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Nature is My Religion , Earth is My Temple, Love is My Path

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Alisa Battaglia’s Bio-Sketch

My tenure on earth has lead me through a myriad of experiences much like a kaleidoscope revealing its dimensions and the many facets of the it’s patterns, constantly changing, seeking new form and exposing something new to metamorphize. The seeds sown in the darkness have finally taken root and sprouted into the light over decades of personal commitment to greater congruency between what I think, feel, say, and do. Intuition is the bridge to ensouled realities and is now the wise default navigator of my life. From my alignment and integration process, I created, “Processes of Alignment & Integration ~ Congruency between Body, Emotions & Mind with Spirit” for others to soften their sojourn path. I recognize that authentic change is even more challenging for those who have never expressed a deeper yearning to move into the center of their God-self or divine essence, except by life’s pressures. What people cannot see, they often fear. Yet, there is no need to suffer! 

In fact, the early years of my life were full of emotional struggle and I received little earthen support, yet with trust at my side I came “through”  and continue to forge forward with more faith than than ever as a messenger of the “Life Urge.” I hard learned after much strong headedness to embrace my resistance, since it reflects the resistance in myself when I fear, as it contains the duality of our collective natures (fear/fearless). The antidote is ever to move to the opposite pole of that feeling state. I created, “Polarity Integration, the Union of Individualized Consciousness” as a guidepost for finding balance between the extremes.

Walk in Beauty!

My life’s dharma (path) since youth has been about inspiring people as a living example to motivate them into stripping their old paradigms and making space for new and healthy intentions and creativity. I point out in dispassionate awareness that the institutions that once served us are now usurping the masses’ generative energy through various methods of manipulation and trauma induced suffering. Subliminal mind control used by the media is a technique used to distract us from our inner knowingness using fear tactics that sway the emotional body into lower reactionary impulses. Waking from the dream is a necessary prerequisite to self sovereign power and somatic enlightenment. The excess of material goods creates a much worse affliction, a vacuum of boredom manifesting in addiction, thus becoming a distraction from our center of Being. Science coupled with Big Pharma is the backbone of a sick-care industry complicit in a slow kill that focuses on insurance companies’ revenues and the promotion of drugs.  Drugs are used to alleviate the symptoms and then produce new ones, rather than to treat the cause. Detoxification is vital for our daily wellness from misery, debilitating diseases and a painful death. Thus, I became a Regenerative Detoxification Specialist & Clinical Iridologist.

Cruel animal testing and slaughter as a commodity is an annihilation of the Universal Law of Unity – the One Life, a separation from our center of Being and Source. We are supposed to be respectful guardians of the animals; they hold wisdom of the land and comprise the great chain of life. Our food sources such as genetically engineered, CRISPR gene editing, and clones, eradiated, pesticide laden, chemicalized processed foods, toxic skies, and polluted and fluoridated water are robbing us of the nutrients and afflicting the endocrines making us Acidic, sick and weak. Illness distracts us from living and loving life. It reinforces the process of co-dependency on the medical community and pharmacological industries. Eating unadulterated live food that contains the intelligence of solar energy fortifies the body-mind complex to function at a higher psychical order. I created CARE Wellness Programs:  Integral Nutrition ~ A Philosophy of CARE for the Whole Self Well Being, Detoxification ~ Cellular Heath Program and the “Designer Wellness Program” for weightloss because “One Size does not Fit All” since health is a state of balance among the body, mind, senses and Soul aspect of the personality.

Communing with Gaia-Sophia (The Mother) and honoring her inhabitants, while systematically working within the Universal Laws of Integrity and Grace, has bestowed upon me great faith and understanding that we must harmonically live within Natures rhythm and the greater Kosmic circuit. It is vital to maintain clarity that we are a part of the whole and not to dismember ourselves.  The Nature Systems Thinking Process (NSTP) bridges the gaps in consciousness. I produce Growing Life Gardens wherever I live, teaching “how to” from seed to table, grow herbal medicines and offer “Flower Me Botanicals Lymph Detox Tea” because the energies of Nature and the infinite universe are absorbed through the whole foods we eat and the herbs we use to balance and heal the body transmuted into our thoughts and actions.

