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Growing Life Gardens

Peace begins in kitchens and pantries, gardens and backyards, where our food is grown and prepared. The energies of nature and the infinite universe are absorbed through the foods we eat and are transmuted into our thoughts and actions. From individual hearts and homes, peace radiates out to friends and neighbors, communities and nations. Brown rice, miso soup, whole grain bread, fresh vegetables-these and other whole, unprocessed foods are our “weapons” to turn around the entire world.  ~Michio Kushi, excerpted from One Peaceful World

Ultimate Nutrition Gardening

The Garden is The Mirror of the Heart

Earth is a sanctuary for my Soul and growing what I eat is the experiential reality that feels best to integrate the sacredness of the Earth with my own humanity. When I grow food, I participate more fully in Nature’s nurturing cycles and abide in the greater Kosmic rhythm. This experience helps me to form a closer bond with Mother Earth and the elementals that partake in the growth of the seed. Knowing how to grow my own food in the spirit of adventure supports health freedom and food sovereignty that I can feed and provide whole food nourishment for my body, one of the most basic necessities. There is always a feeling of Gratitude that fills me when I harvest food that I have nurtured. My harvest is so much more than food and the taste is that much more delicious. I simply marvel at the beauty of Nature and the majesty of the universe that orchestrates such natural wonders of the seed. It is my experience that when I respect the underlying unity of all life, my appreciation of life expands.

My garden space is another room in my house. Gardening is also a form of meditation, detoxificant of EMF’s by grounding into magnetism and exercise for the body.


Growing Life through your own Nutritional Garden Series:


Stored sun energy finds its way into our cells via food in the form of minute particles of light. These light particles are called ‘biophotons,’  which are the smallest physical units of light. They control complex vital processes in our bodies and have the power to order and regulate, and in doing so, to elevate the organism to a higher oscillation or order. This is manifested as a feeling of vitality and well-being.


1-  Learn How to Grow Your Own                    Food for Ultimate Nutrition

      • Backyard Conversion from Lawn to Garden
      • Spiritual Gardening

2-  Garden to Table ~ Learn how to                  Harvest and Prepare Food to                      Support your Individual Wellness              needs

        • Harvesting, seed saving, storing and how to                  food preparation in your own kitchen
        • Simple Chef Creations Recipes (Meal Plans)

3 Right Thinking and its Role in Food ~         Divine Assimilation

      • Eating nutritionally and mindfully, and                          breathing properly creates the right conditions          in the body so that nutrients can be absorbed            and utilized.
• Spiritual Nutrition
• Energy Wellness

Growing Life Gardens

Growing Life Farmette in NE Michigan

The garden is a metaphor for life, and gardening is a symbol of the spiritual path.  – Larry Dossey

Alisa Battaglia is a Florida Master Gardener, Medicinal Herb Grower, Aromatherapist, Regenerative Detoxification Specialist, Nature Systems Thinking Process Facilitator, Health Freedom & Food Sovereignty Activist with a Love for Horticulture and Raw food. Her Green Thumb and Reverence for Nature shines through in her Gardens, daily Living habits and Simple Chef Creation Recipes.

Flower Me Botanicals Herbal  Apothecary 

From the Roots Up Series:


 For the Love of Flower and Herbs I~             You will Learn:

       • Which herbs are best for your body                               ecology that Support & Detoxify. 

      •  How to grow and care for those special herbs             and flowers in the uses of:  teas, tinctures,                   flower essences, culinary and medicinal herbs;           body care, pet and home care; and spiritual                 uses.
      •  How to harvest, cook and prepare, and                         store Herbs for all your living needs.

     •   Learn the various uses of Herbs, flowers, and             roots that provide Nourishment and                             rejuvenation for whole-self well-being

 For the Love of Flower and Herbs II~             You will Learn:

  •    How to grow an herbal apothecary,                               aromatherapy and culinary garden. 


  •   The Art of Cooking with herbs, flowers and                  organic essential oils to make delicious healthy          food and teas.

 •    Explore the subtle and energetic properties of            herbs and flowers, essential oils, using color,              creativity and intuition

CARE Wellness Program

Module 4- CARE Wellness Program

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Growing Life Gardens
Food quality is measured by the biophoton light energy contained within it, which is the critical component that controls vital complex processes in the body.