Alcohol inebriation
o Compulsive eating
o Food cravings
o Head aches or migraines
o Swollen lymph glands at neck, arm pits or groin
o Painful muscles or aching
o Stiff joints
o Allergies
o Rashes, eczema or dermatitis
o Watery or itchy eyes
o Dark circles under eyes
o Itchy ears
o Sneezing attacks
o Nasal congestion
o Sinusitis
o Itchy nose
o Cuts or sores take along time to heal
o Long recovery time from illness

o Excessively Oily or dry scalp/hair
o Hair is dull and end split
o Excessively Oily or dry skin
o Acne
o Bad breath
o Sore tongue
o White tongue
o Itchy palate
o Mucous in lungs
o Chronic cough
o Itchy anus
o Unpleasant body odor
o Excessive sweating
o Hot flushes
o Easily get out of breath
o Irregular heartbeat
o Rapid heartbeat
o Nails split or break easily
o Have cellulite
o Get sick often with colds and flu

o Feel shaky and weak
o Sensitivity to noise
o Sensitivity to light
o Disturbed sleep
o Insomnia
o Restlessness
o Difficult to rise in the morning
o Excessive tiredness beyond age and level of activity
o Look older than your age
o Low sexual vitality

o Agitation, anger or aggressiveness without cause
o Unexplained anxiety or fear
o Feel hyper
o Poor concentration
o Feel confused
o Poor memory
o Difficult to assimilate new information or instructions
o Difficulty making decisions
o Mood swings
o Clumsiness
o Speech problems

For Women:
o PMS symptoms
o Irregular menstrual cycle
o Menstrual cramps
o Excess menstrual bleeding
o Vaginal yeast infections

For Men:
o Prostatitis
o Enlarged prostate gland