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The Only Way Out is Through

Within each of us is hidden beauty. The quality aspect of our inner nature imprisoned in a body-mind until it is fine-tuned to Nature’s luminous spiritual light, the lens where inner beauty can pass unadulterated in expression. As a stone is to a gem cutter, in a similar manner, our inner beauty is imprisoned in the larger stone and layer by layer with each cleaving blow we eliminate non-essentials that are contrary to our inner nature.

Keeping our vision clear and held in our upper most consciousness of that which is to be revealed, expressed or crafted, eliminates from our field of expression, all that hinders a gradual release into a fuller faceted embodiment. In such a way, the revelation of raw beauty emerges as a luminous Diamond. The Diamond within us holds the beauty of our potential, not the world of outer appearances. Our beauty is the source of our deepest dreams and highest aspirations; it holds our key values and guiding principles to manifest our vision and purpose.

To habitually think in multisensory ways
is to consistently 
be inspired
by nature’s beauty within us.

~ Michael J. Cohen, Reconnecting with Nature

Our authentic self speaks to us through the spectrum of imagination. These are our colorful dreams, imaginations, and kaleidoscopic visions produced by the refractive light of our Diamonds essence. From them we poise our attention to liberate light from the psychic bondage that holds together the dark layers of our conditioning, emotional discord and physical dis-eases. Dark layers are created by disconnect from our imminent Source in Nature, while the intrusive presence of age-old intra-psychic forces loom souring the hearts of humanity and exuberance for living.

Does the future vision of life engender excitement and anticipation? Authentic self-expression is always in alignment with our deepest dreams, values, purpose and vision divinely guided through the intuitive connection with the Spirit of life. “How well is personal vision and purpose honored that supports experiencing quality of life?” Where we place our attention is indicative of what we value, the intrinsic qualities of worth we choose to support our life with. Example: Nature, Beauty, Spirituality, Love, Balance, Integrity, Intimacy, Freedom, Joy, kindness, Gratitude, Honesty, Abundance, Excellence, Family, Friends, Learning, Play and so on. How is the Value of Life Honored?” The more we honor our deepest values, the more ease and freedom there is helping us to fulfill, satisfy and enrich our lives producing depth in connection. Depth allows us to step into our purpose as divine co-creators. Immersion with Nature offers access to inner wisdom and compassion to govern the law of our own being. This gift only comes from living the integrity of our excellence in alignment with Natural Law. Taking the first vital step into the Path of Heart encourages cultivation of the Inner Diamond within to learn the language of the heart. The second is to discover our Wings to flow in tandem with Nature’s rhythm into full somatic enlightenment. Anais Nin wrote, ” We do not see things as they are; we see things as we are.” When we cultivate the Inner Diamond at the heart, we begin to walk in Beauty, as what is within is also without.

By Alisa Battaglia©2008-2018 


Nature is my Religion. Earth is my Temple.
Love is my Path  ~Alisa Battaglia

The Path of Heart is not a religion – it is way to know ourselves, to find our purpose in life – our mission, to find out where we come from and discover the secrets of the Universe. Our unfolding awareness begins a new life in a new order.

Living our awareness requires that we live our truth, which means to state the truth of our particular experience however conflicted it may be. Self-acceptance arises from the freedom to evaluate our selves clearly and through the changes we have made in our selves. This means that we accept and include the dejected parts of self that feel betrayed or misunderstood. When we are aware of, responsible for, and accepting of our own and others judgments we can be more honest and present with ourselves because we do not need to hide in blame, shame or fear anymore. To do other than this would volunteer victimhood. As we become more aligned with the essence of our true nature that is love we more readily accept our selves and others as they are. Coming from this loving place opens our hearts in mutual compassion and stimulates the innate potential for healing in oursleves and in our relationships.

Love is not a verb, it is a noun because it is energetic stuff we are made of that emanates from our core. It is what we experience when we return to our original state of being. We can see its quality in everything especially when we extend the love that we have for ourselves to others. Loving is not something we contemplate or intellectualize doing. It is actively holding the space of love by being present! So in our wisdom and compassion we recognize that a mean spirited person is in pain simply armoring the personality self defensively from any form of incoming love. It is a dejection of Self.

