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Global Communion

unite with others of like heart to assist in anchoring the 5-D Consciousness grid on planet Earth and through example teach how to live and heal in unity consciousness.

Kaleidoscope News is an informative selection of links to articles of spirtual thought, technology & innovation, alternative health news, global trends, media, sustainable living, science, and related bits of information. The topics are multi-faceted like a kaleidoscope putting the reader in the pulse of the economy of life & world trends. Read this once a month and it'll help you connect the dots in our world events offering kaleidoscopic viewpoints. Published monthly through

Wellness Emporium Cafe' concerns wellness education and the latest information on whole foods-Simple Chef Recipes, herbs, green living, aromatherpy, energy therapies and more. This newsletter is published quartely through

the Wellness Emporium Cafe'

Ecology of the Spirit Community- I wish to receive periodic updates from Ecology of the Spirit about events and related bits of information pertaining to its Mission.

Ecology of the Spirit Community

Simple Love Cafe' is about Conscious Relationships, Body Psychology & the Ascension Process. Published quarterly. NOT YET IN PUBLICATION

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Gates of Grace Grid Work for Personal & Planetary Evolution
Ascension Purification Process
Energy Healing
Cultivation of Sexual Energy

Trance-Spirit Dance

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Body Psychology
Conscious Living
Conscious Relationships
Detoxification Therapies
Energy Therapies
Information Technology
Intention Experiments
Grid work Templates for planetary Healing

New Sciences

Soul Studies

Women's Spirituality

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