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Balancing the Bodies Network through Self Massage ~ Understanding the Body-Mind-Spirit Connection:
This manual is a unique self-processing tool to balance the body’s energetic network using a somatic approach to the physio-psycho-spiritual relationship of the chakras. Through the art of self-massage you have the tool of self-empowerment to heal, clear and open your chakras & marma points in your own time and in the privacy of your own home.

With beautiful diagrams and a full-size color-coded system, you are able to locate the 107 major chakras on the body and learn their names and full descriptions of their exact location. The text further explains chakras in relationship to body awareness, obstruction of energy inherent in disease patterns, their points for specific conditions common to modern society, energy flow patterns and self-massage techniques;  and their use in sensory evolution, chakra healing meditations and sound therapy and more. In a step-by-step process you can awaken your body and begin to heal it by developing a relationship through its subtle energy pathways and tap into the incredible wisdom that dwells within your innermost recesses. Through intimate contact with the deeper wisdom of your body expressed as the desire to heal and the will to live in every cell – the “life-print” for human potential, you open to the birthright of your multidimensional nature.


Insight through Meditation
Balancing Subtle Energies of the Body, Mind & Emotions

This manual is a meditative processing tool to unlock greater awareness of the self and to provide deeper introspection along the convoluted path in acquisition of the truth. Through stillness of the mind and body, the specific focal meditations bring awareness to the idiosyncratic defense mechanisms reveal where you must shift, celebrate and aspire towards. These techniques are subtly powerful and have the ability to align and integrate the personality to establish authentic existence.

If there is a tendency towards escapist techniques to avoid responsibility, these powerful keys can help fuse the inherent opposites that produce inner conflict within a fractured neurotic nature. The cognitive dissonance experienced from disharmonized personal energy and emotions of the personality self is the root of the basic opposition of the world around you. Applying these transformative techniques with practice and self-discipline you will learn how to tune your own instrument and listen for the clarion call of your deepest Self.


Meridian Therapies.  Muscle Testing. Etheric Navigation

INFINITY BODY ~ The Serpentine Pathway to Infinity