Self-dejection is an ego structure that harms the Authentic Self by closing off receptivity to the flow of love thereby disconnecting from the life-line of Source. With this awareness we can reach out to a hardened heart with an open heart where oftentimes our caring alone will dissolve the armor, even if for an instant, to reveal a shining face and beaming smile of gratitude that someone actually cares. Love graciously received ultimately illuminates all of life. It has the capacity to restore the broken peices of our lives. When we love our selves we give permission for others to love them selves too, which makes us all capable of having healthier relationships. Love is infusive and living the ‘Path of Heart’ will always guide us to right process.

2nd Edition 2011©Alisa Battaglia, 
Original Excerpted from, “The Essential Self, Cultivating the Sacred Feminine”
by Alisa Battaglia©2014-2019

Original Article published
Sibyl Magazine, 2009 & 2010

Path of Heart takes us into the present where we enter the world of miracles

1. Recognition of Natural order based upon Original Source (Gaia-Sophia) and the… 2. Realization of Cause and Effect in our lives asks us to… 3. Immerse in Nature (consecration) which takes us to the… 4. Path of Least Resistance or Non-interference held in beauty in our… 5. Aspiration towards a Higher Power that requires… 6. Response-ability and… 7. Authentic Expression of our Truth and… 8. Cultivation of Patience and… 9. Forgiveness (Giving up resentment) & Non-Judgmentalism that lifts us to… 10. Compassion & Unconditional Love and… 11. Union in relationship with the desire to… 12. Particpate in co-creation and collaboration to stand for Humanity whose energy requires… 13. Detachment from the Outcome of our Choices or Actions.

Practice Living the Path of Heart:

1. Recognize and accept Love as your true nature. Actively hold the space of Love. 2. Focus on living in the present moment that brings you to empowered awareness. 3. Live your awareness by withholding judgment, fear, expectation and the controlling need to fix others. Instead release them, reconcile and accept, hold compassion and cooperate by taking responsibility for your life. 4. Act lovingly, gently and respectfully to your self and others in thought, speech and action. 5. Keep communications open and honest. 6. Surrender your egoic will to the inner directive of your Soul. 7. Ground, center and expand to connect with your inner dimension and follow its guiding wisdom using Nature Connection as the foundation upon which all action springs. 8. Keep healthy boundaries in tact so that your wise heart can lead you to right process. 9. Open your heart to new experiences through direct particpation. 10. Serve and support others in their personal and spiritual growth. 11. Hold your relationships with others more important than any issue. 12. Keep vigil to life’s conditioning processes that thwart you into automaton and feelingless-ness. 13. Balance Sacred Anger – protect the love of life and eliminate predation. Alisa Battaglia©2014-2018

Anything is one of a million paths. Therefore, a warrior must always keep in mind that a path is only a path; if he feels that he should not follow it, he must not stay with it under any conditions. His decision to keep on that path or to leave it must be free of fear or ambition. He must look at every path closely and deliberately. There is a question that the warrior has to ask, mandatorily:  “Does this path have heart?”
~ Carlos Castaneda from The Wheel of Time


Pearls of Life

Gather your faculties. Hold the Pearls of Wisdom in your hand. Use the life thread to string them together to fashion a Necklace.   Wear them around your neck long against your Heart with Reverence. The weightiness and white luminous beauty of each Pearl of Wisdom is a reminder that we are all connected in the Great Web of Life.

Each Pearl is significant and holds a message ~ a moral precept. These virtues have been passed down from the Ancient of days to teach us through Wisdom the virtues of the Good, the Beautiful & the True held within the inner sanctuary of the heart. They define the capacity to realize what is of value in life, for oneself and others.

As you move within the world and the pearls knock about your breast, be reminded of the delicacy of the life thread and that any loss of care in its integrity weakens the capacity to hold the Life streams together. By Protecting the Jewels of Life through ‘right conduct and living’ you align with Nature and the Greater Kosmic Rhythm and step onto the Path of Heart.

Alisa Battaglia©2012-2019