In sight of this, I continue on with life’s adventure by learning to sustain a delicate balance of inward harmony and conscious intention in alignment with the Laws of Life. I embrace all aspects of myself, including my shadow and challenge myself to remove any faults in my nature so that I may more fully connect with my “Essential Self.” I now actively do what I enjoy the most in a loving and selfless way that creates a continuous supporting energy that manifests itself abundantly, such as creating In-Spirited Artwork and Craft. Trusting that the universe helps to support all that I am, I feel charged with inspiration to help others and to teach them that the gift of spiritual consciousness is also theirs. Thus, as a Spiritual Midwife, I birth others into awareness and contribute my part in the Great Work.

My Fragrant Life

To Lead Means to Walk in Beauty

My Forever “Diamond”

One of the most important lessons learned, albeit through a matter of time has been around issues regarding attachment. I realized that by allowing myself to remain attached and inflexible, I would relentlessly linger within a perpetual state of want creating a vicious cycle of unrequited wanting.  Whether I devoted myself to material goods, old habits, negative self-talk and co-dependent behavior, they all served to create constricting limitations that had penetrated all aspects of my life.  I felt trapped and unable to experience the expansion I so longed for.  Freedom became a distant memory seduced by my ego to forget my childhood vision, which ultimately lead me to my present path of healing on myriad levels.  I became so engrossed in living the daily drama that I actually created and played out scenes of victim-hood.  I tightly wound myself into an intricate web of denial until I was faced with a serious turning point that challenged me to boldly mirror my self-destructive patterns in my body. I had not valued money, I was caught up in control dramas and power issues and in addition, I was in a verbally abusive co-dependent relationship. I questioned myself, “Why I was so frightened to look into the depths of my being?”  “What did I intend to find? I realized that if I chose to look deeper I would have to accept instantaneous responsibility, which was exactly what I was fleeing from. The essence of my life’s experience has piloted me towards my center of claiming responsibility for what I stand for, my “I AMness.” Making conscious choices that support my purpose in life, upholding healthy boundaries, keeping vigilant toward circumstances and people that are of negative character, maintaining awareness of my behavior and emotional triggers and in turn, communicating effectively and lovingly from my heart is the answer and always the key to everything. 

People must begin to understand the necessity of making their voices heard in a peaceful effective way and taking right action to promote positive changes on our planet. Our vital creative life energy is sucked out from us when we embrace archaic thinking, modes of control, lack of responsibility for our choices and the belief system that someone else will save (enslave) us rather than ourselves. These ways cannot and do not support the creative Soul urge, nor do they support the whole, the Law of Unity.  Expression of our higher consciousness is a force that must prevail on this planet so that we may evolve as a species. Global Communion ~The Heart not the Head must lead, is an intentional group path to facilitate a shift at the quantum level.

Taking responsibility for each of our lives addresses many areas. Our thought patterns, such as the relationship of our inner dialogue that has developed over time contributes significantly, as to why we are enslaved by poor habits, depression, fatigue, and disease. It is also our duty to take response-ability, that is, the ability to respond to what is happening around us and within us. I discovered that pulling the roots of fear was a form of “emotional weightloss” that literally left the body lighter from condensed emotional weight. Thus, I discovered the inverse relationship between emotional weightloss and physical weightloss.

As I came to realize in my journey that unless I changed my thought patterns and made better choices for myself, I would not be able to fulfill my life’s purpose. I, therefore, began to shift my paradigm and life was no longer perceived through a veil of haze.  Clarity ensued and the whole world appeared differently.  The deep realization that “this is my life and how I create it” is a matter of choice and right thinking produced through greater inner organization.  I understood the importance of working through my childhood issues without judgment or blame, so that I could remove the miasms that kept me rigid in thought and action that obstructed the natural flow of energy in my body.  I have embraced the people in my life that have caused me pain and released them with love for my growth from lessons they revealed.  Forgiveness is a virtue that offers only love in the light of understanding. Self Love is born.

