The Effects of a Synthetic Culture on the Bio-Psyche

“The great danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.”
~ Michelangelo

 Adult sexuality develops from early sexuality that relates to our seven human birthrights in each developing stage. How we each make this transition into adulthood with our rights in tact or not helps to explain our inadequacies and failure to develop full social sexuality, whose pathologies are always reflected within society. The sexual drive or generative function is the axis or pivotal point around which organization of the personality takes place, as it provides the foundation of our self-esteem. It also accounts for how we perceive our experiences and how we behave amidst them. For example, in youth, we are judged either by our individual abilities or by our achievements, and we develop within that context. However, too often we are judged not for the value of whom we are-our essential beingness, but for our achievements. This mindset by default infringes upon our right to love and be loved unconditionally. “To be seen and not heard” has been a common prescription of existence for many once gleeful children. This attitude violates the right to speak and hear truth. Breaking the spirit of a child’s natural spontaneity dissolves it and too rapidly causes the child to skip through adolescence into adulthood. What seems to be maturity beyond young years is often acquired through force, unrequitedness and infringement of these basic rights from birth, rather than allowing nature to unfold in its own process. No matter our consciousness at birth, we all develop hierarchically, that is through the dual psychosexual and spiritual developmental stages significant to all human beings.

Our innocence must not be rushed or thwarted out of Nature in the development of skills and concepts and in the learning of certain tasks, otherwise the spontaneity and ability to feel empathy is destroyed in favor of a world of outer achievements and veneer of real education. The wounds that we cover with our social masks lay within the wellspring of life affecting our self-image. Our every thought and action is connected to the free-flowing expression of generative energy that has become restricted in excessiveness or deficiency. When the energy of the wound dams up it has the capacity to produce illness and disease, as it becomes a weight that exhausts vital energy from circulation throughout the body-mind. This restriction of circulation hampers future development because all energy is misdirected and focused on suffering and conflict instead of being expressed in a natural healthy way. The trade-off of personality restriction is a psychological self-castration that has become a universal epidemic of modern culture in an accelerating world of uniformity that seeks to suppress unconscious purpose and intentions of the evolving human spirit. The psychological inadequacies and pain of both genders are similar, but the expressions of them take on different personalities.

In the process of growing up society requires minimum development in terms of self-education. It focuses on external attainment as a way to satisfy our needs and it teaches us to be comfortable with mediocrity. Mediocrity never inspires us to reach towards our higher potential and it certainly does not ask us to look to the source of our wounds that stunts our power. Instead, we get caught up in the vicious cycle of a false image and feel reasonably satisfied with our lives that are so limited in the actual proportion of our capabilities. We fail to recognize that from our wounds there is a direct relationship that is proportionate to our difficulty in forming close bonds and health of our body. This lack of intimacy with self and others makes us feel isolated and alone. Our loneliness keeps experiences on a superficial level and deep down there is little joy as we experience life through the perception of our wounds-the impoverished self.

With our (generative) wounds open and vulnerable to hurt we seek protection through our vices in whatever form of false control they may take. This often translates as power struggles in the need to acquire things and control through primitive sex practices where sexual energy is maintained on the purely physical or gross level. On this primitive level sex becomes a vehicle for dominance rather than surrender and an outlet for selfish release instead of a mutual exchange of feeling love between partners, the higher component of our instinctual responses. Relationships become easily entangled with emotional attachments and vices that conceal our wounds because there is an inability to forge healthy and lasting relationships. All forms of psychic impotence develop in men and psychic frigidity in women. Elementally they are the same in that the psyche creates a defense mechanism or energy block that does not allow the self to experience the flow of pleasure-the gateway to healthy and higher creativity. The denial of sexual pleasure within right context has been used as a primary tool of the Patrix to apprehend and exploit humanities creative will and fulfilling forces as a way to engender greater power and control over individual free will. This misapplication of generative force hooked through glamour and desire is the basis for delusion of the emotions and illusion of the mind creating a distorted version of life and experience.

There is no wonder that the awareness and multidimensional application of healthy sexual energy has been removed from the core of its naturally occurring context for pathological versions of sexual role orientations. On the physical level controlling through sex denies the good nature basic to humans because it compromises the virtues of love, joy, kindness, gentleness, respect and honesty. It does this by reinforcing the cleavages between the genders, rather than seeking within to embrace our truth and to move beyond our fears, fantasies and illusions. When sexual energy is properly cultivated from its rightful place and allowed to naturally unfold, it strengthens our life force that in turn strengthens the weakened body and transforms anger, fear, sadness and depression through its multiple creative uses. The key to human potential is to develop an accurate understanding of the “complexes of consciousness” that stifle our sexual energy and promote healing that leads us to higher processes in the fulfillment of our deepest human need~ the spiritual yearning for Oneness in our merging with the Divine.

Excerpts from The Essential Self, Cultivating the Sacred Feminine through Polarity Integration by Alisa Battaglia©2005-2018