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Aroma-Pro Essential Oil Diffuser/Nebulizer ~

Spa Quality Aromatherapy Essential Oil Nebulizing Diffuser for Therapeutic use of Essential Oils in home or office. The Aroma-Pro is our most popular nebulizer that combines form with function. It has taken its place as the essential oil nebulizing diffuser of the decade. HIGH RELIABILITY!

The base comes in six different colors: Blue, bronze, green, lavendar, red & yellow. All Nebulizers include: Hand made Daffodil Glass Piece, Figure 8 shaped Well, Air Pump with variable control, 2 pipettes, tubing and instructions.

Aroma-Globe Essential Oil Diffuser

Absolutely the most technologically advanced nebulizing system on the market today. If you like quiet, automatic operation, this nebulizer is for you. Designed to maximize the biological effect while minimizing the consumption of essential oils. A built in timer turns it ON for 5 minutes and OFF for 25 minutes. It turns on 6 times in 3 hours, then shuts off automatically. There are merging RED, BLUE, GREEN and YELLOW lights that shine into the liquid. In the dark it looks AWESOME!

The large capacity globe will hold 15 milliliters of oil. Air flow adjustment knob lets you set the output you want. Coverage = 0 to 1200 square feet. You wont find a better integrated nebulizer than Aroma-Globe. Better than this does not exist!
I have 4 of them throughout my home