It is necessary to understand that everyone is in deep pain suffering extensively from their own wounds. The way in which this pain is released and expressed varies widely.  Just observe peoples’ dynamics. I believe that our internal malaise originates when our higher self is not in alignment with our personality due to trauma in the here and now and transgenerationally inherited ones.  When we align with Spirit and dig deep pulling the roots of fear, we develop a relationship that bonds so deeply that old self-limiting patterns and habits successively dissolve into peace. This “emotional weightloss” does not mean that there is nothing left to attend, but rather a metamorphosis begins. When this cathartic movement began within me and integrated over a seven year period, I knew completely that “Honoring Myself” was key and trusted that all else would fall into place.  I ascertained that “change” even though I was resistant at first, is a necessity because it offers possibilities of a different route such as new choices and fresh experiences from the ones that caused me stress, pain, and anguish. I began to understand the dynamics of the mind, body, Spirit, and emotions and how they weave into an intricately connected tapestry so diverse, yet contain the breath of similarities. These parts (mind, body, Spirit, and emotions) cannot be separated from one another as the makeup of our being contains all four aspects at myriad levels and dimensions.  To deny any of them in part is to deny our wholeness. Disconnecting from our essential self is to live in fragments not knowing who we are or how to piece our lives together. I was birthed into awareness and sovereign power by a host of Spiritual Midwives. 

I take great interest in knowing that I psychosomatically create my own dis-eased states. For instance, when I get sick or feel bad, I look within to acknowledge the true source of my malaise.  Sometimes it has been difficult to see, but mostly I have noticed that when I am emotionally unresolved in some way or confused, I fall ill. “What a powerful unconscious mind I have to create such discord within myself.” I thought, “so, I then must be able to heal what I have created.”  When I suffered months of painful feet in my late teens, I knew that I needed to work on building a more secure foundation for myself by stepping into my body with more attentive presence – to Ground, Center and Expand.  My persistent migraine headaches were telling me that I needed to trust the flow of life, to stop being so resistant placing me in a contracted state. The cysts in my ovaries were indicative of unresolved emotional pain stuck in my womb from relationships with the opposite sex from past-life to present. My chronic lumbar pain was clearly a lack of support and stressed the need to build backbone by choosing and taking action. I was intuitively clear of the causes and knew that I must process these emotions and inner deficits that stemmed from lack that produced some variation of arrested development in my bio-psycho-spiritual expansion.  I began powerful rebirthing sessions to release the toxic emotions that created imbalances – acidity in mind and body.  I found that dis-ease in the body is no accident, nor is the part of the body that is afflicted. It can serve as a useful guide to assist in discovering which type of action is being taken against the Divine Law of Love and Unity. I created “Hypnojourney-Meditations” and “The Feeling Heart of Awareness Process” to address these areas, while “Infinity Body,” a movement therapy and “Balancing the Bodies Network through Self-massage ” works at the physical level to induce lymphatic flow, remove crystallization and stuck energies to promote greater circulation, mobility, and ease in the body.

Most diseases are due to lifestyle factors and environmental and food toxicity. The hazardous byproducts in the air, in the food that we eat and the water that we drink, accidents, injuries and gross excesses, and toxic thinking all contribute to much of our discord.  However, I do believe that disease “in general” is congealed in the body via vibration in the assimilation through resonance from unreleased emotions and negative thinking. The only way to completely heal ourselves is to peel the layers of our inauthenticity that shrouds the “inner diamond” at the core – the Soul light. The only way out of dark uncertainty, is through the tunnel of our projected illusions! Only then can we begin to see life’s travails and the dis-ease as gifts that serve us to reconnect our personality with the divine will of the Soul. It is consequential to grasp that disease in its origin is not material until after from the subtler planes it has manifested into the dense physical body.  Disease is developed in an acidic or corrosive environment via deep long-acting forces resulting in conflict between Soul and mind and will never be fully eradicated except by spiritual and mental exertion to enter the healing pathway of the heart. I created the “Feeling Heart of Awareness Process” to address unresolved emotional traumas in a seamless way and “Body Cartography” (mapping) hands-on healing to release captured emotional energies that have densified at the bio-etheric levels.

Om Shanti!


Spread Your Wings!

Today, I observe that a large part of the population is beginning to realize that they must follow the dictates of their Soul, to live their passion and deeply enjoy what they do. Monetary compromises are no longer a reasonable trade off for stability, satisfaction, joy, creativity, sanity, and health in people’s lives.  We must live with purpose and acknowledge with humility and obedience the need to adapt ourselves to the unalterable Laws of our Universe if we are to live in harmony. Upholding our individual responsibility and focusing on becoming the very best of ourselves (spiritual ideals) is truly seizing life by the fullest as we live in tandem with the Laws of Nature enfolded in the Universe. I created, “LAWS OF HIGHER ORDER – Universal Law and Principle, A Constitution for Living” to elicit a greater understanding of how to live in tandem with the greater Kosmic rhythm.

