Growing Life Wellness
A BioPsychoSpiritual Maintenance Program for Whole Self Wellbeing

Growing Life Farmette offers classes on how to grow your own Beautiful Nutritional Garden - Learn How to Grow Your Own Food for Ultimate Nutrition within a beautiful ecosytem that nurtures all life
• Backyard Conversion from lawn to garden
• Spiritual Gardening

Garden to Table - Learn how to harvest and prepare food to support your individual wellness needs.
• Harvesting, seed saving, storing and preparation in your own kitchen.
• Spiritual Nutrition

Let Nature Teach - How to Develop the Senses and Bridge Gaps in consciousness for whole self wellbeing

• Small Group Sessions Available. Cape Coral, FLorida

Growing Life Wellness

Garden Care

Premium wildcrafted Neem Oil, cold-pressed and solvent-free.

INGREDIENTS: 100% all-natural neem oil, harvested from sustainable sources and cold-pressed. Each batch is certified to be free of pesticide residues, heavy metals and aflatoxin.

Introduce neem to your gardening buddies. Four ounces of neem oil is enough to make 12 gallons of non-toxic spray.

Sprout's Spray

Sprouts Spray ~
For People & Pets

A safe, natural alternative spray for dogs made with essential oils of lavender, Atlas cedar, and lemongrass, with neem oil and emu to help heal dry, irritated skin and condition dry coat. NOT FOR USE ON CATS due to their unsatisfactory reaction to essential oils, but we've been using it on ourselves and enjoying the fresh clean fragrance.

Botanical Outdoor Gel

Botanical Outdoor Gel ~

Our gel is made with a neem leaf extract and aloe vera base (to soothe bites you already have!), neem oil, citronella and geraniol.

INGREDIENTS: Certified-organic green neem leaf extract, organic aloe vera gel, cold-pressed neem oil, citronella, carbomer, triethanolamne, polysorbate 20, diazolidinil urea, butylcarbamate, citric acid, geraniol.

Buy Ten 4oz bottles for the special price of $42.99


Neem: A Hands on Guide
Tree for Solving Global Problems

The book that led to the creation of Neem Tree Farms, now available at half its recommended price.

A Cornerstone of the Ayurvedic Tradition

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