Self Healing Series

Beauty transcends the outer manifestations and combines the subtle qualities like grace in posture and movement, freshness and vitality. The emphasis is ever on self-knowledge and the development of positive routines and healthy habits. This is the basis of the Ascension Path.
An inner "Self Care" that strengthens our own empowerent and helps others to strengthen theirs.
A strong foundation is produced by every grateful step.
Repeating patterns of love results in bringing into expression the Souls Light within.
Ecology of the Spirit Ascension Manual Series teaches how to cultivate the Inner Diamond.

Professional Training Manuals

Female Deer Exercise~
Rejuvenation for the Female Body
Full Diagrams
By Alisa Battaglia
PDF Manual $50 - SALE $25

Detox Your Life with EFT
A Foundational Energy Psychology Self-Healing Manual Made Easy - reference Charts & diagrams

PDF Manual $ 60 - SALE $40

Insight through Meditation
: Balancing Subtle Energy of the Body, Mind & Emotions
. Full diagrams By Alisa Battaglia

PDF Manual, 2nd Edition - $60 ~ SALE $30

Balancing the Body's Network through Self Massage:
Understanding the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection through the bodys 107 major & minor chakra energy points. Beautiful Full color diagrams.

By Alisa Battaglia PDF Manual $80 - SALE $48


Infinity Body Awareness Technique

By Alisa Battaglia

Coming soon!

By Alisa Battaglia PDF Manual $80