Finally, Relationships have always held great fascination for me, since everything in life is in relation to something and born of creative sexual energy. With a Sun and ascendant in Libra and Venus in Libra, my energies are focused around relationships. My learning curve has taken me through a succession of intimate relationships, family drama and loss. From the experience of male impropriety to the misuse of my own sexual energies to its opposite in the cultivation of them. Life is an intrigue when we are faced with a mirror of our own projections, in as much that human sexuality offers us a fusion of sorts into the other in the union of opposites. Thus, I wrote the book, “The Essential Self, Cultivating the Sacred Feminine through Polarity Integration.”  Somatic enlightenment is about the fusion of opposites. As Above, So Below; As Within, So Without

Enjoy New Adventures!

I have travelled many dimensions on the path of experience and Grace, boundaries hard won, and vice turned into virtue, overlighted by the Wisdom of my Soul, compassion from Spirit, and direct experience from communion with Nature and greater Spiritual realities. I remain within my highest ethical strength. Hence, the higher purpose of sharing my Wisdom is to tap into the Spirit in Life for the advancement of the Soul of Humanity. Thus, my contribution to the “Great Work” is in the area of alignment and integration. That is to integrate the physical with the Emotional, Mental and Spiritual with Nature for congruency via practical tools for whole self wellbeing and emergent self identity. I created numerous self-study programs on Psycho-Spiritual Integration, Wellness and Eco-Psychology to bring light on new ways of understanding these truths by provoking thought, feeling, enablement, wellness, joy, prosperity, and inspiration into everyday life because the wisdom taps into the common thread of Unity found in Nature and is thus, woven into the teachings. The Spirit in Nature “exists in All things” and is thus, the essence that permeates throughout the universe and is the abode that “provides All things.” With this wholistic principle in mind, the multiple teaching modules available for your learning can be utilized to achieve higher potentialities. Empathy, Discernment, Affirmative Boundaries, Patience, and Love that are essential ingredients in cultivating awareness and distinction upon the Path of Heart.

I offer my hand and heart on this precious journey of life during this auspicious period of existence to help catalyze an awakening – a recapitulation of purpose, of Soul mission and to live the in-breath of this moment in creative wellbeing bound to clarity, focus and intention. United with the strength of others, together we can facilitate a quantum leap in consciousness  in the preservation of the “livingness” of all things in Nature – the Good, the Beautiful and the True! Carpe Diem!

In Lighted Companionship
Alisa Battaglia


By Alisa Battaglia

 Imagine a Flower budding quietly and gracefully into the newness of life. “Flower” swaying in the breeze breathing life and then people around for some reason or another saw how pretty and graceful flower was got angry and stepped on it.  When they looked upon the beauty of Flower they felt ugly and some even tried to damage Flower by pulling at her.  Flower understood that those people did not understand what they did or why they felt the way that they did and so she rose up from the strength and nourishment of the Great Sun pulling pretty flower upward to rejoice in life once again.

Blossoming, Flower began to observe the nature of life and realized that many people did not understand Flowers essential nature. Flower was a social one enjoying visits from butterflies and ladybugs and occasional bees that dripped their honey to quench her sweet tooth. Birds even whispered beautiful melodies in her ear.  The rise of the sun each morning in its full glory and the stars that marked the future passage of her life spoke to Flower. Filled with treasures and belief that everything good exists and is the essential nature of all beings, Flower felt content.

If only people weren’t so confused they wouldn’t hurt so much, stepping and pulling at her. Soon Flower began to encounter and feel the pain inflicted by others, and in turn began to inflict them her self in resentment onto her visitors. When visitors came no more, Flower turned inward and began to recognize that her essential nature was becoming murky.  She called upon the Gods of the waters above to wash her petals and make them gleam with brightness once again.  

The Hierarchy above gifted Flower for her compassionate understanding of human nature and for having embraced those who trampled upon her with unkind words, especially words. Flower holding no malice before them was rewarded with “Grace.” Grace was the colorful rainbow, the shooting stars, the waterfall and laughter in the sky, the moon and the likeness of you. Flower listens to the oaks and the palms, they give wise counsel, she knows who she is and grace moves her rhythmically along the passage of life.  She sees the diamonds in others that they yet to see.

Flower is in full blossom moving quietly in her space passionately aware…Flower feels another flower…near by…she wonders who he is and his journey into his blossomhood.

 Alisa Battaglia©2001-2019