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Regenerative Detoxification


Stored solar energy finds its way into our cells via food in the form of minute particles of light.
These light particles are called ‘biophotons,’  which are the smallest physical units of light.
They control complex vital processes in our bodies and have the power to order and regulate, and in doing so,
to elevate the organism to a higher oscillation or order.  This is manifested as a feeling of vitality and well-being.


The Great Lymphatic System


As a youthing weapon, antioxidants in fruits insure against some of the more visible effects of aging and disease by removing mucus that damages the interstitium throughout the body from head to toe. Along with alkaline herbs, these foods remove mucus (acidity) from the interstitial spaces in the lymphatic system by cleansing the cells on the cellular and intra-cellular levels.

 Consuming an alkaline diet controls the acid level in the body, which protects against harmful mucus build up, that leads to the development of dis-ease. An alkaline diet is based on the premise that dis-ease can only exist in an acidic environment. The body works to maintain a slightly alkaline 7.4 pH environment in the blood. The blood is the point of equilibrium for homeostasis and when the body becomes too acidic, the body will borrow alkaline minerals and compounds from bones and fluids through the body to put into the blood to keep its pH stable. This borrowing, jeopardizes the health of different areas of the body and leads to the development of myriad dis-eased states. The focus is on causation, not the symptoms that are “the “Illusion called Diseases.” The concept of disease is fostered by the Pharmaceutical Companies and perpetrated by the medical community to cast a “mystique” over the general populous via fear of symptoms coming from the outside world. They have set themselves up as our “life savers” with their bazaar chemical potions of pharmaceuticals, and cut, slash and burn ideologies that moves against the Hippocratic Oath of “Do NO HARM.”

The lymphatic system is the immune system of the body since it is the body’s cleansing system.  The lymphatic fluids comprise 75% of our body fluids with 25% being blood. In addition, there are more lymphatic vessels than blood vessel all over the body. There are two separate fluids that cleanse the body. The blood provides nutrition and the lymph fluids eliminate cell wastes respectively via the three eliminatory organs (kidney, bowel, and skin (the 3rd kidney). The body is intelligent and does accumulate anything toxic in the body. It is ALWAYS self-cleansing and self-healing, but if these exits are blocked, or too weak to support proper kidney function, the accumulated cellular wastes ooze out of the body orifices via the nose, ears, mouth, eyes, vagina, nipples, anus, and penis.

 If these cell waste acids are not eliminated, interstitial lymphatic congestion occurs leading to symptoms labeled as disease.

“Surrounding EACH of our trillion cells are interstitial fluids that are partly blood and lymphatic fluids. The blood feeds the cells (eat) and the lymph fluids clean the cells (poop). The blood goes back into the venous system, which goes back to the lungs and liver for more nutrition and fuel while the lymph fluids (which collect cellular wastes) flow to the lymph vessels (like sewage pipes), and then on to the lymph nodes (which are like septic tanks) and then on to the body’s eliminative organs (kidneys, colon and skin) for elimination of wastes.”

The Lymphatic system extends
from head to toe

There are two kidneys and each kidney drains a side of the body respectively. The right kidney lymphatically filters the right arm, breast, hip, ovary/testicle, and leg and the same on the left side of the body. For instance, when there is a tumor on the right side of the body, it is indicative that the right kidney is not filtering. Blockages always occur in the triune relationship via the kidneys, colon, and/or skin. Keep in mind that tumors are not “blood clots,” they are “lymph clots” of cells bound in their own wastes. “Kidney weakness is by far one of the biggest problems that modern man faces and is the root cause of 95% of man’s illnesses.”  (Dr. Morse 2015) 

The skin is the largest eliminative organ considered the bodies’ “3rd kidney” that must be allowed and encouraged to sweat.  Body heat, especially fevers, is the body’s way to increase the elimination of cellular wastes. The thyroid controls fevers, which produces sweating and allows the skin to eliminate the body’s wastes more effectively. If the skin cannot sweat, then the cellular acid wastes back up the lymphatic system creating lymphatic stagnation, especially subcutaneously or under top layer producing symptoms such as rashes, lesions, cysts, acne, eczema, psoriasis and so on.  

 Skin issues indicate that the KIDNEYS are NOT FILTERING!!!  The kidneys are controlled by the adrenal glands that sit atop them. The endocrine glandular system is the government of the body and anything that weakens the adrenal glands suppresses kidney filtration such as taking steroids, orally or topically because they are immunosuppressants.  When the kidneys cannot filter the acids via the urine, the skin, the third kidney, eliminates them. We know the kidneys are filtering when urine is cloudy, which are toxins and cellular waste that appear as sediment at the bottom of a glass jar in a urine sample. This is absolutely essential, as clear urine reveals that the kidneys are not filtering. Keep in mind that drinking water to keep the urine clear does not improve kidney function, nor does it hydrate the lymphatic system to move when the kidneys have lost their ability to filter.

 While the kidneys and skin are the main players, the colon plays a major role in its own lymphatic system as a “lymph drainer” via detoxification that shows up as mucus in the stools. It is true to say that the symptoms of dis-ease starts in the colon, whose plumbing must be in good working order for the whole body to be in a state of health.

The large intestine, the colon is the sewer system of the body. Food is digested and eliminated through the large intestine – the colon, which are the wastes and by-products from digestion.  The colon drains the central trunk of the body (and head since lymph is throughout the entire body). The lymph system also eliminates one-third or more of its wastes via the colon. Other wastes from metabolism that enter the blood and lymph system are carried to the kidneys, skin, and colon, to then be eliminated.

 Dr. Morse states that those raised on meat and other proteins, consumed at least two times per day, have chronic kidney weaknesses and GI tract problems. In addition, consuming dairy products highly congest the lymphatic system and produce a low thyroid function, which affects the ability to sweat! With the skin being the body’s largest eliminative organ, the skin must sweat. If the skin cannot sweat, then the lymphatic system backs up, creating subcutaneous lymphatic stagnation.

 In conclusion, humanity is in varying degrees of dis-eased states due to interstitial lymphatic constipation and non-filtering kidneys. Other factors may be in play, such as weak adrenals, which produce a litany of symptomologies.  However, the gross problem is interstitial lymphatic stagnation, which means constipation of movement between the cells and cell walls along with the kidneys inability to filter by products.

 By Alisa Battaglia© 2018

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