The New Service is Passion in Action

Journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.”~Confucius


In our transformative healing journey we let go of the wrangling stories of our past that we used to define ourselves and the energy draining dramas we used as excuses and vices to nurture our pain that kept us locked into anxiety stress patterns. We embraced forgiveness and surrender to allow Nature’s Healing Reorganization to reorient us onto a new path of action. Nature’s Healing Reorganization aligns mind, feeling and body with inner essence and with the essence of all life systems.

In the reorganization process we discover parts of ourselves that we have inwardly outgrown – the disconnected areas of the personality that hid behind the destructive walls of society with its adverse effects and runaway problems. We begin to embrace a whole new way of thinking whose effect is a whole new way of acting.

To reflect our inner reality we have adjusted our outward circumstances to in turn reflect our inner maturity that we have attained psychically and invisibly through Nature’s connecting pathways or webstring connections. This natural ally of support translates to how we present ourselves in the social world so that we remain reasonably aligned with who we have inwardly become. In our authenticity, we no longer find a need to be a time server or have the desire to wear a social mask for a prefabricated role that does not represent our authentic individual inner processes as Nature connected humans. In our heightened sensitivity we continue to discover ourselves through the renewal of Nature’s processes and express this authenticity in the world. It is at this juncture of integration that we must trust our inner compass and have faith in universal support – of grounding Spirit into matter as our guiding waking consciousness.

Transformation onto higher pathways invites us to claim our courage toward fulfilling our primary need of social continuity rather than social control. In claiming our courage, we have many questions, but we are quickly reminded that there are no victims in life, only unconscious creators. Whole self wellbeing is borne from accessing the healing mind in Nature and wisdom to support our transformation needs. When there is the dawning of awareness, there is choice or heresy where a range of options has been considered, rather than to the exclusion of all other options (orthodoxy). A heretic is someone who chooses what to believe. And we are encouraged toward constructive engagement – to put gnosis into motion in response to the empathic call of our inner Nature rooted in the natural environment and intimately allied with other species. To succeed with the shift, we look at reality squarely in the eye and in the spirit of commitment, persistence, and focus; we claim opportunities and circumstances that supports responsible action toward self, the community of life and the Natural world.

Energy is governed by the patterns of Universal Law and Principle and naked eye astronomy lends clues to our terrestrial questions. If we choose to embody the Path of Heart into our lives we must rightly direct our energies to dance in rhythm with the universal circuit that guides planetary life in cycles of perpetual motion. Transformation is an ever-changing life affirming process that is built upon self renewal in both ourselves and Nature. Transformation always includes the deepest inner self in the perception of reality. It is from this perspective that we delve into the Path of Heart to set up our Path of Action, the cooperative way that recovers the essential self through reciprocity with our Natural environment. And from the magic of the heart, take passionate action in standing for Life!

Alisa Battaglia©2nd Edition, December 2011

” PATH OF ACTION” Published in Spirit Pathways Magazine, January 2011