Accessing Power through the Heart


Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens. ~Carl Jung


In the process of learning to be emotionally healthy we encounter roadblocks that detour us into unknown parts of ourselves – areas that have been in disconnect with the balance and harmony in our environment. Some of these detour experiences fill us with a sense of wellbeing in the wisdom they impart, while some deplete us by fixing our attention onto false beliefs systems with their dogmatic stories about reality and Nature.

“What is programmed within us that moves us toward the negative rather than the positive? Why is it that the experiences of fear, anger, confusion, resistance, denial, shame, doubt and unworthiness dominate most over positive characteristics such as joy, compassion, love, honesty, integrity, spirituality and so on? How can we better navigate our lives keeping what is most natural in us in tact without losing ourselves in the sea of conditioning experiences? How do we hold what is most dear in our hearts close to us without having to bargain or relinquish them for surrogates because we lack self-empowerment, support and the courage to honor and value them with passion? What makes it so difficult to know ourselves?”

Questioning the forces that actually dictates our lives is relevant to our evolution and so we are confronted with time sensitive opportunities to investigate what separates our essential nature from our Source of immediate sustenance – the Spiritual Heart in Nature.

Now I speak to each and ask the Essence of your Being, “What Is Your Deepest Dream?” Ponder this…it matters. “What inspiration arises?” The reality that is your life has already produced the answer. Your head speaks and I ask you to respond with your heart. I ask again. “What Is Your Deepest Dream?” and “Who Are You, Really? You and not your money, your job, your technology, your roles in life, your things, or an external object…”Who are you when you drop these vestiges of identification?” Your Passion and Deepest Dream lends clue to the authentic you that remains constant in any circumstance or relationship. When the essence of who you are is aligned with life affirming actions that support your purpose, circumstances reshape to model that truth.

The inner quest of Self always leads us to what is most attractive in fulfilling self gnosis. Enquiry into emotional belief patterns that builds on the foundation of our existence to create outcomes or our realities is worthy. Why we continue to re-create personal dramas and disasters builds onto that concept of self worth. The study of our feelings and emotional responses helps us to learn what creates positive energy, exuberance and empathy in our lives in contrast to what produces inertia, anxiety and anger.

In knowing ourselves, we awaken. Self meet Self!

Journeying into the heart of the Mother connects us to our authentic core self that is alive within each of us as Nature. As a species of Nature, cooperative consent with our environment fully authenticates ourselves and we experience trust, nurturance and Love that exists in the reciprocal flow of Being, between self and the Spiritual Heart in Nature Рthe Good, the Beautiful and the True! Beauty is Truth and spontaneously following and enjoying natural attractions helps us to acquire sensory awareness about ourselves. Following the flow of intuitive response through nature attraction we gain clarity how anxiety, stress, sadness, depression, jealousy, and inertia produces giant gaps in our consciousness. Our disconnection with the Spiritual Source in Nature replaced with industrial thinking and its nature conquering stories produces gaps that perforates the natural flow of being between what we think, feel, say and do. Such lack of inner congruency between the internal and external self produces a human culture that scapegoats reality and supports destructive patterns of living as the norm.

Reconnecting with the Spirit in Nature bridges gaps in sensory awareness revealing an unforeseen integrity with the living tapestry of life. As our sentient inner nature attractions merge with sentient Earth, we gain clarity and multisensory capacity. Clarity enables us to confront the Nature disconnected stories that produces our psychological fears and self imposed limitations. We come to understand that Fear is the great self abnegator and a paralytic defeater in changing our destructive patterns. And we withdraw support from those who separate Nature intelligence from our lives. Fear is a driver of consciousness inasmuch as empathy is. Choose wisely the Path.

Multisensory connection entwined with Nature wisdom and nurture, teaches us how to safely and trustingly experience the nature of our inner workings as a re-educational process into whole self wellbeing. Feelings of in-the-moment joy, fun and laughter are hallmarks of good health, self balance and harmony with our environment. Self awareness lies within the Heart of Nature and allowing Natures spirit and wisdom into our thinking we can overcome separation from her intelligence and renew our relationship with our environment, ourselves and others m. Herein, we begin to craft a new language of the heart.

KNOW THY SELF!” ~Lord Buddha, Master Jesus Christ